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Pig transformations
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From: guest (Pig tf) , 29 months, post #1
Anyone knows some movies, tv shows or other media with this kind of tf.

From: guest (The Farmer) , 29 months, post #2
The Worst Witch (1986) (girl)
Superfantagenio (men and a woman)
Willow (men and a woman)
Elvira - Mistress of the Dark (men and a woman)
Diamant des Grauens (woman)
Sabrina goes to Rome (man)

The Worst Witch (1998) - A Pig in a Poke (girl)
The New Worst Witch - don´t remember the episodes name (girl)
The Worst Witch (2017) - Pond Life (girl)
Sabrina The Teenage Witch - A Birthday Witch (women and a man)

From: guest (Michelle Obama has massive testicles) , 29 months, post #3
There are a couple of cartoons I can think of:
In Ducktales, Scrooge McDuck gets turned into a pig in one episode. In The Ducktales Movie, a thief gets turned into a pig. There is one cartoon where Wonder Woman gets turned into a pig by a magician.

From: grenzgaenger , 29 months, post #4
天地姻缘七仙女 - EP6 (male)
Bakuryū Sentai Abaranger - EP11 (female)
Bibi & Tina - S01E04 (female)
Het Huis Anubis en de Vijf van Het Magische zwaard - EP119 (male pignose)
Het Huis Anubis en de Vijf van Het Magische zwaard - EP129 (male)
Kamen Rider BLACK RX - EP23 (male)
La CQ - S01E22 Cambio de cuerpos/Cambio de personalidades (female)
Mi pequeña mamá - EP9 (male)
Mighty Med - s02e04 (male)
Salut Les Musclés - EP124 (male)
Scaredy.Cats - EP4 (male)
SEÑORITA COMETA - EP33 (female pignose)
The Worst Witch - EP3 (female)
The New Worst Witch - S02E09 (female)
The Worst Witch 2017 - EP5 (female)
Умные вещи серия (female pignose)
Xuxa Abracadabra (male)
Misteri Illahi - Babi Ngepet" (male)
Jak si pan Pinajs kupoval od kocoura sádlo (pignose)
Ala dina - S01E01 (male)
Ala dina - S02E06 (male pighead)
CASA TALENTOS - EP61 Ano Novo/Bruxa Bela (female roasted pig)
Grachi - S02E38 (male)
My Genie - S01E07 (male toypig)
My Genie - S01E19 (male pigears)

From: guest (9111) , 29 months, post #5
Does anyone know where this is from=

So I have this vague memory from a tv show. There was a woman in a (most likely purple) dress. She had black hair, fair skin and was overweight. In the middle of a hall, near the door from the inside or in the living room, she shrinks fast, her dress falls on top of her and she turns into a pig. I don't know why. She looked like an adult, normal sized pig though, not a human pig mutant. The dress is on top of the pig and then she walks out of the dress. There probably was another character in this scene but that's all I can remember.

From: guest (Guest) , 29 months, post #6
@grenzgaenger Do you have links for any of these? I'm particularly interested in the pig ear growth from My Genie and the nose from Het Huis Anubis en de Vijf van Het Magische zwaard.

From: guest (Guest) , 29 months, post #7
Young Hercules season 1, episode 38. One of the guys is partially transformed into a pig and spends quite a bit of the episode like that.

From: guest , 29 months, post #8
Harry Potter 1 (2001)- Boy grows pig tail

From: guest (Guest) , 29 months, post #9
The Terry Gilliam film Time Bandits.

From: guest (Guest) , 29 months, post #10
Legends of Tomorrow season 4 episode 2, a fairy godmother turns 2 of the men into pigs.

From: guest , 29 months, post #11
Mission Odyssey - Episode 5 (Circe) - Men into pigs

From: guest (Misterscbh) , 29 months, post #12
Charmed Bride and gloom (male)
Charmed Soul survivor (male)
Hercules Porkules (male)

From: guest (Guest) , 28 months, post #13
Bewitched in Tokyo SP (male)

From: guest (appl) , 28 months, post #14
Any female to animal transformations in Bewitched in Tokyo?

From: guest (Michelle Obama has massive testicles) , 28 months, post #15
In a way there just was a real life man to pig partial transformation: a man receives a heart transplant from a pig! We know for a fact he wasn't a Jew or Muslim. LOL.

From: guest (Guest) , 28 months, post #16
Beastmaster Iara (male)

From: guest , 28 months, post #17
surprised nobody has mentioned this scene from Willow.

From: guest (Guest) , 28 months, post #18
It was mentioned in @The Farmer's post but it's a really cool scene. I remember when Doctor Who had that episode with the pig men and one only partially transformed man, the TF is off screen sadly but the effects look cool. He had the nose, ears and tusks I think.

From: guest (Michelle Obama has massive testicles) , 28 months, post #19
In the tv series "Grimm" there are human/creature hybrids that can transform their face to look like a pig. You can do a youtube search to find it very easily.

From: guest (2063) , 28 months, post #20
Old Turkish movie had alot of transformations inclusive a pig tf, but it is impossible to find the movie.

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