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From: Tuggy24g , 21 months, post #101
If we're talking strictly the TG content in this. This had to be the least TG episode/ movie I've ever seen. Why I hate these quantum leap type of TG?

From: Tuggy24g , 21 months, post #102
If we're talking strictly the TG content in this. This had to be the least TG episode/ movie I've ever seen. Why I hate these quantum leap type of TG?

From: Tuggy24g , 21 months, post #103
If we're talking strictly the TG content in this. This had to be the least TG episode/ movie I've ever seen. Why I hate these quantum leap type of TG?

From: Tuggy24g , 21 months, post #104
Sorry about the multiple posts but it froze

From: guest (That Guy) , 21 months, post #105
I think this reboot has pretty much established that Ben leaps into the body, not just some kind of illusion. In the boxing episode Addison commented that he may be Ben but he has the boxer's strength and reflexes. And in last night's episode she asked if he noticed anything missing in his current body.

From: guest (TheDetective) , 21 months, post #106

You keep saying "the ratings still suck" but apparently not to NBC disagrees with you if they're reporting that the data says it is the #1 new show in the 18-49 age demographic and Top 5 on their streaming service.

From: guest (vassey) , 21 months, post #107

Why does NBC disagrees with me?Look at the ratings! Again lower ratings then last week. Sure its #1 new show in the 18-49 age demographic since its their only new show this year. And Top 5 of how many on their streaming service and which week?
Maybe you guys look for yourselves and do not believe everything a TV network claims to be true.

From: guest (TheDetective) , 21 months, post #108
@guest (Vassey)

Did you even read the article?

It might shock you to know, TV ratings aren't just about total number of viewers anymore. Streaming has changed the game; they look at streaming numbers and when it comes to over the air TV it's the key 18-49 demo, and if they're satisfied with those numbers, then it's not "sucking."

If it was "sucking" as you said, why pump more money into it and order additional episodes?

From: guest (tharzog) , 21 months, post #109
How about we wait if the Series gets cancelled or not? And btw the TV 18-49 demo
of the Series is the 2 lowest of all NBC Series at the Moment. Maybe that will change,maybe not.

From: Holly Dunn , 21 months, post #110
In the boxing episode, they stated that the leaper had all of the physical prowess of the boxer. They didn't really explore that too much with him as the woman. The stories have been good stories, and it is well written. But I was disappointed on the lack of gender exploration.

From: guest (4 3 0 3) , 21 months, post #111
Does it still use the classic theme song although updated for modern times and does Ben still say "Oh Boy!" like Sam when he leaps into a bad situation?

Also in the first episode, was their a small tribute to Dean Stockwell at the end credits?

From: Random , 21 months, post #112
They don't use a theme song, and Ben doesn't have a catchphrase when he leaps into someone. It's trying to be Quantum Leap: The Next Generation, rather than trying to slavishly be Quantum Leap: The Original Series with new actors.

There was a tribute to Dean Stockwell on the first episode.

From: guest (5 8 3 4) , 21 months, post #113
I get this version wants to be apart from Sam Beckett and of course I expected for Ben not to be like him at all. But it's kind of sad the theme song from the original version never gets remade let alone the catchphrase doesn't come back at all.

As for Stockwell, I'm assuming their was a black screen with his name on it along with the date he was born and his death.

From: guest (cancel) , 21 months, post #114
Despite getting an order for an additional 6 episodes; the show is tanking in the ratings and will be cancelled.

From: Holly Dunn , 21 months, post #115
There is an ending to this season planned, maybe two, with or without Scott Bakulla. I am doubtful it will go past this season. It will be a full "season" of 12 or whatever episodes. Less than half of the 24-26 episodes of most network shows a few years ago. Too bad. The stories are good.

From: guest (4 4 6 3) , 21 months, post #116
Also I'm assuming the classic opening monologue being said by Ziggy but with the mention of Ben instead Sam won't come back either right?

From: guest (vassey) , 21 months, post #117
The show has lost over 1 million Viewers from Episode 1 to Episode 6. 18-49 demo went down from 0.47 to 0.33 too. Sad to see that.

From: guest (6 2 6 9) , 21 months, post #118
It was obviously a reboot of a cult classic where fans have mixed reactions to it (mainly negative) although the original itself despite airing four seasons in total was never a runaway hit at all and I sorry to say this but we all know reboots will never be nowhere near as good as the original.

From: guest (That Guy) , 21 months, post #119
reboots will never be nowhere near as good as the original.

Battlestar Galactica reboot was much better than the original, IMO.

From: guest (8 9 4 0) , 21 months, post #120
Ok That Guy you got me with Battlestar Galactica but again not all reboots are going to be good as the original.

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