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Quantum leap sequel pilot
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From: guest , 8 months, post #221
What are the timestamps of the women he's becoming? I'm not noticing

From: guest , 8 months, post #222
  1. 221 idk
1879 -
1998 - STS-95?
1934 -
2012 -
1961 - egypt
1992 -
1949 -
2050 -
1692 - Salem Witch Trials

From: guest (5 2 5 0) , 8 months, post #223
I still couldn't tell if in the first trailer from season 1 where Ben leaps into a rockstar from 1986 in a red bandana is a female or not.

From: guest (222) , 8 months, post #224
5 2 5 0
I think it's a woman
Some Leapee who did not appear in the first season (from trailer)
01:23: rock star
01:25: ???
01:28: idk
01:51: some war

And i found this.
Please be careful.

From: guest (4 2 8 6) , 8 months, post #225
I'm assuming Al Place has spoilers here and there.

From: guest (Noisy) , 8 months, post #226
I wait there is someone who makes a video compilation of that.

From: guest (Spyeye) , 8 months, post #227

From: guest (Noisy) , 8 months, post #228

From: guest (5 3 2 5) , 8 months, post #229
Am I the only one who feels that the old Quantum Leap (as of which can never be topped by the way) was about the stories and the journey while the reboot is about drama and trying to capitalize on nostalgia by a bunch of writers that have no idea how to tell a story and just want to get paid?

From: guest (Also Interested) , 8 months, post #230
That's a little dramatic in and of itself. The premise is still there, "putting right what once went wrong," but the stories of the leap are resolved quicker and take less adjustment to the new leap. You can probably admit there were more times where it was just talking or going through the motions than action. The reboot builds a little more action on the modern/project side, trying to research and find out answers to help the leaper, and, yes, other drama as well. Like government involvement shutting down the project, what happens to leapees who experience a loss of time, etc. I think it's a good balance that admittedly took some getting used to, but it's still a good show.

From: Holly Dunn , 8 months, post #231
It is a different show. The old show focused on righting the wrongs of social injustice. The new show takes the point of view that everyone is empowered, even in the past when they were not empowered. It is redefining the past with the values of this moment.

From: guest , 8 months, post #232
The new show has writing that resembles a third grader's. An AI could do a much better job than the nepotism crowd that is writing this dreck.

From: guest , 8 months, post #233
The new version goes out of its way to ignore the differences between races, gender and class struggles. I'm not sure it helps the situation. The new show comes from the point of view that none of these things have ever been an issue. I understand why they're doing it, they want to normalize equality. But I feel they're ignoring the issues of the past.

From: kreplach , 7 months, post #234
I don't think they're trying to normalize equality. They're dancing around the cultural sensitivities of modern American audiences. Imagine trying to write a show where the leaper can be literally anyone in any time period without doing anything to be accused by the misinformed of promoting Critical Race Theory or the woke mindset that would get them canceled, literally. I'm not trying to bring politics into it, just pointing out that unlike the original show they can't have a point of view since it's sadly not acceptable in today's world. They have to keep the situations generic no matter who Ben leaps into. That's why it will never be satisfying to people who are interested for the TG aspect. They downplay Ben being in a different body, barely showing the person's reflection and having the clothing be as gender neutral as possible, usually some kind of uniform.

From: guest (7 3 0 1) , 7 months, post #235
BTW, is it just me or has anyone else notice that when Ben leaps into female bodies, it looks like he never wears any makeup (i.e. lipstick, eye shadow, eyeliner, nail polish etc.) at all? Now don't get me wrong here folks, like Sam, he wears feminine clothing as well. But it never "enhances" the experience.

Oh, and post #232, I agree with you on that aspect.

From: guest , 6 months, post #236

trailer for recent episode where ben leaps into a woman accused of being a witch during the Salem Witch Trials

From: guest , 6 months, post #237
I think this episode was the first time a leaper has been a female and we don't see any images of his host.

From: guest , 6 months, post #238
The show would actually be worthwhile if we saw the host bodies like half the time

From: guest (1 9 0 6) , 6 months, post #239
post #237
I though A Decent Proposal was the first episode where Ben leaps into a female body. And I'm not sure in the past The Salem Witch Trails have any mirrors so Ben could quite possibly be screwed here.

From: guest (Noisy) , 6 months, post #240

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