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From: guest (jacques) , 15 months, post #181
Would definitely be interesting if Addison and Ben have to go up against another leaper in Addisons body.

From: guest (5 4 2 6) , 15 months, post #182
Something tells me that in this version, Ben can only leap into strong & independent (let alone diverse) women rather then hot & gorgeous looking ones that Sam went through in his lifetime.

From: guest (jacques) , 15 months, post #183
@post 182

The woman in this week's episode (15) seems hot... and episode 4.

From: guest (Guest 42) , 15 months, post #184
Post 182 your perspective of beauty is a bit warped. The woman he has leaped into are very attractive

From: guest (8 4 3 2) , 15 months, post #185
Sure jacques & Guest 42, but even if their was an episode where Ben leaps into a teenage girl being "groomed" by some creepy black artist (such as the self-proclaimed pied piper of R&B). That would've caused riots, backlash and Twitter rants.

From: guest , 15 months, post #186
must be upsetting to make up scenarios in your head just so you can get mad at black people and women lol

From: guest (9 3 9 9) , 15 months, post #187
Since now due to movements such as #metoo and #time's up in the 21st century, I'm just saying that you cannot show any body parts of women at all, let alone do cat calls, tell them their hot, wolf whistles, slapping them in the butt, etc. let alone talk about it like we did in the past cause if it did they it has to be censored or becoming so problematic that a guy would be sued and later sent to court for it and of course if found guilty then the guy would be sent to prison for god knowns what in how many years.

I mean, its obviously their tired of being treated as "objectionable desires" to men and wanted to be more respected.

From: guest , 15 months, post #188
Im so sorry guys being creepy are being held slightly accountable after decades of being able to be creepy without consequences

From: guest (Conservatives are Weak) , 15 months, post #189
Don't worry, you only damaged their very fragile sense of masculinity. It's a natural reaction for old, decrepit,
and mostly importantly obsolete members of society to react this way. There are afraid that once their parents die, and when all the old money is gone they will have to face a world where they been lied to. It happened to the Dinosaurs, it will happen to the old fascist who are so desperate to spread hate, and nut to shows from the 1980's. Ql 2022 is kinda of mid. But the hate it generates is HWAT!!!!

From: guest (Spyeye) , 15 months, post #190

From: guest (Spyeye) , 15 months, post #191

From: guest (Nick) , 15 months, post #192
If someone could, could someone timestamp
The times we see Ben as the lawyer in a mirror as a reflection.

Much appreciated

From: guest (Guest) , 15 months, post #193
So I've been watching the new series and while I do prefer the original I'm still interested in the overarching mystery of this show. It will probably be a miracle if it make it to season 3

From: guest (3 9 9 9) , 15 months, post #194
Folks, if you think that's scary, just wait until you see an episode where Ben leaps into the body of non-binary person, a transwomen or maybe even a drag queen.

From: guest , 15 months, post #195
"oh no my norms, my precious norms"

From: guest , 15 months, post #196
Imagine hating trans/non-binary folk and being literally interested in the idea of being the opposite gender

From: guest , 15 months, post #197
People may be interested in the summary for next week's episode:
"When Ben leaps aboard a 1970s passenger jet as a flight attendant, he must outwit its hijackers before it mysteriously crashes into the Atlantic, and worse, he has to do it all without Ziggy's help."

70's flight attendant--there's your chance for a "hot" leap. (assuming female--which is more likely back then than today)

From: guest (Spyeye) , 15 months, post #198

From: guest (Zzzzzz) , 15 months, post #199
The series has already missed the "hot leap" on the female bounty hunter.

From: guest (guest) , 14 months, post #200
The description for the season finale seems to suggest that Ben will leap into Addison or some other significant character from the supporting cast.

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