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If you switched bodies...
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From: guest (Carlos) , 7 months, post #1
If you switched bodies... with the opposite sex, would you ever kiss or have sex with the sex you used to be? Say if you're a man and you became a woman, would you try sex and dating with a man, or if you're a woman and you became a man, would you try dating and having sex with a woman?

From: guest (Q) , 7 months, post #2
Honestly yes. I think it’d be fun flipping the script and my role in dating. Maybe try different themes with my look for each date like being goth for one date the having an academia style for another. Get a glimpse of each type of dating for as many types of women I can think of. I wouldn’t sleep around though. I’d be chipset with the dudes.

From: guest , 7 months, post #3
i think horomones would have a lot to do with it. if i switched into a woman i have no desire to hook up with a guy but i think my new body would feel differently.

is it weird i'd be ok with sex as long as there was no kissing? haha like thats somehow crossing the line

From: guest , 7 months, post #4
>is it weird i'd be ok with sex as long as there was no kissing? haha like thats somehow crossing the line

LOL, I think the dude might be a little offended, especially if he bought you dinner or a ticket and popcorn and you told him that he can stick his dick in you so long as he wears a bag over his head.

From: guest (anon) , 7 months, post #5
Honestly? Fuck yeah, its a completely new experience, i wouldnt know for how long the swap was going to be and i would like to experience everything i can only as the opposite sex.
As a woman Id go on and have a shopping spree. Heels, dresses, thongs, bras. And i would most likely end up on something like Tinder and look for a hookup or just go clubbing with some friends of the body of the person im in. Once in a lifetime to know how it feels to be fucked and what a woman orgasm feels like. If it was a permanent swap, Id swing both ways, but yeah id definitely would be excited to try out my pussy and have my new tits sucked.

From: guest , 7 months, post #6
I'd probably try to find a no-op tgirl. No mustache, has boobs, and our crotches are compatible. Win-win.

From: guest (Lil Pill) , 7 months, post #7
Ew @ #6

From: guest , 7 months, post #8
Ew @ #6

From: guest , 7 months, post #9
@7 ... How can you even read?

From: guest (Goku) , 7 months, post #10
@ guest ( 6 & 9)

Interesting you think someone can't read because you want sex with a transgender

From: guest , 7 months, post #11
@10 Do you even know where you are? How can you be this stupid on a board populated entirely by fetish and alt sexuality content?

From: guest (Hanko) , 7 months, post #12
I've thought about this heavily over the years and can honestly say No, I would not have sex. Also, I habe no intrest in a solo body swap. To me the trill is a swap with at least one other person, so you can compare the experience.

From: guest (Other Guest) , 7 months, post #13
Yes, I would definately try kissing but I fear I might throw up in the process.

Would have to see beyond that step.

From: guest (ds) , 7 months, post #14
Sure i go dating with a guy. i'll even dress sexy to tease him. i probably need to get trashed when it come to sex though

From: guest , 7 months, post #15
If you're pretty, you'll have a relationship

From: Tuggy24g , 7 months, post #16
Just in general I think my life would be so much better if I was born a woman not a man

From: guest (pop) , 7 months, post #17
Surprised not many here would go all the way if they swapped or genderbend, i thought more people here would be willing to live the girls life completely once you swapped. Living all kinds of fantasies and just enjoying the things only womanhood can give

From: guest (regards) , 7 months, post #18
If i switch body with a girl i would use that opportunity to get touchy with all her female friends

From: guest , 7 months, post #19
Absolutely. If I were to be able to make my fantasy swap happen, it would be with a friend's wife. We don't get along very well and are very much opposites. I would lose 8 inches in height and pick up a few health problems, and while I'm not sure, I think she's a bit submissive in bed, even though she's a complete bitch otherwise. He married her because of her 44DD's and her eagerness to perform all the things he enjoys. My friend would know something is wrong because she doesn't cook, clean or do laundry, all thinks that I do regularly. Her life would get a makeover, better wardrobe and a workout routine. Since I know he messes around on her, if I were her, I'd be sure to experiment myself with men, women and couples.

From: DrunkenSneech , 7 months, post #20
17 : I think exploration would be a natural reaction, even a healthy one, but the real world doesn't come with any safeties that fantasies do. You can end a fantasy when it gets uncomfortable or threatening (or boring) or just elide/skip over those bits. In the reality of a body swap, you're stuck in it 24/7, and there's a lot of stuff that just plain sucks or is legitimately frightening, especially when you have no experience dealing with those kinds of situations before. So being cautious and taking it slow makes sense.

But yeah, if I was temporarily body swapped into a cis* woman and I had her consent, I'd explore physical relationships with men and women (including trans women) if I could select partners I reasonably believed I could trust. I'm only attracted to women now, but female hormones and another woman's brain mapping may make me more flexible in my preferences.

My biggest worry would be that the swap would only be temporary, and I'd get returned to my original body knowing I could never live those experiences again.

Note *: I'm a trans woman and my hormonal & physical transition stalled part-way through, so I feel like swapping into another trans woman's body wouldn't feel that different than what I physically have right now. I know what female hormones & no testosterone feels like, I know what having (moderate) breasts feels like, and I have some limited experiences socializing as a woman. But I have no idea what having a vagina and uterus feels like, and I have no idea what it feels like when your brain just accepts your body & isn't in conflict with it. Plus I'd be worried I'd be overwhelmed by another trans woman's dysphoria layered on top of my own.

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