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What search keyword means "can turn into a woman as a disguise, and pretend to b
From: guest (Zn) , 15 days, post #1
I would like to draw on the collective wisdom of the Metamorphose community to answer this question:
What should we call this ... thing, this phenomenon, where someone turns into a copy of a hot sexy girl? More specifically, what tag or search term would you use for a search?

I ask this because I love the story "The Last Shapeshifter" on, where one of the characters can turn into copies of other hot sexy women and impersonate them, taking over their identity. Unfortunately, not only does there not seem to be other stories like this, but there isn't a way to search for them. If I look up "shapeshifter", I get a whole bunch of werewolf stories, where someone (who might very well be a hottie) turns into some kind of animal or other, which is not what I'm looking for. On, there are stories of people turning themselves into sexy women, often taking over the identity of the women (e.g. stories like "Chameleon" or "CopyCat"), but of the 31 keywords and 60 categories that you can search by, none of them are "I become identical to someone else".

On the other hand, we talk about it all the time here! Through this site, I've found a whole pile of videos about characters -- men, women, aliens, monsters -- who become sexy women, and often become a specific woman (e.g. in order to pretend to be her). Mystique is an example from Marvel, although of course there is also Morph; and in DC comics, Mirage took over Starfire's identity and got really intimate with Robin/Nightwing.

So, what keywords would would you use for:
1. able to become different women (not just "I can only become this one woman and no one else" or "this is the female version of me when I put on makeup")
2. becomes a copy of a specific woman in order to pretend to be her
3. superhuman ability to become a woman (not just put on mask/wig)

We already know "female shapeshifter" will bring up werewolves and stuff. Maybe "M2F" and "F2F" might address the problem of becoming women, though, though I want to specify that there is a range of women to become. "Female disguise" might be better but sometimes brings up women who disguise themselves as the secretary or something like that which doesn't really change their appearance. We probably need some combination of keywords, like "shapeshifter M2F disguise" or something...

If I ever get around to it, I would want (remote goal) to write my own stories about shapeshifter female impostor disguise (or whatever we want to call it), and hopefully I get to tag it with some new keyword that will not only help people find that story but spur other people to label other similar stories so that they can be found. What keyword(s) should I use?

Please let me know what you think.


From: guest , 15 days, post #2
Magic to change gender
Don’t use the term “transgender” as it can easily be regarded as surgical degeneration.

From: Tal , 15 days, post #3
Holy cow… Zajnezdal, is that actually you? If so, I’m happy you are still around!

I’ve often also wished there was a actual reliable searchable term for it. Perhaps we should just coin a term then?

If you are looking for more similar stories in that vein, I’ve collected a bit. I’ll try to get around tomorrow posting them.

From: guest , 15 days, post #4
There's a specific keyword for this in Japanese, 他者変身. I've seen some people translate it as "impersonation", as you have already figured out, but I don't think it's widely used in English in the same way.

From: guest , 15 days, post #5

Any long time D&D player should know this word.

From: guest , 15 days, post #6
The English word feminization translates to the fetish term 女性化, a.k.a. TSF in Japanese.

Doppelganger translates to ドッペルゲンガー

I combined them, 女性化 ドッペルゲンガー

that seems to yield results:

From: guest (Zn) , 14 days, post #7
I found that, if you look at the dictionary definition, "impersonator" might be the word closest to our meaning. An impersonator pretends to be someone else who already exists and has an identity, while an "impostor" merely has to claim to be someone she's not. For example, an impostor says, "I am the third daughter of Sultan Hassanal" but actually the Sultan only has two daughters; but an impersonator says, "I am Princess Fatima" when the real Princess Fatima is not around.

But "impostor" is a more commonly used word these days, if only because the people who post a lot of those YouTube videos use "female impostor" as a keyword.

"Chameleon" is another word that implies changing at will, even though a real chameleon (the reptile) actually only changes colour and only due to mood, not necessarily to camouflage. A far better example is the mimic octopus which actually changes shape, appearance and behaviour, but so far no one has really said, "Wow, she's a real mimic octopus!" (By the way, if you use "mimic" as a keyword, Literotica just brings up those stories about the shapeshifter that becomes ... a treasure chest. Yeah, very erotic --not! That's what the D&D monster does.)

I, too, thought of "doppelganger"; in fact, I'm working on a story about a doppelganger, using the definition from GURPS which greatly fleshes out the Dungeons & Dragons version. (For example, while D&D just says that doppelgangers imitate and replace characters, GURPS specifies that they are parthenogenic females who give birth to girls whose shapeshifting powers lay dormant until puberty, etc.) For a preview of the GURPS book about doppelgangers, see (only contains table of contents and index; full online version not available unless you pirate a torrent). I don't know if "doppelganger" carries other implications in other circles, as it refers to a specific type of ghost in German folklore, but I like it as a keyword.

My Japanese is limited to a three-month course way back in the day, but I'd be okay putting Japanese into a tag keyword if it took hold as something meaningful in English (such as the word "karaoke" or "tsunami" becoming English words), but "dopuruganga" as a katakana version of "doppelganger" just means ... doppelganger, so I'd probably just use the original English (actually German) word. How is "他者変身" pronounced?

Thanks for the greeting, Tal! Yes, I'm still around, and still working on stories in my spare time, but ... life happens, and spare time has drastically decreased. I haven't actually stopped working on stories, but these days it's more ideas and fragments than polishing up works to a presentable level. If I do post, it will probably be on, but it's going to be a while... (unless maybe I repost old stories on Literotica or something)


From: guest , 13 days, post #8
"他者変身"Pronounced as Tasha henshin
"他者変身" als Tasha Henshin

From: guest , 13 days, post #9
Are you a German

From: guest (Kripto) , 13 days, post #10
Glad you like the story Zn. And when it comes to searching for shapeshifter stories, I feel your pain.

From: guest (Zn) , 11 days, post #11
Wow, it's Kripto himself! I love your stories! Not only are the stories sexy, but the plotlines are clever and the wordcraft is skilled! I am looking forward to see what hottie Trevor turns into next when Aubrey takes over! (Trying not to spoil the plot too much for those who haven't yet read "Last Shapeshifter" and "Shudder".)

@Guest, Post#9: no, I am not German. There are several female disguise videos in German that I wish I understood. They appear to be set in a medieval setting with vampires, where some shapeshifter turns into one of the girls at the hostel to try to poison a vampire with garlic; another time s/he turns into another blonde long-haired girl in a dress, and passes behind a mirror hidden entrance to talk to someone inside a magic book. Perhaps someone who does speak German could caption those videos?


From: guest (Search) , 11 days, post #12
Hey ZB,

i am German. Do you have a link for the videos you are talking about?

From: guest (Zn) , 11 days, post #13
@Search, Post #12:
Thanks for the offer. I'm looking for the link myself; I have it stored on another computer that is no longer functioning, but I'll pull it out and see what I can find. Sorry if this might take a while.


From: guest , 11 days, post #14
I'm not Zajnezdal, but I think these are the clips he's referring to (courtesy of jatr):

From the same episode, it seems:

Unfortunately, this isn't in German, but Dutch - the series is called Nachtwacht and is Belgian.

From: guest (Zn) , 11 days, post #15
@guest, Post #14:

You are absolutely right! I was just about to say: I can't seem to find the links any more. A YouTube search fails to turn up anything like it, so I think perhaps those files have been removed and/or the account was closed. So I decided to upload the files directly onto MediaFire.

But you were able to identify and find it! Thanks for at least identifying that the language is Dutch, and even identifying the TV series! So we'll see if any Dutch speakers happen by and are able to give us some insight.

Maybe we'll use the Dutch term for doppelganger, which (according to Google translate) is "dubbelganger". :)


From: guest , 7 days, post #16
The answer is simple, just the name of this website "metamorphose"

From: guest (Zn) , 4 days, post #17
Regarding using "metamorphose" -- while we could indeed use this keyword, it might not be as familiar to people outside this community. It's a verb, and usually people use the noun form, "metamorphosis", but even then it is very general and can emcompass anything from insect metamorphosis (e.g. caterpillar to butterfly) to spiritual/emotional metamorphosis ("She metamorphosed from a shy nerdy girl into the charismatic leader she is today.") While it does mean "change", I don't think it sufficiently embodies the idea of "becomes identical to someone else".

Right now I'm leaning toward "doppelganger", especially after finding out that the Dutch term is "dubbelganger" , reminiscent of the English word "double" (though the word "double" itself, despite having been used to mean "create a twin" à la Farscape/John Crichton, is too vague for our purposes). It's also partly the fact that "doppelganger" is a loan word from a foreign language means it doesn't have the baggage of having been used for multiple meanings. Even though it originally meant a spirit/ghost that portends doom, it is intrinsically linked to the idea that it looks identical to the victim.

Zn (3138d63aa2f490cb30c037a41cbb8bf75bb9460d92dd6f9c40499e7537b96bb9)

From: guest (Troubletro) , 4 days, post #18
WOW! Zajnezdal! I'm super big fan of your stories! It is so great that you are around, I'm looking forward to see you new works (also lt would be great if you can upload all of your old stories, because right now they are very difficult to find, since yahoo groups was taken down).

Your stories have a huge impact on my works :)

I know it is hard to find a good FTF shapeshifter story nowadays, sometimes I just looking through stories on literotica or deviantart under breast expansion tag and skimming text by words like "shape", "change", "morph" - occasionally it helps to find some new FTF stories.

Right now there aren't many creators making this kind of content, unfortunately. That's why we talk to each other a lot, so I'd love for you to join us:

I have a couple of ideas I'd like to discuss with you, I hope you'll contact me via deviantart.

Warm Regards,

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