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From: guest (Ranmayakenetendo) , 5 months, post #141
Correción M2M AND F2F, send a email tonbrzzers to make more M2F

From: guest (Ranmayakenetendo) , 5 months, post #142
Who's the man the woman? The couple

From: Bodyswap1 , 4 months, post #143
Can you post the link to Role Play part 1?

From: guest , 4 months, post #144
No copyrighted material may be shared.

Here you have the official trailer:

From: Bodyswap1 , 4 months, post #145
I wasn't asking for the video just the link to the trailer.

From: guest (swapperhotter) , 1 months, post #146
Hi everyone, new here
Having trouble finding a vintage porn film about two women that go around astral projecting/possessing other bodies. I think the first scene is a FTF for one the women and FTM with the other. Scene goes something like a guy trying to get a girl in a bar and failing, then the two main women possess the guy and girl to "help them out". Remember first scene being good, rest of the movie was alright...

From: guest , 1 months, post #147
i've never heard of this, but im so interested in this and i want to know

From: guest , 1 months, post #148
Is it Borrwed Bodies (1996)?

From: guest (riffraff) , 1 months, post #149
I'm curious what's the source for that last one

From: guest , 1 months, post #150
@swapperhotter could it be Emmanuelle's Supernatural Sexual Activity. But i would not consider that vintage.

From: guest , 1 months, post #151
I think it’s Betty and Juice Possessed. That fits the scene description quite well.

From: guest (Filo) , 1 months, post #152
@guest It's not Emmanuelle's supernatural sexual activity, it's different from the description, can't find the scene where there is ftm, hoping that someone knows the exact movie title.

From: guest , 1 months, post #153

I've been looking for that film for years i can't find a copy of it to watch it

From: guest (Filo) , 1 months, post #154
Does anyone know where to watch Betty and Juice Possessed for free?

From: guest (guest) , 1 months, post #155
Off topic.
I think Brazzers is broke. They used to show 12 upcoming videos, now it is 8, they used to release about 3 videos a day, now they will release 2 and it isn't uncommon to find compilations from the "glory days" of the 2010's.

They are now releasing "podcast" style stories narrated by pornstars which I don't think anybody will like (why not acting them!). Too expensive, I guess. Their payment plans... well, I wouldn't say they are completely fair.

I mean, sure, the entertainment industry is hurting due to piracy and knowing you, cheapskates, it's no wonder but they are not going anywhere with unnatractive, out of shape, tatted, jadded actresses and actors that are there just to grab the paycheck and have been in the business for more than a decade!

OF will drive them out of business if they keep bringing absolutely no production value, no fresh talent or use some storytelling. Maybe they should release less content but with greater quality? More niche? More storytelling?

From: guest , 1 months, post #156

I think it's more that people just don't like conventional porn anymore. It's full of fake tits and terrible acting, hardly appealing to most who are of age to buy a subscription. Why do you think there's such a market for vintage porn these days? No one is going to pay a monthly subscription for that when (if they have disposable income) you can find models on onlyfans who are specifically "your type".

Models on onlyfans are pirated all the time too, any model with any kind of subscription numbers is guaranteed to have been leaked and there's nothing they can do about it. It's an industry-propagated myth that piracy has any impact on income at all. The kind of things that are regularly pirated are already out of production and aren't generating income anymore. Companies like brazzers aren't going down the toilet because of piracy, it's because they produce terrible content that no one wants to pay for.

From: guest (guest) , 1 months, post #157

I wouldn't like to hijack this thread much more but I would like to clarify a few things. I agree that vintage/classic porn is on the rise. There might be lots of factors but to list a few I would say most of the actors and actresses looked healthy, they didn't butcher their bodies with plastic surgery (I'd say pornstars nowadays feel more insecure about their bodies and aging), there were fewer and more discreet tatoos, also they at least tried to offer some actual plot between scenes. To be honest I think that most actors and actresses back then didn't ever imagine their work would be so widely available, back then you had to buy or rent tapes. It wasn't uncommon for them to also perform as exotic dancers and had actual talent, they were part of a totally different culture.

Sure, there are plenty OF models that see their videos leaked outside their paysites but just compare the magnitude of the gain loss of a 10min video of them alone shot in their bedroom with a decent cam in comparation with having to hire actors and actresses, a professional film crew, scriptwriters, paying the rent for some exclusive location, having an editing team... And all that for nothing. I'll give you that it is not the same having a static view than some professional cameraman finding the spots where the action is but in my opinion they are missing the oportunity to take full profit of their superior investment by delivering boring, repetitive stuff delivered by a mostly unenthusiastic, jaded and out of shape performers.

I don't have a clue on their business model and they have been very profitable in the past but there are bad signs as the ones I posted before. If they asked for my advise I would say: deliver less videos but better ones, generate your own culture, create attachment to your products (like people who like soap operas wait for the next episode) and finally and most important revisit your payment policies and see how to operate for profit taking into account the piracy and still pay for the cost of the value you deliver, in my opinion their payment plans are not fair and people would just pirate for something you will use to rub one out and then forget.

From: guest (Swapperhotter) , 1 months, post #158
It is Betty and juice possessed, thanks everyone, been looking forever for that one

From: nightmareman81 , 1 months, post #159
guest (Swapperhotter) which scene is it?

From: guest (Guesty) , 24 days, post #160
Probs the 2nd or 4th scene; where can we watch Betty and juice possessed?

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