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From: guest , 26 months, post #21
@Prof Farnsworth great find! the two actors actually kept in character and explored each other's bodies.

From: guest (Clams) , 26 months, post #22
@guest(g) this happens in the movie ‘Jacqueline Hyde’ verbatim. One of the best tf movies ever in my opinion.

From: guest (Prof Farnsworth) , 24 months, post #23
Good news everyone!

I found some movies and videos that could be of interest for some of you. Nothing out of this world but I consider them relevant enough.

Multiple personalities: In "Personalities" (1991) we meet a woman (April Rayne) who goes to therapy because she has a multiple personality disorder. This woman is in distress because she cannot have a proper sex life because of the conflicted interests of her personalities. We meet Lisa, an innocent 16 year old; Trixie a prostitute and John a man convinced he's a murderer apart from April who seems to be the "main" personality. Despite being an X-Rated movie April Rayne makes an effort to give some acting value and keeps changing personalities during the scenes. When she plays Lisa she tries to resist and acts confused, Trixie is the enthusiastic one and John being an hetero "man" makes it more complicated and with a husky voice keeps resisting and telling he's not gay.

Crossdressing-Roleplay: "Seven Good Women" (1993) is a porn-parody of "12 angry men" in this movie an all women jury has to determine whether a man is guilty or not of abusing a woman he met at a bar. Some of the women think he took profit of her being drunk and some others think there is no case. In order to convince the others they roleplay (or imagine vividly) what they think it happened. One always dresses as a man and the other represents the woman. I found it original and funny.

MTM: "Curse of the Skull swap" in this video part of Teamskeet's series two male friends bodyswap after touching a misterious skull. This is very convenient as both of them liked their respective sisters but could not have them because they would be commiting incest. To make it even more convenient both girls like their brother's friend. It is hinted there is going to be a second part where we see an FTF bodyswap as in the final scene a pink lightning bolt connects the girls.

I said it before and I'd say it again. These early 90's movies are priceless, there is plot and the actors are good looking and try their best.

From: guest , 24 months, post #24
Thanks professor! I hope for something intresting on the second part

From: guest (Swapperdude) , 24 months, post #25

Swap sis Curse of the Skull swap Part 2
Trailer on Twitter link

From: guest (Dhjjio) , 23 months, post #26
Post #23
Personalities (1991)
Where can we find this xxx movie? Thanks

From: guest (Prof Farnsworth) , 23 months, post #27
Good news everyone!

Little update on some things hinted in the past and an extra finding.

FTF: Curse of the Skull Part 2. As @Swapperdude announced today was released the second part of Curse of the Skull by the studios. In this video the girls from the previous part swap bodies and get to know themselves a little bit better in a selfcest (lesbian) scene. Meanwhile the boys have found the way to get to their own bodies, they will have to have a foursome while touching the skull the whole time. FTF isn't exactly my thing but the selfcest scene was well played by the performers and kept the act the whole time. Overall their acting was convincing and the script was entertaining. In general, while confusing at times, it was a good concept.

Non-Human to Woman/Man: In the series "Space Taxi" in episode "They mostly come at night" (2018). Amber Deen plays an astronaut that travels through space, in this Halloween special an alien entity infiltrates her spaceship and its presence disables all her equipment. Her AI assistant warns her that this alien is capable of assuming any form you are thinking about when stared directly so it warns her not to look. Intimidated by the presence Amber looks at it but imagines something desirable so it becomes a naked woman (Honor May) inevitably sex ensues but it doesn't end there because the alien takes the form of a man (Stirling Cooper) and in the rest of the video the alien changes back and forth from man to woman. I didn't like particularly the space ambience and the lightning but I assume that's the point of the series. Obviously the alien doesn't interact much appart from the groaning and moaning so don't expect shock or reaction. At times it reminded me of "Partners forever" (2000) or even "Bad Wives 2" (2001) because of the mid-sex morphing.

Support the studios mentioned above so that we get simmilar content in the future.

From: guest (Big Mike) , 23 months, post #28
Thanks for the update Professor!

From: guest (Mr) , 23 months, post #29
I am looking for a shapeshifting proseo about an alien that takes the form is some females to have sex and at the end she turns into the dude to stay on earth

From: guest , 23 months, post #30
what is a proseo

From: guest (Mr) , 23 months, post #31
It was a typo I meant porn

From: guest , 23 months, post #32
Do you remember any more details? Name of the actors, year, studio, plot, country, appearance. Was it softcore or hardcore? Full feature or short video?
Try to provide as much information as you can otherwise there is little we can do.

From: guest (Mr) , 23 months, post #33
I don’t remember much, but it was about some alien woman with shapeshifting powers that tried seducing men, she shapeshifted into various females but I think her main form had dark blonde hair.

From: guest , 23 months, post #34
The Sex Files Alien Erotica maybe?

From: guest (Mr) , 23 months, post #35
Wasn’t that one but I liked it

From: guest (Generic guest name) , 23 months, post #36
Is it chameleon?

From: guest , 23 months, post #37
Maybe it's Twin Action (1993), but I think it's not alien though. But the main girl turn out to be a man (very brief tf).

From: guest (Mr) , 23 months, post #38
It was housewives of another world

From: guest , 23 months, post #39
But it's FtM, there are no various female forms in that Porn.

From: guest (Mr) , 23 months, post #40
I got that part mixed with chameleon sequel

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