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REMINDER: Reporting Trolling/Spamming
From: hskfmn , 7 days, post #1
Does a particular Board thread need moderation? You can help us by posting a new message to the board when you see trolling and a moderator will attend to it as soon as they can:

Please sure to include:
  • The link to the thread where the trolling/spamming is occurring
  • The name of the poster
  • The number of the post in the thread
  • If you feel the trolling is not immediately apparent in the message you are indicating, you may of course include a brief explanation as to why you feel it's trolling/spam. It will be assessed and dealt with according to the site rules

Take an active part in your community by helping us help you — We hate trollers and spammers as much as you do...but unfortunately, we cannot be on all the time and sometimes we miss things. But you can help us by pointing out where it's happening and we will attend to it ASAP. We thank you for your continued patience, understanding, and hopefully participation in helping us to combat the trolls and spammers.

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Reason: PSA