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From: guest (Imnotme) , 11 months, post #101
A question...
If you have them make a video for you that you write out for them and pay for it to be made, are you not the owner of the video? And if you are is it ok to repost it wherever you like?

From: guest , 11 months, post #102
There isn't a clear answer for that, it may depend on the conditions agreed upon. If the contract explicitly said that the video should not be shared then it is clear.

But yes, I guess that if you paid for a custom video to be made and you have complete ownership of it you may shared where you want.

From: guest (Nope) , 11 months, post #103
I find it hard to believe many studios would allow a custom video to be shared widely by a client who payed for development of a concept - the logistics behind making the video would put a studio out of business pretty quick. Think about it say you pay $300 for a 20 minute custom video - some of the logitics involved include: Set location, lighting, camera equipment, videographer, video editor and talent - $300 far from covers all that cost to make a profit.

From: guest (Copillo14) , 11 months, post #104
Could you also send me that video, thanks

From: guest (TNC) , 11 months, post #105
my mail to send:

From: guest (DN) , 11 months, post #106
Can you those my way:

From: guest , 11 months, post #107
I'm interested too!

From: guest (Guest97) , 11 months, post #108
I'm interested too

From: guest , 11 months, post #109
I'm also interested please

From: guest (Miss Pinky) , 11 months, post #110
I'm genuinely curious if anyone actually received the videos

From: guest (Prof Farnsworth) , 8 months, post #111
Good news everyone!

I bring you a few more titles, from worst to best in my opinion. I will make an extended review on the last one. It is getting more and more difficult to unearth movies with some sort of transformation in the plot but sometimes you get something of interest. In truth, I enjoy the plot more than I enjoy the "action", I think these movies, that sometimes parody mainstream films are "freer", more creative and entertaining than any legitimate movie these days. I miss that. I crave for some product with good looking characters with some story arc and a basic plot that is enjoyable enough to even skip the sex parts. It doesn't need to be extremely complicated but I feel that nowadays you waste time watching stuff, they lack that freshness. Apologies for the length but I wouldn't do it in another way.

FTF: Carnal Carnival (1993). The movie is set in a circus (duh!), a carnival barker is talking to an old and ugly palm reader, Madame Chekov (Gretta). We learn that Madame Chekov was at 21 old of age cursed to be in a gypsy's old and ugly body because the gypsy leader she was engaged to discovered that she was in love with another man. Chekov appoints the barker to a task in order to revert the situation. We cut to a house where a couple is arguing, Christy (Marissa Malibu) is suspicious that his boyfriend (Peter North) is cheating on her. The boyfriend leaves on the pretext he's got work but in fact he's meeting a couple of girls (Leanna Foxxx and Sierra) in the circus. The barker warns the trio not to venture behind the lines, they ignore him and have sex in a room full of mirrors. They get trapped as part of the ride. Back at the house, Christy's friend (TT Boy) confirms her that her boyfriend is cheating on her at the circus (she takes revenge by fucking him on the spot). Christy's friend goes to the circus and is lured by a "greek goddess" in the ride alongside with another man. Christy eventually goes to the circus to see what's going on, she goes to the ride where she sees her boyfriend as part of the ride in... a dracula costume??? Christy's boyfriend and the barker fuck Christy and she also gets trapped. In the end, in a brief scene, Madame Chekov possesses Christy's body.

MTF (surgery): Ladies room (1987). (Be advised that this title might be in bad taste for trans community) This movie is the story of a restroom since the 1920's to the current date (1987) through sex scenes taking place in it. This is depicted in the way characters dress, the way they speak and the way they behave. Through time, we see they install a urinary and then the decadence of the place. In "today's" (1987) scene, the restroom is falling appart and full of graffity, a group of punks enter the room to trash it down. We learn that one of them (Sharon Mitchell, biological woman) plays the character of a post-op trans woman. During the scene that ensues there are multiple references to the trans-woman condition.

FTF: Bedazzled (1993). The devil (Tony Tedeschi) wants a man's soul and sends a henchman (Nick East) to get it. In order to do so the henchman offer this man (Mike Horner) the chance to become irresistible to women, to prove that, a woman (Melanie Moore) enters the room and bends over the table seductively offering herself. The man tells the henchman that he is a married man and would never betray his wife and leaves. The henchman does not want to waste the woman's good disposition and has his way with her. When he finishes, we learn that the woman was the devil's mistress in disguise all along (Leena). Unrelated to the theme of the forum now, the henchman tries again by promising the woman of his dreams, he just has to picture her in his mind. That woman appears (Kelly O'Dell) but he still refuses and the henchman fails to get him to sign. At home, the man meets his wife and she is looks exactly the same to the woman conjured by the henchman. His ideal woman could not be other than his own wife, how wholesome is that!

MTF: Foutez-moi par tous les trous (1984). The movie starts with an old man (with a fake prostetic face) getting a BJ from his caretaker. When he reaches climax, his heart can't take it anymore and dies (I wish I could go this way when my time comes!). Then, we follow him to heaven which is depicted as a stony room full of smoke *Digression* It is so bad that they need a board over the door where "Paradise" is written so that we can figure it out *End of Digression*. In that room there is... an angel? *Digression* I don't know guys, she is wearing one of those cone hats some fairies wear in movies *End of Digression*. The recently passed away man forces the angel (Beatrice Vidal) to give him head (don't you learn you old geezer?!). *Digression* You'll have to excuse me from this point on as my french is not the best and the audio was an echoing crap *End of Digression*. For some reason a voice in off of... the lord himself! announces that the man will be sent back to Earth as a woman for a total amount of... a few hours?!?! Are there no clocks in heaven? I can think of a few situations where this sort of uncertainty could result in uncomfortable situations but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Back to Earth, the former geezer now inhabiting the body of the angel we saw before looks confused, marvels just a bit on "his" new assets and gets back to his mansion. Cut back to "him" arriving to his old room where his young wife and some friends are mourning with his old body still in his bed. *Digression* I have to point out that "he" enters the room dressed in a black dress. How did "he" get that attire? I don't know, "he" was brought back from the heavens in that ridiculous fairy/clown costume. I like to imagine "he" sneaked to some room where there is women's clothing in a wardrobe and tried on some laces, some panties and a fitting dress for mourning *End of Digression*. "She" presents "herself" as a friend of the family and gets offered a chair *Digression* Which is weird how come an old man with so few friends could have such a young acquaintance? And no sign whatsoever of the caretaker that gave him the deadly BJ! *End of Digression*. After a really short ackward small-talk "she" announces "she"s leaving for restroom and one of the friends offer to show her the way, let's call him friend 1 (male). When they leave, friend 2 (male) starts hitting on the geezer's wife (with the dead man in the room!) and they end up having sex (these people lack morals!).

We cut to the she-geezer and friend 2, which now are in what's got to be grimiest kitchen of all of France, the man starts hitting on her and we hear a male voice-over of the geezer saying that he will gladly take the oportunity to experiment. *Digression* I have to say that if I were Beatrice Vidal I would have asked for a bonus for having to perform in such a place, I counted at least three bugs crawling over the table, yuk! *End of Digression* After having enjoyed "her" first romp they go back to the room were everyone is oblivious of the other's affairs. The wife announces that she needs some fresh air *Digression* I would need it too if I were in a small room where I just had sex near to a dead and rotting corpse! *End of Digression*. She-geezer decides to take a stroll with "his" wife in the enormous garden and antique pool (geezer was loaded apparently), one thing leads to another and they end up having lesbian (I guess) sex on a very unconfortable looking rock pedestal *Digression* How weird but yet sweet is that! You die and you come back as a woman but you still manage to seduce your SO again and have some intimate time, that would be the case if it weren't for the fact that they are both covered in sweat and spunk from other men at this point *End of Digression*


To complete the round robin, when she-geezer and wife come back, friend 2 leaves for the restroom and takes she-geezer with him for... reasons. The wife takes the opportunity to blow friend 1 in front of the corpse of his late husband (again,just why?). We cut to she-geezer and friend 2 humping like rabbits on amphetamines (where are the bathrooms in this place!). *Digression* What follows could have been a sex scene worth entering french porn history but the cameraman kept ruining it with stupid closeups and the quality is just awful in my copy *End of Digression* In the end, after the steamy session with an unknown woman during mourning in one of the deadman's house and bed, friend 2 still has the guts to steal some glasses of champagne to share with she-geezer (no morals!). She-geezer sits on the bed, looks at us, "her" alluring areolas on full display, we know it's time, and... poof he gets his old geezer-geezer appearance back. Friend 2 enters the room and drops the champagne, geezer smiles for the camera. THE END.

I enjoyed all the movies in different and particular ways, they tell stories, they are entertaining, they are creative in their unique way. They are WORTH PRESERVING, why do people create such trash these days? I just laugh at the actors/screenwriters strikes, you are just bad, I just don't fancy TV and theaters anymore. These people in the 80's with a shoe-string budget and 80's equipment and prehistoric editing skills could do better than you! If any french speaking user manages to see the last one, they might correct and complete any information that I might have gotten wrong or omitted.

From: guest (fred) , 8 months, post #112
whered u watch Foutez-moi par tous les trous (1984)?

From: guest (Guest) , 8 months, post #113
Post #111 Can you please post the link to carnal carnival? Can’t find it anywhere.

From: guest , 7 months, post #114
Is there any FTF transformation instead possession and body swap porno?

From: guest (Madaba) , 7 months, post #115
I got the videos sent to me in minutes when I asked

From: guest , 7 months, post #116
Can you show me?

From: Tuggy24g , 7 months, post #117
Dee Williams

You pretend you visit your friend to study for mid-terms when you know he's not around so you can try out your new Astral Projection skills you've been practicing to possess his hot MILF and take her sweet body for a spin.

From: guest (F2F fan) , 7 months, post #118
I prefer FTF transformation.

From: guest , 7 months, post #119
Shattered FtF/F2F Split Personality TF, a porno movie is about a woman with 3 Personalities.

From: guest (Prof Farnsworth Lied) , 7 months, post #120
Just watched Foutez-moi par tous les trous recommended by Prof Farnsworth, plot was nothing like he described.

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