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List of Movies with 'Bad End' Possessions
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From: JackSket , 27 months, post #1

I made a list of movies with endings involving possession where the villain wins.

Try to add to this list if ya can! (Most of these can be found on TubiTv and can be watched for free)

1.Haunted Hollywood (2012) (pssst Jessica Morris is hot af)

2.Deathbed (2002)

3.Paranormal Attraction (2020)

4.Deadly Crush (2018)

5.Alma's Secret (2015) (Kind of possession?)

6.Decieved (2016)

7.Nocturnal Activity (2014)

8.Shed (2019) (SKINSUITS, for a change! (C-tier Movie)

9.Death Sentences (2020) (The main actress is really hot)


11.Incubus (2006) Meh. It has Tara Reid in it though.

12.Ghost Witch (2015) Meh, again.

13.Exit 14 (2018)

14.Ravenswood (2017)

15.American Exorcism (2017)

16.Ascent to Hell (2017) (The ending is WILD. the ghost possesses his granddaughter and flies to Bangladesh and sets fires in the country for absolutely no reason at all. Toldja, WILD.

17.Demon Tongue (2016)

18.Three Slices of Life (2010) (TWO Stories involving bad ends actually, one is possession, other's a body swap)

19.Reawakened (2020)

20.The Haunted House on Kirby Road (2016)

21.Black Magic (2018)


23.Find Me (2014)

24.Dark Exorcism (2015) (Another wild ending. The demon jumps body after exorcism to the lead girl and smothers a baby to death with a pillow for ABSOLUTELY NO REASON AT ALL)

25.The Black Room (2017) (Natasha Henstridge, YASSSS)

26.Pernicious (2015)

27.Mark Of The Witch (2014) ( The entire plot of the movie is about witches being immortal by body snatching. There's a twist in the end because the good witch might not be as good as she seems)

28.Soul To Keep (2019) (Was expecting the main female lead to get a bad ending but it was one of the supporting actors. Ah, well.)

29.Don't Look In The Cellar (2008)


31.Boneyard (2018) (1/10 Movie)

32.Scathing (2017) (2/10 Movie)


34.Mummy Resurrected (2014)

35.Face of the Devil (2014) (REALLY, REALLY, REALLY Well done movie with the entire climax being the possession sequence!)

36.Killer Sofa (2019) (You've probably seen this float around youtube)

37.Bodysnatch (2018) (Self explanatory title but the ending is all around the place. The possession sequence is great tho)

38.Ghost of Goodnight Lane (2014) (AGAIN, WILD Ending, The Ghost possesses one of the realtors and bites and chews off the other two's ears and then screams guessed it...ABSOLUTELY NO REASON AT ALL!)

39.Eternal Code (2019) (Sci Fi Body Switching, anyone!?)

40.Bethany (2017) ( THE THIRD BEST MOVIE ON THIS LIST!!! The ending really comes out as a shock because when you believe the dead twin has forgiven the lead actress, BAM! BAD END!)

ALSO ONE LAST MOVIE THAT I KNOW THE ENDING BUT CANT REMEMBER THE NAME!- A group ventures into a prison or museum or orphanage that has been abandoned and in the end only the lead girl, who wears a purple tank top and blue denims survives and the spirit possesses her body and escapes. When she leaves through the door, a police officer or a security dude asks her what happened. She sighs and says "Dont Ask" or something along those lines and smiles and leaves. IF ANYONE COULD TELL ME THE NAME, I'LL BE FOREVER GRATEFUL TO YOU! THANKS!!!

41.Dust Devil (1992) (Very good movie with a very hot actress. The Dust Devil seduces the lonely woman and when she retaliates and shoots his head off with a pump action, the dust devil possesses her body. The lines are pretty good too "For he has become her. Every time she looks in the mirror, she shall see him staring back at her wearing her face"

42.From Beyond The Grave (1974) (Also a good movie. The possession part occurs in the third story, 'The Elemental' The actress playing Susan is very beautiful and she ends up being possessed by the invisible demon and the demon in her body mocks her husband and kills him and walks out the door, laughing in her voice shouting 'I'm Free! I'm free at last!')

43.The Tormenting (Poignant) (2016) (Could have been a good movie. The actress is really hot and they started off pretty well but it was a fucking mess in the end. The actress does get possessed while wearing a sexy night dress and the demon in her body goes to kill her husband and looks at the camera and grins with her face BUT we never do end up knowing who or what the ghost was because the main ghost in the movie was exorcised and was a good spirit. The other ghost was a goddess of death and she was not a psychotic killer. So who is the spirit that has stolen the body of Amy? We'll never know because the writers took a big fat shit on the ending.)

44.Lilith's Hell (2015) (Wasnt expecting much but holy shit this movie is sooooo good. Let me just end this here by saying you gotta watch it yourself. You will not be disappointed!)

45.Reel Nightmare (2017) (Again a good movie with a redhead lead that ends up possessed by 3 witches in the end. Well done ending)

46.Ligeia (2009)

47.The Sandman(2017) It is an anthology with the first story being of interest. The main actress figures out that the killings are being done by a spirit and then the spirit jumps towards her and the scene cuts to black and the very next scene is the main actress grinning devilishly inviting people to come to her home. The spirit has possessed her and assumed her identity.

48.The Body Tree (2017)- The other female lead gets possessed by a body jumping demon in the end and when she sees a family near a farm, her eyes turn black, she grins and picks up an axe. The demon has a new body to kill people.

49.Cruel Peter (2019)- An asshole child's ghost possesses the lead actor's daughter in the end as she hears his voice in her head and then her spirit is replaced by the child's as her eyes open. The spirit has consumed her soul and taken her body for himself.

50.Jezebeth (2001)- A woman gets possessed by a demon from hell and changes her clothes to a more goth look. She remains possessed for the entirety of the film and yes, Jezebeth still inhabits her body in the ending.

51.American Poltergeist (2015)- Taryn is possessed by the house's spirit in the end as the camera pan towards her face, her eyes turn red and she grins towards the camera saying "I'm Home"

52.Dont Let Her In (2021)- A body jumping witch possesses the main actress in the end and she eats her old body. Wild shit.

53.In a Dark Place (2006)- Really dont want to spoil this one, the ending's really good.

54.Jessabelle(2014)- A native american spirit possesses the main actress in the end and imitates her and kisses her rescuer. Sarah Snook plays the lead, from Succession.

55.Ouija Seance: The Final Game (2018)- A body jumping summoned spirit kills the lead actress' friends and in the end, she lies in a hospital. The camera pans towards her face as we hear a shadow gasp and her eyes flutter open. The demon jumped bodies again. This time, into her.

56.Landing Lake (2019)- In the end, the main actress starts breathing heavily and the man asks her what's wrong. She doesnt respond. The man then gulps and asks her who are you? She smiles at him and walks into the lake. The alien had jumped into the lead's body mostly because she was much sexier than the one he possessed before.

57.The Last Resort (2008)- The lead and her best friend escape a body jumping and mind controlling demon in a resort. The best friend asks the lead what's wrong. She stabs her to death as she grins and we hear spirits whispering. The demon has possessed her body.

58.The Dread (2007)- A woman comes to realize that her brother is actually a shapeshifting demon. In the end, she kills the said demon and then hears a voice "You and I are not so different after all". She opens her eyes and grins into the camera. Her eyes look exactly like the demon's. The demon was able to jump into her body because she was the one who killed the previous one.

59.Red Letters (2019)- A really shitty movie but my gawd does it have a banger ending. The demon hunting duo are employed by a woman who reports her husband missing. In the end, both of them die by an unseen force. We then see the same woman smiling into the camera as she makes out with her husband. Another guy joins in soon and she makes out with him too and speaks in the voice of the devil. The devil had possessed the woman's body and intended to keep it.

60.Evil River (2018)- The professor gets possessed by the evil witch in the end and goes on a murder spree.

61.Altar (2013)- The lead couple escape the haunted house with their children and when they're in the car, the mother smiles at the father and the children smile at them. Then the father calls her by the name of the dead spirit to which she smiles back at him as the children look in shock. The spirits of the previous owners had successfully taken over the bodies of the mother and the father.

62.Occurrence at Mills Creek (2020)- The main lead investigating the dark past of her family gets possessed by the same dark spirit haunting her family in the end.

63.Clownery (2020)- Emma gets possessed by the spirit of the clown haunting her and in the end we see her in the mirror smiling as the laughing of the ghost echoes in the background. Emma dresses up exactly as the clown spirit and looks towards the camera as the screen cuts to black. Standard stuff.

64.Conjurer (2007)- The evil witch possesses the pregnant wife in the end. The husband does not know this. He thinks his wife is normal. His wife's spirit is no more. It has been replaced by the witch's.

65.Invasion of the Pod People(2007)- Literally everyone gets replaced by alien body snatchers in this flick. In the end, the lead actress and her best friend suffer the same fate.

66.Dead Pit(1989)- In the end, the evil mad scientist's spirit ends up possessing the HOLY-SHIT-SHE'S-UNNATURALLY-GORGEOUS Lead actress' body.

67.Satan's Storybook (1989)- End of first segment, The serial killer steals the body of the female lead and dresses her up as he would.

68.The Incubus (1981)- Would spoil the entire plot. Watch it yourself. Worth it.

69.The Tombs (2019)- FUCKING GREAT ENDING. The serial killer possesses the female lead's body in the end to escape, VERY detailed possession sequence and he wakes up, murders the other survivor and smiles in her body before leaving the cursed place as her.

70.Muerte Tales Of Horror (2019)- The witch steals the body of the lead but THEY FUCKING CUT THE ACTUAL POSSESSION SCENE. BLUE BALLED US.

71.Ghouls (2008)- The female lead is sacrificed as vessel for an ancient queen to return. The male lead has to stab her to kill her to avoid the destruction. He thinks he has succeeded but a close shot reveals the lead has green eyes now. The male lead had killed the spirit of the female lead unknowingly which allowed the queen's spirit to fully possess the body. The main lead doesnt know this and leaves with her. She smiles at the camera and then has an evil look on her face as they leave.

72.Demon Slayer (2004)- The female lead comes from a bloodline of demon possessed people. Everything seems well in the end until the male lead asks her how she got rid of the demons. Her eyes turn red as she grins at him and says that she just embraced them.

73.Inner Demon (2014)- Self Explanatory title.

74.Black Creek (2018)- The demon possesses the male lead's girlfriend in the end and the male lead doesnt want to hurt her. He chains the demon in her body inside a house in the wood and returns regularly to bring her food. Kinda hot. She's been chained inside a house for an year without taking a bath or changing the clothes. IMAGINE THE SMELLEEE. Okay, I'll stop here.

75.The Soul Collector (2019)- Meh movie but included for it relevancy to the content in this list.

76.The Dark Lurking (2009)- The creatures are killed but it is revealed the female lead has black eyes now. One of the creatures successfully took over her body.

So, that was what I found online. I know there are more to add to this list but they're already on youtube so I dont need to add them to this list.

Here's my top 3 from this list!

1.The Evil Clergyman (1988)

2.Restoration (2016)

3.Bethany (2017)

This list consists of flicks that are hidden gems for possession and body snatching. Enjoy! and Add to the list in the comments!

This list should last you for quite some time. HEHE.

From: JackSket , 27 months, post #2
Also, Here's a link to my deviantart account, if you like badly written stories with bad ends and such. Involving Celebs.

I also did make comics on pixiv with honey select 2 involving possession of video game characters.

Thats all I have, add to the list if you can.

Thanks for stopping by.

From: guest , 27 months, post #3
Thanks for the list and all but I don’t think anyone on this board is gonna watch the entirety of these movies, just the possession parts. you don’t have to worry about spoiling anything and just say what it is.

From: guest (aestheticboy) , 27 months, post #4
so many lists, i'd like to check one by one, thanks a lot bro

From: guest (Toms) , 27 months, post #5
Wowww. Thanks broo. You're so kind for sharing thiss. Totally thanks for you 👏👏👏

From: guest , 27 months, post #6
Hey good guy, could you please bring list that have really great possession sequence ? Just like the one in tomb (2019), no matter its good or bad ending tho

From: JackSket , 27 months, post #7
Ah, I know no one's gonna watch the entire films, even I didnt but I copied the entire post from my Deviantart so, it says the same here.

Also, #6, All of them have bad endings, I dont like good endings.

From: JackSket , 27 months, post #8
As for good ending ones, I wouldnt know. I just skip to the end to see if it has a bad ending or not.

From: guest (and a lot) , 27 months, post #9

From: guest , 27 months, post #10
could anyone please be kind enough to point some of m2f worth watching on the list? there’s a ton of movies and it’s a bit overwhelming

From: BodyPossession , 27 months, post #11
Just got done checking all of the movies in the list and I really really liked how Pernicious turned out and the actress who played as "Alex" really handled being possessed well.

Thank you for this btw.

From: guest (aestheticboy) , 27 months, post #12
anyone can share which films that have possession in long duration?? for example the possession start from the beginning of the film or in the middle

From: guest (Guy) , 27 months, post #13
The Witcher season 2 - last two episodes of the season

The possession sequence is relatively short, an allusion to the impending threat for the majority of the last episode of the season. Great sequences on the possessed character.

From: guest (Dyl) , 27 months, post #14
How about 'the astronauts wife' with Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron, same kind of 'villain wins' ending.

The evil clergyman has a great ending. Thanks for that, had not come across it before.

From: JackSket , 27 months, post #15
  1. 14
Yeah, I have that specific video with me. Charlize theron really makes up for a hot possessed woman.
But I thought everybody knew it by now so I didny mention it. The list mostly consists of movies people are less than likely to come across normally.

From: guest (Add) , 27 months, post #16
The Skeleton Key (2005)

From: guest (Hellboy) , 27 months, post #17
Where we can watch these movies.? We don’t have access to tubi in our country

From: guest , 27 months, post #18
You could try searching on
Has most streaming platforms on their
Or coudl just search google for the title of the film followed by the word Stream and should be able to find a platform for watching them on

From: guest (Eric) , 27 months, post #19
The Hidden 1987. a criminal alien pursued by an alien cop possesses many earth people including Claudia Christian as a stripper whose 's real babe. It s a terrific movie, warning its very violent.

From: guest , 27 months, post #20
one thing I never understood about the hidden… is alien male, female or has no gender? (sorry, haven’t watched the movies, only the possession scenes)

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