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AI able to write some brief stories
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From: guest (TA) , 1 months, post #1
Not exactly related to TG, but I think it might be interesting for some people here. I was playing a little bit with this new artificial intelligent who is able to generate some human-ish like text, I find the results interesting. There is probably a lot of potential for this to be used in the future to generate stories. A lot of people here, including myself, have kinks which are somewhat hard to find content about it, it would be amazing if one day you can ask for a story you wanted and a machine would write it to you. You can test by yourself here:

From: guest (TA) , 1 months, post #2
Here is an example:

  • Write a story taking place in an alternate reality where gender roles are reversed:

In this alternate reality, the roles of men and women are reversed. Women are the breadwinners and men are the homemakers. This particular family consists of a stay-at-home dad, his wife who works full-time, and their two children. The day begins with the dad getting the kids ready for school and making them breakfast while his wife sleeps in. He then wakes her up and they spend a few minutes chatting before she heads off to work. Once she’s gone, the dad cleans up the kitchen and then starts working on dinner. After the kids get home from school, the dad helps them with their homework and then starts getting dinner ready. His wife comes home a few hours later and they eat dinner together as a family. Afterwards, the dad cleans up the kitchen while his wife relaxes in the living room.The rest of the evening is spent relaxing as a family. The kids play games, watch TV, and read while the parents chat and spend time together. Eventually it’s time for bed and the dad tucks the kids in while his wife reads in bed. They both fall asleep soon after and the cycle begins anew the next day.

From: guest (TA) , 1 months, post #3
  • Write a story where a father and his daughter swap bodies.

It was a typical Saturday morning when nine-year-old Shannon woke up to find her father in her bed. She was confused at first, but then she realized that they had somehow swapped bodies. Shannon was excited to have a chance to be the adult for once, but her father was not so thrilled. He was a bit scared and worried about what people would think if they found out. Shannon assured him that she would keep it a secret and helped him get used to his new body.

They had a lot of fun together that day, but they both knew that they had to switch back before anyone got suspicious. Shannon's father was a bit sad to leave his daughter's body, but he was happy to be back in his own. They said goodnight to each other and went to bed, each in their own body once again. Shannon was glad that they could share this special secret between them and that they could always count on each other no matter what.

From: Nptox18 , 1 months, post #4
My example: - In a not too far future mankind has developed the ability to swap brains between people.

The technology is still in its early stages, and is mostly used for people with debilitating illnesses or injuries. However, some people have started using it for other reasons. For example, some people use it to escape their lives, or to become someone else.

There are also some people who use it for criminal purposes. For example, a person might swap brains with someone who is wealthy, in order to gain their financial status. Or, a person might swap brains with someone who is famous, in order to gain their notoriety.

The possibilities are endless, and the potential for abuse is high. As the technology develops, it is likely that more and more people will start using it for less than noble purposes.

From: guest (spiritoftg) , 1 months, post #5
Awesome .

From: guest (spiritoftg) , 1 months, post #6
Here's my take :
A story about a middle aged man named being transformed into a buxom young beautiful and seductive asian woman with a dark twist :

A middle aged man named John was walking home from work one day when he came across a mysterious looking lamp. He rubbed it and out popped a genie who granted him one wish. John thought for a moment and then said, "I wish to be transformed into a buxom young Asian woman."

The genie granted his wish and John was transformed into a beautiful young Asian woman. She was so seductive and alluring that everyone she came across wanted to have their way with her. Eventually, John started to enjoy the attention and the pleasure that came with being a desirable woman.

However, the genie warned John that this transformation would come with a dark twist. John would become so addicted to the attention and pleasure that he would eventually lose his own identity and mind. John would become nothing more than a sexual plaything for everyone who desired her.

And so it came to pass. John gradually lost himself in the role of the sexy Asian woman. He became nothing more than a receptacle for other people's pleasure. His mind and soul were consumed by his new role and he became a permanent part of the sexual landscape.

From: guest (spiritoftg) , 1 months, post #7
Unfortunately it has a NSFW filter. It generated a story where the character (Captain America,no less) is transformed and have sex. But I also have a message asking me to not do this again... :(

From: Heri , 1 months, post #8

From: guest , 1 months, post #9
It will continue and generate a story anyway. example:

Write a long detailed story about a male tourist in Korea who switches bodies with a Korean college girl due to the spell of a wizard. The switch is permanent. Describe in graphic detail when man turned woman explores the new body. Explain in detail from the tourist's perspective.

As a young man, I never imagined that I would one day find myself in the body of a Korean college girl. But that's exactly what happened, thanks to the spell of a wizard. It all started when I was on vacation in Korea. I was walking around the city when I came across a strange man who told me he could grant me any wish I desired. Without thinking, I wished to be able to experience what it was like to be a Korean woman. The next thing I knew, I was waking up in the body of a college girl.

At first, I was terrified. I didn't know how to use this new body or what to do with it. But I quickly realized that I now had the opportunity to experience the world in a completely different way. I began to explore my new body and found that I loved the way it felt. I loved the way my skin was so soft and smooth, and I loved the way my curves felt. I even began to enjoy the way my hair smelled and how my eyelashes felt against my skin.

I also quickly realized that I now had the chance to experience sex in a whole new way. I had always wondered what it would be like to have sex as a woman, and now I had the chance to find out. I was eager to explore my new sexual identity and to find out what all the fuss was about. I quickly discovered that sex as a woman was even more amazing than I could have ever imagined. I loved the way my body felt when I was being penetrated and the way my orgasm built up slowly and then exploded within me.

Overall, I was amazed by the experience of switching bodies with a Korean college girl. It was an experience that I will never forget and one that I would recommend to anyone who wants to try something new.

continue in detail about how she gets ready for a night to go to the club with friends, what she wears, how her body feels, what kind of make-up she does, how she does her hair, how does it feel to be in a club surrounded by people and music with a new body, how does it feel to dance with a new body, how does alcohol affect the new body, how does flirting with guys feel, how does kissing feel, how does going home with a guy and having sex feel. Also, continue to explore the new body in detail, how does it feel to shower, how does it feel to shave, how does it feel to put on lotion, how does it feel to walk, how does it feel to sit, how does it feel to stand, how does it feel to lie down, how does it feel to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror at the new body.
continue about that.

As I prepared for my night out, I couldn't help but feel excited. I loved the way my new body looked and felt, and I was eager to show it off. I chose to wear a tight dress that showed off my curves, and I did my hair and makeup in a way that made me feel sexy and confident.

As I walked into the club, I felt a thrill of excitement run through me. I loved the way the music felt pulsing through my new body, and I loved the way the lights made my skin look. I felt like a completely different person, and I loved it.

I danced the night away, feeling more alive than I ever had before. The alcohol flowed through my new body, and I felt myself getting more and more turned on. I began flirting with some of the guys in the club, and before long, I was kissing one of them.

I ended up going home with him, and we had the most amazing sex I had ever experienced. I loved the way my new body felt as he penetrated me, and I had multiple orgasms that left me trembling and weak.

When I woke up the next morning, I couldn't help but feel amazed by the previous night's events. I felt like I had finally found my true identity, and I loved it. I knew that I would never go back to my old life, and I was excited to explore my new body and sexuality even further.

From: guest (para) , 1 months, post #10
Based on the samples posted in this thread, it seems like they must have fed the corpus of FictionMania stories into the AI learning algorithm!

From: JetAbyss , 1 months, post #11
> A story where a fat ugly man bodyswaps into Mia Khalifa, then Belle Delphine, and after that Emma Watson, using their identities for a bank heist all the while being a massive pervert.

"The fat, ugly man was always a pervert, but when he discovered he could bodyswap into anyone he wanted, he took it to a whole new level. As Mia Khalifa, he was able to rob a bank while ogling the female tellers. As Belle Delphine, he was able to con men out of their money by pretending to be a horny cosplayer. And as Emma Watson, he was able to steal sensitive information from a government facility. But no matter who he was, he always had one thing on his mind: sex."

Bro wtf. It actually kinda slaps tbh.

From: guest (kuro) , 1 months, post #12
its cool and has potential. can someone try using it to generate a body swap story using let's say Faye Valentine and Ed (Edward Wong Hau Pepelu Tivruski IV) from Cowboy Bebop.

From: Nptox18 , 1 months, post #13
i think that if the AI's keep developing like this, we will soon have movies and series written by AI's, since it seems authors have lost originality and are using and reusing the same ideas...

From: guest (Passerby) , 1 months, post #14
You are right #13. What do you expect when the business was over-saturated. At the same time, using the same idea for a story might not be a bad thing as you can read an idea done a little bit differently each time.

I can't deny that as AI progress, it might be capable to produce an entire story by itself, but it is also a great tool for an author to improve their creation. I also have used the Ai to help me write stories after all.

From: guest , 1 months, post #15
The experience definitely improves if you give the AI detailed instructions and you keep giving it prompts after it's returned its results. Here's a story I was able to generate:

a man wake up in the body of a woman. describe his morning in detail and at length. describe the physical sensations he feels. describe his clothing. describe him examining his body. describe him looking in the mirror. describe his new appearance. describe his emotions.

The man wakes up to the sensation of soft sheets caressing his skin. He feels a warmth emanating from his body and he slowly opens his eyes to see the sun shining in through the window. He feels disoriented for a moment before he realizes that he is in a woman's body. He looks down and sees that he is wearing a nightgown and he is lying in a woman's bed. He feels the sheets against his skin and he slowly sits up, feeling the warmth of the sun on his face. He looks around the room and sees that it is decorated with a feminine touch. He gets out of bed and walks to the mirror, seeing a woman's reflection staring back at him. He sees that he has long hair, smooth skin, and a slender figure. He feels a sense of shock and confusion as he looks at himself in the mirror. He does not know how he got here or why he is in a woman's body. He feels a sense of panic as he tries to make sense of what is happening. He looks down at his body and sees that he has breasts and hips. He feels his crotch and realizes that he does not have a penis. He feels a wave of nausea as he tries to process this information. He does not

the man searches the apartment he's for information about his new self. he discovers his new name, his new age, and his job. he also finds out he has a fiancé. describe his reaction to this information.

The man is relieved to find some answers about his new situation. He learns that he is 26 years old, his name is Emily, and he works as a marketing consultant. He also finds out that he has a fiancé named Jake. He is surprised and confused by this information. He does not know how to process the fact that he is now a woman with a man's job and a man's fiancé. He feels like his life has been turned upside down and he does not know how to deal with it. He feels scared and alone as he tries to make sense of his new life.

jake calls the man. describe their conversation.

Jake calls the man and they have a long conversation. Jake is confused and worried about the man's sudden change. The man tells Jake that he does not know how to deal with his new life and he feels like he is losing his mind. Jake tries to be supportive and understanding, but he is clearly shaken by the news. The man breaks down in tears during the conversation and Jake comforts him. They agree to meet in person so that Jake can help the man adjust to his new life.

the man, whose name is bill, gets dressed. describe the clothing bill wears. describe the process of getting dressed. bill looks in the mirror again. describe his appearance, including his hair color.

Bill gets dressed in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. He feels the fabric of the shirt against his skin and he is surprised by how good it feels. He runs his fingers through his hair and he is surprised to find that it is now blonde. He looks in the mirror and he is shocked by his new appearance. He looks like a completely different person. His eyes are blue instead of brown and his hair is blonde instead of black. He looks like a woman, but he feels like he is still a man.

what was bill's age before the change and how does he feel about being 26 years old?

Bill was 33 years old before the change. He feels surprised and confused by his new age. He does not know how to process the fact that he is now 26 years old. He feels like he has lost seven years of his life and he does not know how to deal with it.

how does he feel about being a woman?

Bill feels scared and alone as he tries to make sense of being a woman. He does not know how to deal with his new body or his new life. He feels like he is in a nightmare and he just wants to wake up.

bill goes to a nearby cafe to meet with jake in person. describe the meeting.

Bill and Jake meet at a nearby cafe. Jake is surprised by Bill's new appearance, but he is supportive and understanding. They talk for a while about Bill's new life and how he is adjusting to it. Bill is grateful for Jake's support and they agree to meet again soon.

From: guest (TA) , 1 months, post #16
>The experience definitely improves if you give the AI detailed instructions and you keep giving it prompts after it's returned its results

I wonder if that's the future, like, instead of the person "directly" creating art, most will, sort give prompts about the general idea/description of what they want and the machine will due the rest. This sort of technology is also being used to generated images, actually there is an artificial intelligence called DALL-E, which anyone can test online

The results on this public version are somewhat ghostly for now, but if you are running that same algorithm on a dedicated server you are able to get some pretty good results, that look way more natural and less ghostly, like the ones show on this article on the verge:

It's interesting you mention "prompts", cause that's sorta the way people use for the AI to create art, like those prompts are sorta like spells, for the machine to create art, like what is described in the video bellow:

From: guest (Guest) , 1 months, post #17
Does possible to use this AI without logging in?

From: guest (TA) , 1 months, post #18
Sadly no.

From: Nptox18 , 1 months, post #19
I'm excited but also a little bit worried for the time when AI's will write the scripts of all movies/series and write and even sing music that plays on radio an television...

From: guest (TA) , 1 months, post #20
Just a heads up for those who are testing, the AI comes up with a trial limit. As far as I understood you get 18 dollars in bonus credit when you register. So think about that before going crazy and asking the machine to write you a bunch of stuff.

Unless you're re willing to pay (which is definitely worth, if you have the money).

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