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From: guest (guest) , 17 months, post #141
Tuggy, you're so nit-picky when it comes to the body swap genre.
You always look for the negative in it instead of appreciating the fact the genre gets new stuff, even if it's not to your specifications.

From: guest , 17 months, post #142
Tuggy you're such a nitpick with body swaps.
If you don't like the QL style, why do you bother with it? You always find something to complain about.

From: guest (5 8 3 0) , 17 months, post #143
Well kreplach, we're all humans who make mistakes sometimes.

From: Tuggy24g , 17 months, post #144
First off, I'm just stating a fact that you won't see much of her. This iteration of the quantum leap is more sci-fi action than the original. Where the original had more feminine sexual scenes.

Maybe I'm of the minority in this group. But I never understood how somebody can make a TV show about a guy swapping into different people's bodies (male or female) for a specific reason. Yet most of the show unless you saw the beginning of it. You would have no idea he even swapped bodies. So the whole point of the show becomes irrelevant in a sense in my options. So you're basically just seeing the main actor? Do whatever mission he was sent to do. Also protect the person that he's supposed to be in the body of.

From: guest , 17 months, post #145
I agree with you Tuggy24g.

From: guest (3 2 9 1) , 17 months, post #146
I guess the idea of seeing Sam or Ben as Marion Crane in Psycho or a younger or older Christina Crawford in Mommie Dearest won't happen anytime soon.

From: guest (Madaba) , 17 months, post #147
I think we have to realize that the rest of the world doesn’t have a jerk off impulse to seeing a man in a woman’s body so it’s more about the concept than the situation.

From: Tuggy24g , 17 months, post #148
I am not talking about a fetish at all. I understand that a good amount of us think that body swapping or any form around that is a fetish.

Yet the concept of the show original and current version. Is that Sam transports and takes over other people's bodies. To do a mission to save the person's life, change the path for somebody else, Or for an event that need something done. With the help of his sidekick who informs him on the mission. Yet almost a whole episode you would never know. He's in somebody else's body unless they're in front of a mirror or something that shows his reflection.

So my point is that if the show is about doing something in somebody else's body. Yet 90-95% of the episodes you have no idea he's in somebody else's body. Then the main plot of the show makes no sense.

As I said before. I'm not trying to go again people that like this and trying to say the show sucks. Just to me the show makes no sense on how it is presented original and current version.

From: guest , 17 months, post #149
"So my point is that if the show is about doing something in somebody else's body. Yet 90-95% of the episodes you have no idea he's in somebody else's body. Then the main plot of the show makes no sense."

Then you'd have to cast numerous actors over and over. You wouldn't have a central start to the show.

Again. You're nitpicking.

From: Tuggy24g , 17 months, post #150
I'll agree to disagree with you and everybody else on here. I don't want to get into a fight. I like this community here so much.

From: guest (3 5 2 3) , 17 months, post #151
Tuggy24, could this also explain for the exact same reason with Disney's The Jersey as well although with athletic personalities (except Kiely Williams of 3LW and a white cheerleader of the Oakland Raiders) because I'm assuming kids jumping into the bodies of athletic personalities with the use of a magical jersey would've been considered way more creepier than an adult White or Asian guy with an accelerator leaping into women.

From: guest (Guest) , 17 months, post #152
Tuggy, then you've missed the complete point of the entire show.

The original's premise was about Sam Beckett who involuntarily leaps through time into the bodies of people in different times and places. The show focused on humor, social commentary, and time travel/science fiction. To say "90-95% of the episodes you have no idea he's in somebody else's body" is ignorant.

Unless it's an anthology show with different casts each episode, the show's concept is focuses on Sam Beckett (and in the revival, Ben Song). It's so the viewer has a character to attach to. Plus, in Scott Bakula's case, he had a wider arrangement of acting to fit the character he played that week.

Your problem solely focuses on "you don't see the body he's in and you forget." You must really think viewers are dumb if they're watching the series and have an idea of the show's concept.

Besides, what you want (to see each actor full time every week). That same logic of "you have no idea he's in someone else's body" can be applied here. How can you get attached to the main character if the actor changes every episode? Simple logic. If you can't get attached to the character, then what's the point in watching the show?

What it sounds like you want, Tuggy, is just a body swap fetish show. Quantum Leap has never, and will never, be that. And yet you have to constantly post how disappointing it is. So my question is this: why are you watching it? It's clearly not for you. So let people enjoy it how they want. You clearly don't.

From: guest (Para) , 17 months, post #153
Tuggy I’m with you 100%.

@Guest post #152. Obviously it’s not hard to understand the logistical reasons reasons for how they portray the swaps. That still doesn’t mean it’s a compelling or interesting way to explore the concept. Watching the original episodes back when they aired, years before I was into any of the transformation stuff, It still always felt like a missed opportunity to really get into some meaty/juicy stories.
The social commentary at the time still wasn’t exactly revolutionary and the exploration of the different lives was mostly surface level and full of stereotypes.

They took a pretty radical concept that could go to some deep/dark places, and made it into a milquetoast show with the least interesting possible creative choices. And again, I understand why, the more interesting version of the show would never have made it onto American network TV, And I mean more interesting in the sense of exploring the depths of the characters/leapees, not fetishizing body swaps. Even if I understand why they made the choices, I still don’t think they make it a better show.

From: guest (Guest) , 17 months, post #154
@guest (Para)

"The social commentary at the time still wasn’t exactly revolutionary"

Maybe it resonates better with people who watch it years later vs then. You don't know that.

"I understand why they made the choices, I still don’t think they make it a better show."

It's got a cult fandom and has resonated over 30 years. But sure, it's not a better show.

From: guest (moosesux) , 17 months, post #155
remake is just trash...even the original wasn't as deep as the people on here make it out to be....memberberries

From: guest (3 1 6 4) , 17 months, post #156
regarding the original, I wonder if this also is supported by the LGBTQ+ community regarding episodes where Sam leaps into women.

From: guest , 17 months, post #157
Photos from the next episode went up, but there's not much that might be of interest to us. The only thing that's sort of interesting from a TG perspective is that you can see the female leapee's face on the name badge Ben wears. Still, in case anyone's interested:

From: guest (6 2 7 3) , 17 months, post #158
If the episode "Raped" would've been remade today, I can't imagine how much backlash it would've gotten on Twitter.

From: Tuggy24g , 17 months, post #159
Quantum leap has him in a female doctors body

From: guest , 17 months, post #160
I haven't watched the current episode of Quantum Leap yet, but it appears that next week's episode is a sort of time loop episode, in which Ben leaps into a number of different people to prevent the same event. One of those people is a woman. Promo here:

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