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FM Story Search: Man body swaps with his girlfriends highschool daughter
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From: guest (ducto) , 7 months, post #1
Hey everyone,

I was wondering if anyone remembers the name of a story that I read on Fictionmania years ago and some of you may remember the name of. The story revolves around a man who accidentally body swaps with his girlfriend's highschool daughter either through the Medallion of Zulo or another method and they need to act their place. Eventually he has to go to prom as her and he finds out that she then swapped with her boyfriend in his body. They go to prom together and her in her boyfriends body is very aggressive towards her mother's boyfriend in the car that night but he doesn't force himself on her. Later during a pool party the narrator in the girls body spots his real body and his girlfriend in a sexual act and later both of them run off on vacation maybe Las Vegas together leaving the narrator and his girlfriends daughter stuck for the time being. The story ends with his girlfriend's daughter in her boyfriends body walking away from the front door crying after being shot down for recommending they sleep together but at the last second the narrator changes his mind and yells at her to come back.

I can't find it on the site after every keyword or search variation I can think of. Maybe it was nuked.

From: guest (not an expert) , 7 months, post #2
I know the one you mean and I've been looking for it for a long time with no success too. I think it's been taken off the site by the author, a shame because it was very well written.

From: guest , 7 months, post #3
I believe the story you are looking for were written by this author

Seems they've taken them down and put them in an ebook that they're selling on amazon.

From: guest (Tights) , 7 months, post #4
Guest Post3, I believe you sent the wrong link.

From: guest , 7 months, post #5

That one should work

From: guest , 7 months, post #6
It's the Sophie saga. I know someone had saved it from before. Try wayback machine.

From: guest (Tigths) , 7 months, post #7
Post #6, who was the author? I have some fictionmania backups throughout the years, i could take a look and see if i have a copy.

From: guest (JustineJay1989) , 7 months, post #8
I found this link in another post. Seems to be the story you are looking for

From: guest (ducto) , 7 months, post #9
Guest #6, JustineJay1989,

That's it The Sophie Saga thank you very much. Shame what author's are doing nowadays taking stories that beforehand were completely free and charging to read them. I understand the moneymaking aspect but leave the original free stuff up and just create new content to sell. That's why these backup and archive methods are important. Whenever someone takes free stories down to sell archive and save everything including offline beforehand, then get it touch with that author and shove the news of the free alternatives to their greed right down their throats.

From: guest (921XA) , 7 months, post #10
>I understand the moneymaking aspect but leave the original free stuff up and just create new content to sell
I know this feeling, an author that I used to follow moved to patreon and, to increase his private catalog, I assume, sneakily removed a bunch of his stories without even putting a warning, it was like "oh, those stories had never been publicly available, you are just hallucinating stuff", thankfully I had archived them.

Nowadays I made a script that automatically download all new fictionmania stories as well as send their URLs to be archived on the wayback machine. I also do the same preceding to, and other few TG related sites.

If you see something, archive it.

From: guest (Uhno) , 7 months, post #11
Wow. So your perspective is that if someone were to create something for free before realizing there's a market for it - the creator should keep their creation available for free because you missed out when they were still a no-name creator just starting out... Uh I don't think so. I don't think that's how society works. Just saying.

From: guest (ducto) , 7 months, post #12

Good job. I do that same thing with many news sites, government documents, and anything that may in the future go poof followed by blanket denial by the minders involved that anything like it ever existed. All archive sites can be tampered with so it is a good idea that you cast your net in a wide berth, also look to using alongside Wayback Machine as well as offline archiving methods such as on an external harddrive.

From: guest (ducto) , 7 months, post #13

Doesn't matter if you think that society doesn't work that way it is still an immoral thing to do instead of making subscription content that right from the beginning costs money. The authors can do whatever they want and charge whatever they want but that won't stop me or another person like 921XA from archiving and saving their work before they place it behind a paywall then tell all their subscribers or anyone who will listen where to find the work for free because they a deserve loss of revenue and a moral lesson for practicing greedy shakedowns.

From: guest (921XA) , 7 months, post #14
>also look to using alongside Wayback Machine as well as offline archiving methods such as on an external harddrive.
I agree, ideally you want to keep the data with yourself as well. If you can't... the very least you could is to archive on multiple places, such as (Wayback Machine sometimes deletes content, for instance, after a shooting or something in the US, they deleted all archived images from 8chan because the shooter was a 8chan user – they deleted even images from other boards that had nothing do with the event, I end up almost losing some photos from a thread that was deleted when the site was nuked out of the internet).

But ultimately, the gold standard is having a copy with you and, with text data, you probably can do that. For instance, all Fictionmania backup, has only less than 2GB, and there is like 40.000 stories or so.

From: guest , 7 months, post #15

It's usually because the author can't come up with any new, so easier to retroactively monetise something they've already written and remove it from public availability than to try to create something else and monetize that.

From: guest , 7 months, post #16
Along the same lines, anyone remember a story that took play during Halloween where a guy's girlfriends daughter swapped their bodies using a magic mirror? Had a twist ending where they swapped back and then the guy swapped with girlfriend only for the daughter to smash the mirror immediately after. Can't find it anymore on Fictionmania.

From: guest (the searcher) , 7 months, post #17
To those who object to writers removing their fiction from your fave free sight, There is no obligation for the writer to keep it there. They do not owe you a story. They GAVE you the story. They have every right to repost it to Amazon or any other site as they own it and you do not. Every author can leave or pull their work as they see fit.
In the last century, new writers would work their way up to magazines and book publishing. They usually got paid. Writers have bills to pay just like you, and stories can take a LOT of time to write!

Your attitude that they owe you the story for free is NOT going to get more stories at FM etc. Save what you like and send the author thanks and praise and comments when you can.

Be grateful they gave you the stories you enjoyed.

From: guest (921XA) , 7 months, post #18
Post #16
I did some full text search on my Fictionmania archive, and I think this is the story you were looking for "Happy Halloween, Mommy" by "Portia H.", it was indeed deleted. Thankfully it got archived:

From: guest (ducto) , 7 months, post #19
The Searcher
Post #17,

Please see my original posts concerning this matter because it seems you skipped over them. I never said the author owed me anything least of all anything for free. All I said is that taking something that was previously free and that you originally intended to be free and monetizing it for personal gain because you changed your mind suddenly is a bad move and because nine times out of ten the internet is forever they probably will get called out for it. I said the author can do whatever they want with their work but that doesn't excuse the fact that the free work may have been saved and posted elsewhere and people have a right to be allowed to discover that free work for themselves and not be forced to pay for the right to view it as that is a copy of the work saved when it was free and not the copyrighted monetized version that you should pay for if you wish to view it.

On the assumption that I was a writer I would make judgements ahead of time on the quality of my work and what deserved publication for money and what deserved to be posted for free and I would never break from that morality. People going back later on to delete free work in order to then publish it for profit I think is immoral but at the same time I agree with others that it is their personal work and they can do it if they like. Others though may not share that view and have taken precautions to archive and save that original free work for others enjoyment which may put a damper on that writer's plan for a payday because they personally posted it publicly in the first place. A writer should seriously consider his or her future plans regarding his or her work before they post it whether as a payed product but especially for free. Even with just a small amount of doubt over whether it is a good idea to post something for free that may be good enough to sell the writer should immediately retract their intentions for free publication for the work in question until their intentions have been ironed out and then they stick to their final decision without question. Don't post something in the first place if you have any doubts about it and that goes for everything else on the internet not just stories.

From: guest (ducto) , 7 months, post #20
Post #14,

>"I agree, ideally you want to keep the data with yourself as well. If you can't... the very least you could is to archive on multiple places, such as (Wayback Machine sometimes deletes content"

Exactly what I was talking about with the external hard drive and choosing an offline protected storage device because even the archive sites are routinely tampered with and have content deleted. Don't forget to keep your storage devices unconnected to the computer at nearly all times except when your transferring content to them through a wired connection (consider running a virus scan of your computer before connection and disconnecting the internet during the transfer.) Make sure the ones you buy have no way to connect to the internet to transfer things by wireless and keep the devices hidden and protected in a safe place such as a hidden fireproof safe. Who knows what ways in the future the powers that be attempt to destroy our copies of the evidence that exposes their narrative of events as lies.

Also I remember 8chan. Those were good times and some good banter. Unfortunately it grew way too fast and started making a lot of powerful people in the world extremely nervous with what was being exposed on there as well as many of the chans. Although towards the end the conspiracy stuff overloaded the board to the point that I think many people who felt they had something level-headed to offer went elsewhere in disillusionment.

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