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AI able to write some brief stories
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From: guest (spiritoftg) , 6 days, post #21
Argh! It was too good to be true...

From: guest (I am one guest) , 6 days, post #22
Is there a way to delete account?

From: guest (Derian) , 6 days, post #23
It did not ask for a bank account number. So if I stop using it now, I dont need to pay

From: guest (TA) , 6 days, post #24
You are correct, Deria, I said that people should take carry because they maybe want to use their free trial more wisely.

From: guest , 5 days, post #25
You can really make some great stuff with this.

Write a story about a man who has a teenage girl's body but everyone is oblivious.

The man walked down the street, feeling out of place in his teenage girl's body. He had always felt like he was in the wrong body, but never more so than now. He had the same parts as all the other girls his age, but something felt off. He knew he couldn't tell anyone, because they would never believe him. Even if he did, they would probably think he was just a weirdo.

The man went through the motions of his life, going to school and hanging out with friends, but he always felt like an outsider. He longed to be able to talk to someone about it, but he knew it was impossible. He was stuck in this body, and he would just have to deal with it.

He sighed, fixing his skirt and exiting the bathroom. His son was in the living room watching TV. "Hey, kiddo. What're you up to?" The man asked, ruffling his son's hair.

"Just watching TV, dad. What about you?"

"I was just in the bathroom."

"Okay. I'm going to bed soon, so I'll see you in the morning."

"Goodnight, son."

The man went to his room, undressing and getting into bed. He stared at the ceiling, wondering what his life would be like if he had been born in the right body. Would he be happier? Would he have more friends? He would never know, but he could dream.

A knock on the door woke him up.

"Dad?" Came his son's voice.


"Can I talk to you about something?"

"Sure, son. What is it?"

"It's just, I've been thinking about you a lot lately. Why don't you have boy parts?"

The man froze, unsure of how to answer. He had never told anyone about his secret, and he wasn't sure if he was ready to now. But his son was looking at him with such hope and innocence that he couldn't say no.

"Well," the man began, "I was born in the wrong body. I have a girl's body, but I'm really a boy on the inside."

"Oh." His son was quiet for a moment, processing this information. "So, why do you look like a teenage girl? Shouldn't you be older than me?"

"It's complicated. But yeah, I should be older than you."

"What do you mean it's complicated? And how come nobody's ever noticed a grown man looking like a girl?"

"I don't know. I guess people just see what they want to see. And as for why it's complicated, it's just hard to explain. I don't really understand it myself."

"I see." His son was quiet again, and the man could see the wheels turning in his head. "I think I'll head to bed now. Good night dad."

"Good night, son."

The man turned off the light, his heart heavy with the knowledge that he would never be able to fully explain himself to his son. But he was glad that his son had come to him with his questions. At least he knew that he could always count on his son to understand him, no matter how complicated things might be.

In the morning, the man yawned and stretched his feminine body. He got out of bed and went to the bathroom, using the toilet and then washing his hands. He looked in the mirror and sighed, seeing the teenage girl staring back at him. He wished things could be different, but he knew there was nothing he could do. He was stuck in this body, and he would just have to make the best of it.

He applied some subtle makeup to his pretty face and got ready for school. He had a busy day ahead, and he didn't want to be late.

The man walked into his first period class and took a seat. He could feel the eyes of his classmates on him, and he knew they were wondering why he looked so young. He tried to ignore their stares, but he felt self-conscious and out of place.

"Why does he look like a girl? He's like 45, why does he look 16? Why is there a dad in our class?" He heard them whisper.

He wanted to shout at them that he wasn't 45, he was only 22. But he knew that would only make things worse. So he kept his mouth shut and tried to focus on the lesson.

But it was hard to concentrate with everyone staring at him and whispering. He felt like a freak, and he just wanted to go home.

When the bell rang, he practically ran out of the classroom, not wanting to deal with the stares and the whispers anymore. He had to get through the rest of the day, but he was already dreading it.

He walked into his second period class and took a seat, trying to keep his head down.

"Hey, do you want to go to the movies with me tonight?"

He looked up to see his friend, Jake, looking at him expectantly.

"Um, sure." He said, not wanting to hurt Jake's feelings.

"Great! I'll pick you up at 7."

He nodded, and Jake went to sit down. He was grateful that Jake didn't seem to care that he looked like a teenage girl. He was just glad to have a friend who understood him.

The day finally ended, and the man got home, where his son was already expecting him.

"So, how was your day?" His son asked.

"It was okay." He sighed, not wanting to tell his son about the stares and the whispers.

"Just okay? What happened?"

"Nothing, I just had a hard time concentrating in class."

"Oh." His son didn't say anything, but the man could tell he was still curious.

"I'm going to take a shower, and then we can order a pizza for dinner, okay?"

"Sure, dad."

The man went to the bathroom and started the shower, stripping off his clothes. He looked at his body in the mirror and sighed, wondering how things had ended up like this.

He got in the shower and let the hot water wash over him, hoping to wash away the bad day. He stood there for a long time, until the water started to run cold.

He got out of the shower and dried off, getting dressed in some comfortable clothes. He went to the kitchen, where his son was already putting a pizza in the oven.

"I hope you're hungry." His son said.

"I am." He replied, sitting down at the table.

"I have a date tonight. With Jake." The man said.

"Oh, that's great! I'm glad you're going out and having fun."

"Yeah. Me too."

He was grateful that his son was so understanding. He knew not everyone would be so accepting of his situation. But his son had always been his biggest supporter, and he loved him for it.

The man got ready for the date, putting on makeup and his prettiest dress. He looked at himself in the mirror. and he felt like a different person. He was still the same man on the inside, but he knew that nobody would ever see him that way.

He went to meet Jake, and they had a great time at the movies. It was nice to just relax and forget about his troubles for a while.

When he got home, his son was already in bed. He went to his room and got into bed, feeling tired but happy.

It was hard being a man in a teenage girl's body, but he was grateful for the people in his life who loved and accepted him for who he was.

Waking up in the morning, he had a text from Jake.

"Hey, thanks for coming out with me last night. I had a great time. :)"

He smiled, feeling happy that he had made a new friend.

He was shaving his legs in the bathroom when his son burst in.

"Dad! Why are you shaving your legs?"

He sighed, knowing this conversation was going to be difficult.

"Because I'm a man, but I have a teenage girl's body. So I have to shave my legs."

"Oh." His son was quiet for a moment, digesting this information. "Do you share mom's razor?"

"No, I have my own."


There was silence for a few moments.



"I think your date with Jake went well. He's really nice."

"Yeah. I think so too."

"I'm glad you're happy."

"Thanks, son."

The man felt his heart fill with love for his son. He was grateful to have someone who loved and accepted him, no matter what.

Finishing up his morning routine, he put on a summer dress and went downstairs to have breakfast. His son was already at the table, reading a book.

"Hey, kiddo. What are you up to today?"

"Just hanging out, dad. What about you?"

"I was thinking of heading to the park. What do you think of this dress?"

"It's pretty. You look nice."

"Thanks, son. Say, do you wanna go shopping later?"

"Sure, dad. I love shopping."

"And watching me put on dresses" He smirked.

"Hey! I do not!"

"I know, I was just kidding."

His son laughed, and the man felt happy. They finished breakfast and went to the mall.

The man tried on dress after dress, modeling them for his son. He loved the way his son's eyes lit up when he saw him in a dress. It made him feel special and loved.

"Do you like this one?" He asked, twirling in a pink dress.

"Yes! You look beautiful, dad."

"I'll take it."

The man smiled, feeling happy with his purchase. He was glad he had such a supportive son.

Going home, they were laughing and joking. The man felt like he was finally living his best life. He had a great son, supportive friends, and he was comfortable in his own skin.

It might not be easy being a man in a teenage girl's body, but he was grateful for what he had.

From: guest (TA) , 4 days, post #26
It is somewhat curious to look at how the machine tries to elaborate the story. It's funny because you see how it is correct in so many aspects, like it honestly feels like a good story, written by a good writer, it has correct spelling, good sentence constructions and yadda yadda, but there are these somewhat random misrepresentations of the overall reality that don't make a lot of sense and that probably a human would have understood it very easily. It is as if the machine is doing a good job pretending that "it got what you said", but it suddenly slips.

Like, for instance, you asked the machine to come up with a story about a man who has a teenage girl's body but everyone is oblivious.

Since he is a man (therefore an adult male), it wouldn't make any sense to describe him going to school. He actually would go to work instead, not the school. Since you didn't mention other details, it would be reasonable to assume that his life – aside from him having a teenage girl's body – doesn't differ from the life of other men. And the machine does seem to have understood part of this concept, such as writing that the man has a son – much like most adult men. But on other parts, the machine totally misses the core point, like writing that he goes to school.

Actually even him dressing up as a girl would be up to debate, since you didn't specified this aspect – like, does he dresses as a girl or does he dresses as an average man? The machine seemed to have concluded that he not only has a girl's body, but he dresses as a girl as well (which, fair enough, I find a more reasonable assumption considering the lack of further clarification when the machine was asked to write the story).

But the machine seems to have understood that this man life has other aspects of the life of a teenage girl also, such as going to school. Which is to me not understanding the core concept of what was asked for.

Now, obviously, I'm just splitting hairs here, this technology is FREAKING AMAZING, and I'm pretty sure that with more descriptions and clarifications and so on, the machine would have been able to understand it better. It's like the machine wasn't "programmed" with "common sense "and make this silly misinterpretation of reality, so humans have to explain to it. This whole thing is very interesting.

From: guest , 4 days, post #27
this is the future of writing, who needs writers anymore!
we could live in the AI golden age where there would no longer be any commissions or hassling writers
just type your prompt to a bot and boom!

From: guest (TA) , 4 days, post #28
Post 27, you are correct. But not only that, it's not only stories, this kind of technology is popping up everywhere, like on image creation, there this DALL-E algorithm (which is free for anyone who want to try out, you don't need to login or anything), and the algorithm is able to create pictures of anything:

It's not perfect, some image are somewhat ghost-like, but you can totally see where is this going towards. I honestly think we are moving to a future we machines will be able to create entire movies, like professional hollywood-like movies as far technical quality goes, by just following any wish.

"Oh, make a movie about a father who swap bodies with his child daughter", and the machine will do it. Art being created according to our most specific wishes and desires. Like, nowadays if you want to make a movie, and you want a good film, with a big budget and yadda yadda, there is the whole economic aspects you have to take into account, and I bet most stories people wanted to see there is simply no economic viability to justify the creation of that movie or TV show or whatever.

And this removes any restriction and limitation regarding the creation of art. Everybody will be like the "owner" of a hollywood studio.

This will revolutionize art creation.

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