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Possession Party
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From: Kripto , 10 months, post #1
I posted my first ever commission story at It's called Possession Party and it's about a college party where guests are each given a magical sticker that lets them possess anyone at the party for brief periods of time. I’m currently taking requests on that site in between working on the final installment of the Shudder series. Any commission I fulfill there I will make available for free after 90 days on

From: guest (G) , 10 months, post #2
Where on can contact you for a custom story

From: Kripto , 10 months, post #3
Go to New Request at You'll be prompted to create an account if you haven't done so. Then you can put what type of story you want and anything specific you'd like to see happen. Then you'll make a contribution, and it goes onto the site. The higher the contribution, the more likely it will get written, but others can help fund it as well. If it is a request that is specific to characters and stories I have created, it will go to me. If it is not, any writer can take a crack at it.

From: guest (G) , 10 months, post #4
I am sorry to inform you that your site needs work it's not it has not accepted my payment request it keeps saying invalid card number I am pretty sure it's not the case and yes it's a card which is excepted by your site master card

From: guest (G) , 10 months, post #5
Is there any way to use a wallet

From: guest (G) , 10 months, post #6
10 year old boy gets possession powers and he starts to fight crime using female body

First he possesses a female in his family who is a Martial artist it can be any one

Trys to end a police stand of but fails to do so later he decided to possess the person more use her body to train then later posseses a different female now which can be anymore forms a team fights crime I would like to see more possession and exploring of female bodys sinces his a 10 year old boy powerless on his own with a strong beautiful female body he changes things for better this is the story I am going for

From: guest (Guest H) , 10 months, post #7
Kripto could you please do a favour and continue the story ding by madblackcat on literotica its very famous already but incomplete please complete it

From: Kripto , 10 months, post #8
Guest G: I'm sorry there was an issue. I've reached out to the admin to see about getting it resolved. I did see the request you created on the site, so that part is working fine!

Guest H: I would love nothing more than to continue ding as it is one of my favorites, but would love to get permission from MaddBlackCat if at all possible. If anyone knows how to get in contact with them that would be great.

From: guest (G) , 10 months, post #9
Did you like the story ark

From: guest (Guest H) , 10 months, post #10
Bro but why do you need the permission for it he is not continuing it you can write ding from start with minor changes than you don't need any permission

From: guest (G) , 10 months, post #11
Are you there?

From: guest (Vexen) , 10 months, post #12
Admin of Outfox here -- couldn't replicate the issue, other payments are going through fine. It seems like it's on your card end, Guest H, I can see the rejected attempts.

If you're sure the card is active, feel free to email so we can figure out where the potential problem is privately (it may have to do with your VPN or something to that effect).

From: guest (G) , 10 months, post #13
Add google pay options or something

From: guest (Y) , 10 months, post #14
Post 6 that's an interesting story indeed I would love to read it tell you what who ever will right this story I will pay them 15$

From: guest (G) , 10 months, post #15
Now that's what I am talking about kripto

From: guest (DippedCoffee) , 10 months, post #16
I'm looking for one of those stories where a female relative gets possessed by a bad guy and turns the MC (Male)'s life upside down.

The relatives better be close to the MC, so there's the heartfelt moment to the change in the possessed relative's mannerisms, habit and attitude.

The more drastic the change the better the story. Lets say, the mom suddenly possessed by a bully. The bully easily changes the MC's perspective towards his mother's form, be it making the mother smoke, dress informally and things like that since its a totally different person is controlling her.
The drastic change I had in mind was a total change in lifestyle. Back to the 'mom' subject, what if a criminal somehow possessed her. Its quite a convenient scenario imo, with the criminal freely goes around and breathes without everyone except for the MC knowing the dark dealings that the criminal is making under his host's identity along with the clean criminal record. Like starting from the bottom again, in the criminal's perspective, but with a nice house and a breadwinner to come home to.

A demon scenario would be nice, having the demon weak at the start and needs sex to fill its energy. The energy could drive the plot, since it is required for transferring to another body. Lets say the girlfriend gets too nosy for her own good towards an artifact that shouldn't be tempered with. The MC agrees to have sex since it is the only way for the demon to be released. However, beforehand, the demon peered into the girlfriend's memory and found out about the hotness of the MC's mom.
Back to 'the energy', the demon could also freely manipulate the host's form. So far, changing shape and sizes or even grow a penis is what I had in mind. Spending it for mind control could be a method to achieve a threesome, foursome, fivesome, etc.

From: Kripto , 10 months, post #17
I would be willing to attempt a lot of these story lines eventually. At present though, I'm working thru a list of ones I feel I could write at We'll see what happens after that. And somewhere in there I gotta make time to finish Shudder.

From: guest (G) , 10 months, post #18
Is my story one of them which youn are working on

From: guest (DippedCoffee) , 10 months, post #19
No rush man, I'm just pouring my thoughts and observation from the many possession stories I've read.

From: Kripto , 10 months, post #20
G: I'm currently working on one called Stream of Consciousness.

DippedCoffee: I like hearing other people's ideas a lot. I may not be able to write them all, but I know that someone might see an idea out here and get inspired.

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