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The matrix resurrections
From: guest (Mindmaster) , 5 months, post #1
I do not want to disclose many details but there are scenes of reflection in the main characters.

From: guest (bart) , 5 months, post #2
please just spoil it...who cares. im not watching that piece of junk. is there anything worth watching related to this site?

From: hskfmn , 5 months, post #3
@Mindmaster — If you want to post about spoilers, you may do so...just please use the Spoiler text formatting function.

Thank you.

From: guest (Ajdh) , 5 months, post #4
Any update?

From: guest (vassey) , 5 months, post #5
The Movie is totally Bullshit. That was an update.

From: guest , 5 months, post #6
Is Neo in the plot?

From: guest (Itrickedyou) , 5 months, post #7
It´s a Trinity Neo lovestory, so yes.

From: guest (Lakajs) , 5 months, post #8
Any shapeshifting/mtf/ftf?

From: guest (Guest 2) , 5 months, post #9
Neo looks like a old man inside the matrix, random agent smith morphing in the beginning . Other than that a very average movie

From: Nptox18 , 4 months, post #10
IMO if you are a Matrix fan you will like it...if you didnt like the star wars sequels probably you wont like it because this 4th movie is different from the others...

But not different in a bad way...

Yes i agree that it could have a little more action scenes, but i liked the plot, the acting, the reason why Neo and Trinity are back, so overal it ticked all my right boxes...

From: guest (vassey) , 4 months, post #11
Im a Matrix fan but Matrix resurrections is the worst movie this year. Noone dies,Trinity can everything better than Neo. Neo doesnt use one single gun in the whole Movie. The plot is total bullshit. Hope it dies at the box office.

From: guest (Also Interested) , 4 months, post #12
Then you weren't a real fan, you just cared about the flashy outfits guns and bullet time. You're literally what the people in the office were talking about, who only want their minds turned off.

Click to show spoiler
Jul jbhyq Arb arrq n tha vs ur'f fgvyy gur Bar, ohg fyvtugyl arrqrq, juvpu vf rkcynvarq va gur zbivr? Gur cybg vyyhfgengrq gur plpyvpny angher bs gur Zngevk (erzrzore sebz gur bevtvany gevybtl gung Arb jnf abg pbafvqrerq gur Bar, ohg creuncf va uvf arkg yvsr, naq bgure punenpgref zragvba qrnyvat jvgu uvf cerqrprffbef). Va gur ynfg 20/60 lrnef ur unf orra fghpx va n ybbc uvzfrys, cyhttrq onpx va. Erzrzore gung ur qvqa'g orpbzr gur Bar ba uvf bja, ohg jvgu Gevavgl (fur yvgrenyyl xvffrq uvz nf ur qvrq) naq guvf gvzr ur unq gb uryc ure oernx bhg, ohg vg unq gb or ure pubvpr. Va snpg, guvf jubyr zbivr cnvq ubzntr gb gur bevtvany gevybtl ohg syvccrq be vairegrq, naq abg whfg sbe Gevavgl ohg sbe arneyl nyy bs gur cybg cbvagf. V rira jnyxrq bhg bs gur gurngre guvaxvat gung gur gevybtl jnf n znyr snagnfl bs npgvba, svtugvat, thaf, qrngu, va beqre sbe gur bar ureb gb evfr naq raq hc fnpevsvpvat gurzfryirf nf n znegle, naq guvf jnf n srznyr snagnfl va znal jnlf, vafgrnq bs fb zhpu svtugvat jurer rirelbar qvrf, guvf jnl gurl qba'g unir gb qvr nf gurl svtug sbe rnpu bgure. Vg'f nobhg gbtrgurearff. Naq gur guvat vf, lbh arrq obgu va beqre gb oernx gur plpyr. V pna tb ba, ohg frevbhfyl, V'z gverq bs fb pnyyrq snaf fnlvat gurl qvqa'g yvxr vg whfg op bs n ynpx bs thaf. Tebj hc./raqenag

From: guest (Fanjustthe) , 4 months, post #13
Hi there Mr/Ms almost interested. I agree with what you said. But I also have to say that they literally tried to revamp the whole movie that is already known for its gunnkata and sexy outfit. And turn it into a literal Chinese love story

From: guest (elliott massaquoi) , 4 months, post #14
Yeah I heard multiple reviews that it sucked.

From: guest , 4 months, post #15
Worst movie of 2021.

From: guest (Michelle Obama has massive testicles) , 4 months, post #16
This movie was kind of lame, imho. There is scene where he looks in the mirror and he's an older guy. Other than that nothing much except some m2m transformations in the beginning. Could it have been worse? Sure. But all we really needed was the first movie. It's a masterpiece and probably a lot closer to reality than we realize.

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