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Body Swapping and Sexuality
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From: guest (Roger) , 23 months, post #21
You can read a long series of Metamorphose posts on Alan Barrie's relevant novel, A WOMAN'S PASSION, here...

(You'll find among them a positive review by me.)

From: guest (doc) , 23 months, post #22
"I don’t know anything about art, but I know what I like."

As a male, I find nothing attractive about another male. I am not homophobic, I know many people that proudly have a place somewhere in the full spectrum of life and am proud to call them friends. That said, if I were to find myself swapped into a female body, I could see myself as not only being a heterosexual female, but most likely bisexual.

From: guest (Jonny) , 23 months, post #23
I think most of the posts on this thread hilariously missed the mark on OP's question.

The OP was asking somewhere along the line of "Do you want to fuck an MtF character?" or "Do you find MtF character attractive if existed in real life?"

But most of the responses here have been "If I were an MtF character I would probably want to / don't want to fuck a man".

Most of the responders are clearly people who self-insert into the main character when viewing MtF stories, while OP is someone who takes the "bystander" or "omniscient viewer" approach when viewing MtF stories or probably self-inserting into the boyfriend/husband character, hence his question in the OP.

From: guest (W) , 23 months, post #24
I'm a straight male. If a guy gets transformed into a biological girl or enters a female body, I'm DTF.

I don't have the same feelings towards a transgender woman though. They're not biologically female so I'm not attracted to them no matter how pretty they are.

From: guest (Emilay) , 23 months, post #25
> calling himself a "straight male", which by definition means man attracted to women, yet

> saying he will not be attracted to transwomen, which are definitely women according to modern science, no matter what.

I think we have a term for that. It's called transphobic. It's really disheartening to see such bigotry being propagated here. As if trans people don't having it badly enough already in real life.

From: guest (W) , 23 months, post #26
What?? I was just saying that my preference was biological females. I didn't say my preference was "women." I wasn't putting transwomen down.

This is the problem and why this community's shrinking day by day. You're looking for excuses to create arguments that aren't even an issue and wonder why Metamorphose is going down in numbers. Please don't damage the progress of the trans movement by saying that sex and gender are the same, because that's not what I was saying.

I was saying that my preference is biological female, which according to modern science and modern movements isn't the same as a woman. Gender isn't sex. Sex isn't gender. Thank you for trolling though.

From: DrunkenSneech , 23 months, post #27
W: I'm not looking to pick a fight, but I am curious. I assume when you say "biological female," you're referring to someone born with a set of XY chromosomes. What is it about such a person makes them attractive to you while a transgender woman "no matter how pretty she is" is someone you don't find attractive?

Again, I'm not here to judge you or attempt to make you uncomfortable, I'm just curious. If you don't wish to answer, that's fine too.

(FWIW, the scientific research has for decades documented that possessing XY chromosomes isn't what makes someone biologically female, but I'm not here to argue that point.)

From: guest (mtf lover) , 23 months, post #28
what guest W refers is obviously cis-female (person born with a vagina and identify as females). there is nothing wrong on exclusively liking cis-females or cis-males as long as they are not degrading trans or queer or genderfluids. there are people who exclusively liking trans, exclusively homosexual, or exclusively heterosexual. again, nothing wrong with that as long as they are not degrading people with different gender identity and sexual organs. there is also a scale to gauge people based on their gender and sexual organ preferences namely kinsley scale..

From: guest (nobody special) , 23 months, post #29
>>> I think most of the posts on this thread hilariously missed the mark on OP's question.

The OP was asking somewhere along the line of "Do you want to fuck an MtF character?" or "Do you find MtF character attractive if existed in real life?" <<<

I'm not certain that you are correct on that, but it is an interesting question too.

I am: Old man... sexually attracted to women (but not as often as I once was); no sexual attraction to men. Also enjoys human to non-human TFs as well, but no sexual attraction to non-humans (haven't met any extra-terrestrials yet though).

For me the sexual attraction occurs after I've become not only physically, but emotionally attracted (as well as intellectual and value/belief compatibility)... but I'm old. Back in the 1900's things were different for me, and she just needed to be cute and interested in me (i.e. I was the typical heterosexual man).

As for the question(s):
Me as Me with a Cis Man = Nope
Me as Me with a Cis Woman = Maybe
Me as Me with a Trans Man = I'm not 100% certain of the "No" - depends on the individual
Me as Me with a Trans Woman = Maybe
NOTE: If the individual is NOT attractive in my eyes, it's always a "No". But if there's a physical connection there, the possibility exists (see my statement above).

Me as a Woman (Current Medial Technology) = Not likely to happen (my desires are to learn and grow as a girl... and I'd be really unlikely to pass (and ugly too)). I don't know TBH... but I'd probably want to give it a shot with a guy, though I'd likely end up lesbian, asexual, or simply autoerotic (and staying away from sex with anyone).
Me as a Woman (Magic, Divine Intervention, Alien/Future Tech) = Again, I don't know TBH... but I'm pretty sure that I'd want to "do it" with a guy, though I'd likely end up lesbian, asexual, or simply autoerotic (and staying away from sex with anyone).

While my interest in TF is mainly to satisfy my curiosity about experiencing certain things and/or from a different perspective(s), there is the sexual component of some of these TFs that would be of interest (much interest perhaps). In these cases there are encounters that would be novel to experience, but certainly are not ones that I am the least bit interested in. For instance, becoming a horse or a dog or a deer (either gender), it would be interesting breeding or being bred for the novelty, but it's not anything the current me is interested in or find the least bit titillating.

I think that my continued pull to TF interest is the experience of interacting with the world as a girl... and with nobody questioning it. The social interactions, the clothes, the activities (though boys vs girls activities have changed since I was a kid), then the body and physical differences. Sex as a woman, to me, is secondary to the rest (though, if in Rome... why not?).

As a final note: Humans are so weird, and each individual is so unique -- we grow and change a bit with time and experience... so my answers are affirmed only to this moment of my experience through life.

From: guest (Fab) , 23 months, post #30
A possible explanation imho for those people who likes this type of fantasies who still claim to be heterosexual is that they project their latent homosexual rendencies, which are not conscious, and deny them at the same time

From: guest , 23 months, post #31
A woman that uses a dildo isn't sexually attracted to it. You don't need attraction to want to receive pleasure. It's entirely possible to objectify both sexes.

Being homosexual and performing homosexual acts are separate things. Each can be done without the other.

From: Hobbitking , 23 months, post #32
I consider myself asexual (in the terms of not being interested in intercourse) though I'm heavily attracted to the female body to the point that some attraction can be of a romantic sense and some is a 'I wish I could look like them' sense.

So when it comes to body switching and gender change, when I write and think about those themes I'm not interested in men. I'm not sure if I would remain asexual but I think I'd be a lesbian.

On the other hand, I probably wouldn't mind being with someone who was originally male who ended up in a female body, there might be a level of discomfort in that knowledge but it's something I won't know unless I experienced it.

From: guest (Boston John) , 22 months, post #33
I don't think it's anything sexual. I also enjoy stories where a woman who is a tomboy getting makeover and put on dress and make up, like in those 1990s rom com movies.

I guess I just enjoy seeing someone who is in a female body but not feminine getting changed into girly girl.

Back to OP question, I don't think it necessarily has anything to do with homosexuality. In real life I am attracted to more tomboyish kinda women because I think it's so cute and sexy when they go into date with me and put on those pretty dresses they normally wouldn't wear. If I somehow meet an MtF in real life I guess I would have the same reaction too.

From: guest (JessT) , 22 months, post #34
In terms of the question "Do you think some of you have some bisexual tendency's even though you may be primarily interested in women and would never act on your attraction to men?", I guess I would say I'm not sure, but maybe.

When I'm in real life in my male body, I definitely don't feel any sexual attraction to other males in real life. But if I were to suddenly find myself in a female body, maybe that changes for me. If I'm being honest, the thought of having sex with a man as a woman does sound interesting to me, but I don't know if that's more for the sake of curiosity than actual desire, and if that's something that I'd get my fill of after a 'one night stand' or something.

Sometimes when I play an MMO as a female character I'll occasionally get 'hit on' by male characters. Usually if it's just lewd stuff (which is what it usually is) I'll ignore it, but if it's more simple flirting, sometimes I'll flirt back. I don't really consider it as a joke or anything, more that I find it a bit fun to see myself as the girl in that type of situation (if that makes any sense). In those cases though, I'm not sure if it more about 'sexual attraction' and more just 'gender reaffirming' in a way. Like 'oh with this conversation you're acknowledging me as a woman, and that just feels really good to me'. Or at least that's what's going on in my mind.

At the risk of getting even more 'rambly' I'll stop there, but definitely a topic I've thought a lot about over the years.

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