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From: guest (Curious) , 29 months, post #1

From: guest (Kara) , 29 months, post #2
Without Al?

R..i.P. Dean Stockwell.

From: guest (8 7 6 4) , 29 months, post #3
Again, I fear that we're going to get a "wokified" reboot from Hollyweird with two female leads starring instead of two male leads plus this probably is going to the diverse route and the leaper will probably just leap into her time periods between the 80's to the 90's this time around.

Also I agree with Stockwell's death Kara, R.I.P.

From: guest , 29 months, post #4
My last comment got deleted probably because I said you were fragile for thinking a woman makes it woke so I’ll put it another way: you have no idea what the story context would be but if a woman is a main character, it’s too wokified? What is the necessity to contrive the creative process of having the story focus solely on a male character? What if the character is black or Hispanic? Would that make it too woke?

From: Weirdoid , 29 months, post #5
I would prefer a male lead. Scott Bakula was cute in a dress.

From: guest , 29 months, post #6
I would also prefer a male lead but not because I think a woman lead would make it “wokeified”.

From: guest (9 7 2 2) , 29 months, post #7
I'm sorry folks, I'm not trying to be controversial here and I really don't care about gender specifically but we are living in a #metoo and diverse world of TV & film so it has to be catered towards females (more specifically feminist females) or other creeds now-a-days.

And I really don't think neither Bakula & Stockwell (although truly beloved and well remembered) will be reprising their roles this time so don't be surprised. Sure their will be references to them in the remake, but star wise I don't think that's gonna happen.

From: guest , 29 months, post #8
Stockwell, sadly, will definitely not be able to reprise his role. It sounds like the show is about a group of people unconnected to Sam Beckett trying to replicate his work, so I don't expect Scott Bakula to be a regular on the show (especially since, according to the end of the original series, he never stopped leaping). I could see him appearing in a few episodes, though.

My preference is probably for a male lead, but solely for the TG aspects; I prefer MtF content. Even putting "wokeness" aside, though, I think it makes more since to have a female lead,. though, just because that allows them to tell different stories than the original series told. That's always a positive, right?

Actually, the ideal might be to have a pair of leapers, one man and one woman. It would help set the show apart from the original series and open up a lot of new avenues for storylines.

From: guest , 29 months, post #9
If there is a pair of leapers I would prefer one of each gender just so they can't try to cover every possible out came in their leaps to further highlight different struggles they have to over come each time with different perspectives.

From: guest (Also Interested) , 29 months, post #10
I don't think having a female lead makes it too woke, but that seems such an odd complaint about a show that was pretty woke in nature.

I have a sequel in my head (not written out because I haven't really entertained me being a writer) that has one male lead stuck in one leap and a female lead trying to find him. So we see her in the leap of the week and him, slowly losing himself in a single leap, over the season.

From: guest (Tards) , 29 months, post #11
Here we go again with the "woke" word. Whoever gave another meaning to it dropped all his screws in his head. And whoever keeps saying it are retarded biologically, meaning up from your ancestor.

From: guest (Kanati) , 29 months, post #12
It's not about whether the lead(s) are female or not. It's whether the writers are using the series to push an agenda and beat the viewers over the head with it. As an example of a fantastic gender swapped character on a show, you can look at Higgins on the Magnum P.I. reboot. I consider that one of the best episodic shows on TV currently. And while I hate to say it, I think I like it more than the original and I was a HUGE Magnum/Tom Selleck fan. It's just a well written show that doesn't pander to a certain demographic and try to shove politics down the viewers' throats. As a POORLY written show that does exactly that... Look no further than the new 4400.

So I will reserve judgement no matter who is cast until I see the show. It's not about the cast, it's about the writing.

From: guest , 29 months, post #13
They're never gonna do it, but I think it would've been cool if the main character was played by a different actor every episode. But, I'm just not a fan of the whole "only the other characters see him as someone else" style.

From: guest (kltpxyzm) , 29 months, post #14
Thanks for saying that Lyndee. Looks like these folks never watched the original.

post#14 I agree with you. And that was the producers' idea for the original series. It would be great if they used it in this sequel.

From: guest , 29 months, post #15
The original comment someone made got deleted for some reason…but yeah being “woke” is an odd thing to complain about when the tv show regularly dealt with racism against black people, sexism misogyny etc.

From: guest (Kara) , 29 months, post #16
If it needs a female lead, make it Sammy Jo, Sam's daughter. That connects it to the original. Maybe she was finally told who her father is and goes looking for him. That gives Scott a chance to appear at least once.

Or have Sam return and be the hologram aiding Sammy Jo.

From: guest (Syberia) , 29 months, post #17

I'd say another way to look at is whether it comes across as a parody of racism. The author wants to show a scene depicting racism but has no actual understanding of how it plays out, or wants to make it obvious. Often the end result is embarrassing to watch and the opposite of the author's intention. That's usually what I associate with "woke." Not any and all depictions of racism.

From: guest (Mister J) , 29 months, post #18
For me, I think it is a matter of being creatively bankrupt. If the show is a reboot, and all they are doing is changing the gender of Sam Beckett and not acknowledging what came before; it is lazy and creatively bankrupt. However, if they are doing a continuation and Scott Bakula is involved in someway, maybe it is his daughter looking for him, that would be better, in my opinion.

From: guest , 29 months, post #19
@syberia what you’re associating as woke is not what woke is, you just described lazy writing. Woke in general pop culture as it is know colloquially is awareness and addressing of social issues which included topics that were many of the storylines in the original quantum leap show. So yes, Quantum Leap would have been considered woke and technically it still is.

From: guest (3 4 4 4) , 29 months, post #20
So if the reboot has both a male and female leapers this time around will probably don't even need an "Al Calavicci" for them since I fell that we're going to have a Sam Malone/Diane Chambers or David Addison/Maddie Hayes kind-of-relationship to them because obviously if the male leaper is poorly dressed like a woman and the female leaper is dressed like a man then it might lead to...well who knowns right?

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