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Quantum leap sequel pilot
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From: guest (Muhammad bin Camelfucking) , 21 months, post #61
Looks interesting

From: guest (3 2 2 4) , 21 months, post #62
With its deepfake technology?

From: guest (Benny) , 21 months, post #63
Looks like he leaps into a few hot woman throughout the series!!!!

From: guest , 21 months, post #64
We get a glimpse at one TG episode in the above promo. I'm guessing this is episode 4, "A Decent Proposal"; looks like Ben has to deal with being a woman who's proposed to by two separate men. Sounds like a fun scenario. :)

I don't think the clip where he leaps into a female musician is from an actual episode, btw; the film style of that clip looks totally different from the regular show. So don't expect to see that as an episode any time soon; I think it was just meant as a promo.

I'm guessing they've only filmed a few episodes so far, so there's no telling how many cross-gender leaps we're getting, but the fact that he leaps into a woman in the fourth episode seems promising. :)

From: guest (vassey) , 21 months, post #65
The woman who Ben leaps into is Anastasia Antonia i think as she is credited in Episode 3 and 4.

From: Random , 21 months, post #66
Decent enough show for the premier, so I'll keep watching it. Not gonna watch just for the TG episodes, since I doubt they'll be any different from the ones in the original. Otherwise it seems okay.

Looks like one change from the original is that the leapee no longer appears in the future(either that or nobody checked the waiting room for the duration of the leap).

I wonder if they've also changed whether it's Ben's body with the aura of the leapee around him, or if he's going to actually be in their bodies now(I'm guessing it will be established to be the aura like before).

From: guest (Spyeye) , 21 months, post #67

From: guest , 21 months, post #68
There's description out of the first TG episode of the new quantum leap:

"Ben leaps to 1980s Los Angeles and into the body of Eva Sandoval, a no-nonsense bounty hunter in the midst of securing an elusive target. Ben remembers more about his own life."

It's an interesting concept for the first episode in which Ben leaps into a woman, I think. The first time Sam Beckett leaped into a woman, it was all about him learning about sexism and going on a date and complaining about wearing a dress. It was about the novelty of him becoming a woman. Maybe I'm reading too much into this, but the fact that Ben's first TG leap is into a bounty hunter and not into A Woman feels like a sign that we'll be seeing more TG leaps in the new series, and that it won't just be a gimmick they trot out once or twice season.

There are a couple of photos in this article, though there's not much to see in them:

From: guest (vassey) , 21 months, post #69
The other female he may leap into is the Female Rockstar i guess.Maybe there is one more Episode with a woman leap but the Season has only 13 Episodes till now.
And if the Ratings wont get better there wont be a second Season.

From: guest , 21 months, post #70
There is no female rockstar. It was literally just a promo for the show.

From: kreplach , 20 months, post #71
This show is doing very poorly in the ratings and will most likely be canceled soon.

From: guest (TheDetective) , 20 months, post #72
Honestly it doesn't help that it's going up against Monday Night Football, which was airing on ABC for a few weeks.

From: kreplach , 20 months, post #73
The biggest issue is a huge drop between the pilot and episode 2. If it continues so slide, much like Ordinary Joe, the canceled show previously in that timeslot, then it's a goner.

From: Holly Dunn , 20 months, post #74
I thought the first episode was great and the second episode was very good. Encouraged that this 13 episode season will continue to be good or very good. Figuring NBC and Scott Bakulla will work it out to bring him home. This is a niche show to begin with so don't expect Monday Night Football or Dancing with the Stars ratings.

From: Random , 20 months, post #75
I also enjoyed the two shows that have aired. I hope that NBC will keep it around, as many shows are not immediate hits out of the gate, and they do need time to find their footing. I will continue to watch through this season, and not just for the "leaps into a woman" episode(which I predict will be fairly ordinary).

From: guest (Sky Vigilant) , 20 months, post #76
Ep 4

From: guest (Benny) , 20 months, post #77
I think a big reason why this show is not doing well in terms of ratings is because it doesn't have enough of the original series in it. It doesn't really feel like quantum leap. Especially with scott bakula not be more prominant in the show or marketing. So from a far, the audience might just think it is just another soulless reboot. Which I think to an extent it is, and the writers haven't really done anything that interesting to warrant a reboot. As for the woman leaps, I agree with post #75, I don't think they will make a big deal out of it. However, if the show survives I think they will definitely do more of them.

From: guest (bla) , 20 months, post #78
I am also a bit confused by the show. While it is not uninteresting and some of the actors are quite good, especially the main person I think, for some reason the whole premise seems to be different from the original. For example, in the original QL, as far as I can remember, every person Sam leaped into was basically waiting in his body in some type of "waiting chamber" in the future. This is not at all mentioned here. Maybe they will explain this somewhere down the line, but I feel especially if they hope to get at least the old fanbase to watch this show, they should be more true to the original.

From: Random , 20 months, post #79
In the original Sam was physically leaping, and the person he replaced went to the future in the waiting room. This was evidenced when he leapt into the double amputee, and was able to walk around(with his mirror image floating in the air over stumps). In the latest episode they have made it clear that Ben is actually in the body of the person that he leaped into, so it appears that nobody appeared in the waiting room. They also mentioned that Ben's new code removed many of the safety protocols, so they could probably hand-wave changes to being a result of the new code.

From: guest (bla) , 20 months, post #80
Thank you for clarification, Random.

Somehow I must have not fully understood the premise of the original series. Leaping physically? But still everyone in the past including the hologram (Al) sees him as the person he leaped into? How does that even make sense? Lol.

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