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From: guest , 22 months, post #41
Hera Purple: Devil Goddess (FTF/F2F)
Hera Purple is, this is an Asian softcore horror, supernatural, and thriller porno movie. Plus, there is one FtM in it.

From: guest , 22 months, post #42
Can u also include the timestops for the tfs?

From: Bodyswap1 , 22 months, post #43
And where can I watch this movie?

From: guest , 22 months, post #44

From: Bodyswap1 , 22 months, post #45
Thank you

From: guest (Prof Farnsworth) , 21 months, post #46
Good news everyone!

Its been a long time, I think I am scrapping the bottom of the barrel here but nevertheless I will leave it to you to decide if you deem them worthy or not. These are older softcore movies.

MTF: Miss Leslie's Dolls (1972). In this movie, a group of students and their teacher get a flat tire and have to stay in Miss Leslie's castle while they wait for a repair in the pouring rain. We know that Miss Leslie (interpreted by a man in drag dubbed with a female voice) is obsessed with possessing the body of a young woman but has had no luck yet. The bodies of her failed attempts are preserved in a doll-like state. SPOILERS AHEAD. After a succession of murders by Miss Leslie, she fights with the student's teacher (Miss Frost) who pulls her wig revealing that Miss Leslie is in fact an ugly deformed man. Miss Leslie chaces Miss Frost to the nearby cemetery and knocks her unconscious. Miss Leslie's body suddently decays and "her" ghost enters Miss Frost's body. Happy to see her dream come true, Miss Leslie (in Miss Frost's body) returns to her castle and makes out with a man (implied that it leads to sex). THE END.

MTF-FTM: Demon Kiss (2008). A crazy satanist tries to murder a prostitute to complete a ritual to summon a demon but something goes wrong and she kills him before he does. She ends up getting possessed by the demon. When the police arrives at the scene of the crime, the prostitute gets alone with the detective and asks for a kiss, he gladly complies to her demands. When kissed, the demon leaves the prostitute's body and enters the detective's. She is horrified by the crime and the detective leaves happily. Lots of possessions happen during the film. When somebody is possessed it whistles the same tune. This film is kind of gory and the demon doesn't seem to mind to much about the body, but it uses some of the women's bodies to taunt men and possess them.


Various transformations. In "Curados de espanto" (1992). A couple of exorcists encounter a possessed kid that is transformed into a snake, a goat and a beautiful woman in lingerie before the demon abandons his body.

From: Bodyswap1 , 21 months, post #47
Do you know what the time stamp is for M2F Transformation in Curados de espanto?

From: guest , 21 months, post #48
Starting at 32:20.

From: guest (Miteyhawk) , 21 months, post #49
Was able to find a short clip of "Curados de espanto" (1992) but haven't been able to find the whole movie.
Scene starts at 6:00

Anyone know where I can watch Demon Kiss?

From: Bodyswap1 , 21 months, post #50
Thanks both of you.

From: guest (max) , 21 months, post #51
does the mtf'ed character in curados de espanto fet involved in nsfw scenes?

From: guest , 21 months, post #52
To post #51: No

From: guest , 18 months, post #53
Any news about new Ftf body swaps?

From: guest , 18 months, post #54
demon kiss

From: guest (johnny boi) , 18 months, post #55
thank you so much post #54!

From: guest (Prof Farnsworth) , 18 months, post #56
Good news everyone!

It's getting really hard to discover new content. This database is already full with clips and movies. I particularly enjoy the X-Rated movies which feature a MTF transformation/possession/morph unfortunately those are hard to come by, descriptions of vintage movies are rarely found or tell much about the story. It is a matter of sheer luck. Anyway, today I have only one feature to present.

FTF: Super Sex (1986).The movie is about a clinic where people go to describe psychological sex related issues they have. In the third scene of the movie Vanessa D'Oro tells the doctor that she has a fantasy where she is able to leave her body and possess her friend's (Nina Hartley) in order to have sex with her husband who she lusts after. The possession scene is made on-screen and consists of seeing Vanessa sitting in a couch near Nina and her husband's bed. We then see an overlapped image of her "soul" standing up and walking while her body is still sitting. For some reason (I won't complain) while she is dressed her "soul" is naked. Her "soul" walks a bit and lays on the overlapped image of Nina, who is sleeping. There is no commentary, she goes straight to business and wakes her friend's husband. During the sex scene we see what people would see if they were in the room (Nina shagging her husband) and what we could see if we could see their souls (Vanessa doing it with her friend's husband), those are interlaced.

Still not an MTF but I feel some of you would appreciate it and it is worth sharing. While it's plot doesn't appeal much to me, the actresses do and while Nina Harley is a big name in the industry I feel like Vanessa D'Oro is superb, a piece of art, she steals the show here.

Well, that's all I've got for now. I never lose the hope something is still there waiting to be found and maybe if we're lucky some big company releases something that catter to us. Also, it would be great if someone updates the database so that we're not bringing up stuff already found.

From: guest (Prof Farnsworth) , 15 months, post #57
Good news everyone!

Brazzers released a few days ago a video called: "American Bimbo Part 1: Conservative Teen" a second part is announced for the 23th. The two following paragraphs correspond to a review, the rest correspond to some thoughts.

FTF: "American Bimbo Part 1: Conservative Teen" (2023). This adult video talks about a teen (Kyler Quinn) who lives with her conservative step-mother. Kyler would like to dress with more daring outfits but she is internally repressed and has confidence issues. While she is considering to wear some clothes she hides under her bed, her fairy godmother (Lauren Phillips) appears and says she wants to bring out Kyler's true self. The scene is interrupted when her step-mother beckons her. In the next scene, Kyler and her step-mother are buying some clothes, Van Wylde is the store clerk. Kyler seems to lust after Van but he seems uninterested, she tries some clothes but her step-mother disaproves of her choices. The naughty fairy intervenes by putting into her purse a gloss lipstick. The step-mother leaves the store and the fairy godmother convinces Kyler to put on some lip gloss and then Kyler is transformed into a thiccer and more daring version of herself (Kayley Gunner). Kayley procedes to jump Van's bones and finally her step-mother comes looking for her, sees what's going on and faints.

Overall it was a good concept with an entertaining story arc, well written (the choice of locations was intelligent), the acting was enthusiastic and convincing and had some visual efects to top it all. The choice of the actresses were well thought: Kyler Quinn has a petite body, she gets to show it in while in the shop's changing room (lingerie only), she is cute so her naive acting is credible while Kayley Gunner is more curvy and her appearance would certainly intimidate any unsuspecting store clerk. The contrast is there.

Give the studio some love if you want to keep this happening. And now some thoughts.

Some of you might think I over-analyze this porn video but I think that something interesting is going on with the adult video distribution. This video is a good example of it. They hired two adult performers which won't take part in the scene (Kyler and Lauren), they just play a part. Lauren's case can be justified as she will be part in (at least) another part of what may become a series, she will have a scene in the next part. The thing is that producers are realizing that while most of the scene is sex (that won't change) you can still do many things with the rest of the time, you can develop a minimum of plot so to make it entertaining to watch. The gig with the step-sister stuck in a washing machine gets annoying and you probably won't pay a subscription for the same old same old. Sure, there are is a never-ending pool of beautiful adult performers out there and some real porn athletes but even so at some point you get the idea of having already watched everything. It is a waste of resources to waste the performer's acting talents (if they have them) just for a 20min clip that will dissapear among many other simmilars. A pornstar is an actress or actor who is not affraid to use all his/her body to perform. As I said before some things seem to be changing, in the 80's and early 90's adult movie had some plot, some purpose and were original in their own way, producers are trying to make videos entertaining again. Adult Time's "Oopsies", Teamskeet's "Labs" (even though they are ruining it) and the emergence of the asian studio modelmedia seem to be signs that the times are changing, and I'm on board with that.

From: guest (guest) , 15 months, post #58
is the "thicc" chick actually hot or pear shaped (too many pretend curvy and fat are the samething) SAY NO TO PEARS

From: Bodyswap1 , 15 months, post #59
Where can we watch the new brazzers video for free to see how good it it?

From: guest , 15 months, post #60
It is against the rules to share links to fully copyrighted material, also distributing it for free may discourage the studio from doing similar content. There are plenty places over the Internet that have it but if you have the means, support the content you like.

Here you have a link to the official trailer for the scene:

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