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Body Swapping and Sexuality
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From: guest (Inquisitor) , 5 months, post #1
I'm just curious for those of you who are men and who are interested in m2f transformations, do you consider yourself to be slightly bisexual? Many of those stories clearly revel in the female physique but 9 times out of 10 when that man becomes a woman he gets involved with another man, which has a slight undertone of homosexuality, even if it's biologically people of the opposite sex dating and having sex, it's still two male minds going at it, and it's envisioning having sex with a man. This is true in swap stories from Ugly Duckling, to The Only Option, to Stolen, to The Girl Next Door, to Body Switched, etc. etc. etc.

Do you think some of you have some bisexual tendency's even though you may be primarily interested in women and would never act on your attraction to men? Do you think it's a desire to be with someone who is like your best male friend, who you can hang out with and talk sports and video games but have heterosexual sex with? So like the mind of your male best friend but in a female body? Just curious what your thoughts are on the subject for those that this applies to.

From: Moose , 5 months, post #2
I still identify as straight, personally never was a big fan of "im the opposite gender now, I'm going to fuck dudes immediately" mentality. Personally while I am into M2Fs, its more so watching an established character gain a completely new personality, and do things drastically out of character that get me going but that is just me

From: guest (Hanko) , 5 months, post #3
Amen Moose! I feel the same way. Reach out to me
Lets talk more!

From: guest (44SS) , 5 months, post #4
I still identify myself as straight, even though i'm big fan of M2F. I'm 100% male, and only 100% interested in female.. you can call my mind twisted, but even though i'm male, sometimes i disgust male body even myself lol.. and hope if those magic M2F happen to me (or maybe just the head swap (you can cover the other with clothes))

From: guest , 5 months, post #5
me too

From: guest (TA) , 5 months, post #6
I'm really interested into sexual paraphilias and stuff, I think this fetish strongly relates with the concept of autogynephilia.

From: guest (Hanko) , 5 months, post #7
Moose and others, come on discord Blondtiff#8051

From: guest , 5 months, post #8
Your discord does not work

From: guest (Hanko) , 5 months, post #9
BlondTiff#8051 I forgot to T the t

From: guest (Dean) , 5 months, post #10
I still identify as straight, I like changed sexual orientation! masculine woman and feminine man after the switch! the characters continue themselves with their previous sexuality in a new body

From: guest (Dean) , 5 months, post #11
it makes No sense to be bisexual

From: guest , 5 months, post #12
>it makes No sense to be bisexual
How's that? No offense but that seems a tad bigoted. Just because you don't experience it yourself, doesn't mean that other people don't. Too often, we expect others to see the world through our own lens. You have to realize that your experience is not universal.

From: guest , 5 months, post #13
Too add to my previous message, I'm not bisexual myself, but I don't get people who argue that bisexuality or homosexuality makes no sense, unless they're just projecting their experiences and neurology onto others.

From: guest (anon) , 5 months, post #14
I personally think its a thing of curiosity and impossibility. I'm completely straight and not interested at all in guys as a man. However, whenever im fantasizing about tg i love it when the trope involves trying out how dick feels as a woman. I want to immerse myself in the fact that well if one day i wake up as a chick i want everything i cant have as a dude, heels, lingerie, skirts, boobs, a pussy, and male attention, obviously including everything sexual.

I just find it that, whats the point of a body swap or tg if you wont get the complete best out if i?

I dont think it has anything to do with being bisexual, its just a kink. The majority of us has absolutely no interest in dick in our normal state, but would definitely take one if we were gender swapped someday,

From: guest , 5 months, post #15
I think to some degree there is some bisexuality involved with the whole tg concept (body swap, possession, shapeshifting etc…) most people won’t admit it though, I think like for me it’s the idea of being someone else that gets me exited like I wouldn’t want to live forever as that person but two or three days would be cool.

From: guest (TA) , 5 months, post #16
I'm not sure if anyone feels like this, but to me one huge thing that makes me horny about this fetish is a sort of "hidden humiliation" that goes on. Like, for instance, a father switch bodies with his 10 years old daughter, and now he has to attend a party wearing a cute dress with tights and yadda yadda, he has to do all these little girl things that, he probably feel embarrassed on playing with dolls and stuff...

He is feeling hopelessly embarrassed... but to the rest of the world, nothing is going on. He feels embarrassed despite technically having no reason to, but nonetheless he still feels that away.

And this I find absolutely amazing and arousing.

From: guest (Queer and proud) , 5 months, post #17
I identify as a transfeminine man who wishes I was a born a woman so I could identify as a ciswoman (which is what brings me to this site consistently). I am only sexually attracted to women, so at the heart of it I’m closer to something like a homosexual woman than a heterosexual man. I don’t like sex as a man (with women) as much as I believe I would like sex with women (as a woman). I’ve never had interest in being with a man, even when I fantasize being a woman.

So no bisexuality for me, but certainly a ton of queerness.

From: guest , 5 months, post #18
For me it’s more about the transformation and the person changing rather than just becoming a woman but since I’m straight I prefer when the the person turns into a women. When looking at body swap stuff while I do enjoy m2f I prefer f2f. On top of that I prefer age progression even over body swaps. For example having a college age woman aged into a middle age housewife. I consider myself 100% straight and don’t have any sexual attraction towards men. I don’t care for any m2m or f2m. While I have thought about what it’s like to be woman in the sense that I’m sure every guy thinks about “what’s it like to have boobs and a pussy” instead of I want to be one

From: guest , 5 months, post #19
No for me.

From: guest (flesh) , 5 months, post #20
Same. Also a no from me.

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