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From: guest (Yosuke) , 2 months, post #1
Sharing is caring, here is my list : 3DSVR-0115 Lesbian Kotone-Suzumiya Saya-Anri HEVC 2144p TB 360 3D 3DSVR-0266 AJVR-015 atid-434 ATID-457 AVOP-432 BBVR-005 BBVR-007 BKND-001 BKND-002 BKND-004 BKND-005 BOKD-111 CRPD-115 DASD-476 DASD-754 DASD-812 DASD-824 DASD-871 DASD-903 DDHH-008 DDK-134 DSD-01 DSVR-667 DV-1159 DV-1173 DVDES-285 DVDES-339 DVDES-392 DVDES-405 DVDES-426 DVDES-458 Idols Out of Themselves Subbed DVDES-513 Possession Apartment [English Sub FAPRO-00028 HD FCVR-010 FSET-127 FSET-132 FSET-141 GAR-127 GAR-148 GAR-165 GAR-196 GAR-272 GAR-308 GAR-362 geki-047 GETS-048 GETS-054 gets-074 gets-084 gets-127 ggen-003 GGEN-006 GGEN-011 GIRO-59 GNAB-024 GOAL-022 GOD-129 GOMK-57 grch-359 GXXD-94 GZAP-027 HEYZO-0795 homa-060 HS-125D IDOL-114 IDOL-115 IDOL-118 IDOL-119 IDOL-120 IDOL-121 IDOL-122 IDOL-123 IDOL-124 IESP-574 IPTD-819 KAWD230 KAZ-075 KMVR-941 A KMVR-941 B KMVR-941 C LADY-038 LADY-046 MD - Body Swap Boss And Employee Chinese MD-0082 chinese adult movies MDS-666 MIAD-374 Switching Bodies with My Teacher [English Sub MIAD-380 MIAD-579 MIAE-015 miae-098 MIDD-383 mide-713 MIGD-218 NTTR-001 NTTR-002 NTTR-003 NTTR-004 NTTR-004 NTTR-005 NTTR-006 NTTR-007 NTTR-008 NTTR-009 NTTR-010 NTTR-011 NTTR-012 NTTR-013 NTTR-014 NTTR-015 NTTR-016 NTTR-017 NTTR-018 NTTR-019 NTTR-020 NTTR-021 NTTR-022 nttr-023 nttr-024 nttr-025 NTTR-026 nttr-027 NTTR-028 nttr-029 NTTR-030 nttr-031 nttr-032 NTTR-033 nttr-034 NTTR-035 nttr-036 NTTR-037 nttr-038 NTTR-039 nttr-040 nttr-041 nttr-042 nttr-043 nttr-044 NTTR-045 NTTR-046 NTTR-047 NTTR-048 NTTR-049 NTTR-050 NTTR-051 nttr-052 NTTR-053 NTTR-054 NTTR-055 NTTR-056 NTTR-057 NTTR-058 NTTR-059 NTTR-060 nttr-061 nttr-062 nttr-062 OMHD-002 OMHD-004 omhd-007 PMID-077 PMID-078 PMID-095 PMID-100 PMID-108 PMID-122 PMSD-003 RBN-029 RCT-024 RCT-121 RCT-165 RCT-213 RCT-260 RCT-332 RCT-365 RCT-469 RCT-494 RCT-526 RCT-538 RCT-660 Body Jack 6 [English Sub RCT-691 The App Virus [English Sub RCT-732 eng sub RCT-743 RCT-754 RCT-777 RCT-836 RCT-881 RCT-927 The Body Jack Legacy [English Sub RCT-943 Magical Body Exchange Booklet [English Sub RCT-976 rct-984 RCTD-009 RCTD-021 School Trip Possession [English Sub RCTD-039 RCTD-062 RCTD-067 RCTD-073 RCTD-081 Mind Hackers rctd-086 RCTD-100 RCTD-101 rctd-106 rctd-127 RCTD-134 RCTD-141 rctd-143 RCTD-157 RCTD-161 Body Snatcher [English Sub RCTD-174 RCTD-190 RCTD-197 RCTD-208 RCTD-217 RCTD-218 Body Jack Shota Edition English Sub RCTD-224 RCTD-227 RCTD-247 The Host [English Sub rctd-248 rctd-259 RCTD-264 RCTD-269 rctd-273 RCTD-284 RCTD-289 Body Snatcher at School rctd-303 rctd-307 RCTD-326 rctd-333 RCTD-335 rctd-351 RCTD-357 rctd-388 rctd-412 RCTD-420 RCTS-004 RCTS-006 It Happened at a Clothing Store Subbed rcts-008 RCTS-011 Magical Body Exchange -The Hospital RCTS-015 RCTS-018 RCTS-019 SDDE-487 Are You Serious! A Man Who Is Possessed By A Woman's Body! [English Sub SDDE-516 Bodies Taken Over 2 sdde-551 SDDE-554 SDDE-576 SDDE-580 SDDM-956 SDMS 078 SDMS 708 SDMS-270 SDMS-302 SDMS-369 SDMS-512 SDMT-371 SDMT-926 SDMU-552 SDMU-675 shkd-885 SKD-05 SKD-08 SKD-12 SKD-16 SKD-21 SOLE-001 SOLE-003 SOLE-004 SOLE-005 SORA-135 SORA159 SPRD-962 My Old Man Got a Sex Change [English Sub SSR-069 In My Manager’s Shoes [English Sub STAR-036 STAR-105 STAR-775 One Day Suddenly I Was Interchanged With My Teacher [English Sub STARS-027 STARS-147 TENKOUSEI NO KOUSOKU IHAN THE TRANSFER STUDENT S VIOLATION OF SCHOOL REGULATIONS TSF-001 TSF-002 TSF-003 tsf-004 TSF-005 TSF-006 TSF-007 TSF-008 TSF-009 TSF-010 TSF-011 TSF-012 tsf-013 tsf-014 tsf-015 tsf-016 TSF-017 TSF-018 Thorough Coverage Of A Yankee Man (20) Who Became A Woman When He Woke Up In The Morning(JAV Full Movie) TSF-019 TSF-020 TSF-021 VENU-219 VSPDS-278 VVVR-009 Minami Riona Konno Hikaru 2K TB 360 3dv WANZ-654 WAVR00019 A WAVR00019 B WAVR00019 C WAVR00019 D WAVR00019 E WAVR00019 F WSS-067 xrw-320 ZUKO-112 憑依 第二巻

From: guest , 2 months, post #2
Are you shoji from the Farhad forums? Assuming your nickname is a persona reference I would guess so.

If so, big ups to you my guy for trying to keep your collection up. If not, thanks for sharing anyway.

From: guest (Nroz) , 2 months, post #3
Thanks buddy!

From: Bodyswap1 , 2 months, post #4
Thanks for the list.

From: guest (Yosuke) , 2 months, post #5
glad to help

From: guest (Tenno) , 2 months, post #6
any recommendation for good transformation clips?

From: guest (guest) , 2 months, post #7
stop spamming.

From: guest (Yosuke) , 2 months, post #8
It is not spamming thou, just sharing.

From: guest (Elliott Massaquoi) , 2 months, post #9
Dont listen to Guest. He is an idiot. We are lucky that you have shared with us.

From: Bodyswap1 , 2 months, post #10
Sharing is a good thing for a community.

From: guest (Yosuke) , 2 months, post #11
Thanks, i glad that there is grateful person here

From: Tuggy24g , 1 months, post #12
Thanks for sharing this with us we really appreciate. No just wondering since there's so many to go through. Is there any where the guy in the girls body struggles to walk in heels?

From: guest (Tuggy24g) , 1 months, post #13
yes i think the office one has this scene, might be one of RCTD series

From: guest (I love bodyswap) , 1 months, post #14
Thank you very much, i really love your effort !

From: guest (Maverick) , 1 months, post #15
What are the uncensored ones here?

From: guest (Guest) , 1 months, post #16
I am looking for the male to female one where the guy is transformed in a jail. The jailers then dress him up in sexy lingerie and heels. Anybody know if that one is in this list?

From: Bodyswap1 , 1 months, post #17
Are you talking about RCTD-259 Guest?

From: guest (Guest) , 1 months, post #18
Thanks Bodyswap1 for the response but that is not the one. The one I am thinking of also stars the same girl who plays the manager in SSR-069. The one you pointed out is good though!

From: guest (Bobyswap63) , 1 months, post #19
Yes the rctd 259 is a good one he rnds up stuck as a woman and submitting to wonan needs becomes a slut

From: Tuggy24g , 1 months, post #20
Does anyone know which one of these has a scene where the guy can go I can't walk in heels?

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