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Drop Dead Dave
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From: LJ524 , 9 months, post #21
Then have a 40+ pregnancy

From: Tuggy24g , 9 months, post #22
We will just have to wait and see

From: Valkan , 9 months, post #23
Gen Z cut off according to google is 1997. That would put the oldest Zoomer at 24 today. Undergrad by 21. Then 3 years of law school would put them right at 24.

But then most law students don't go straight from undergrad to law school. Then there is the whole passing the bar thing. And this character is supposed to be a rising star lawyer or something. So yeah. The generation thing in the description is probably just to emphasize the age gap.

From: guest (MenoBalls) , 9 months, post #24
I don't know where the median for menopause is but most women who wait that long have great difficulty conceiving and often only expensive fertility treatment

From: guest (Menoballs) , 9 months, post #25
... does the trick.

From: guest (Guest 2) , 9 months, post #26
Alot of assumptions for something that hasn’t even started filming yet…

From: Tuggy24g , 9 months, post #27
👆 let's hope this has a better outcome than that

From: LJ524 , 9 months, post #28
"It could very well be Eva Adams 2.0"

Most likely, but we can always dream

From: guest (Financial Advice) , 9 months, post #29
If you want to make some money while you're waiting for Drop Dead Dave, buy Monero (XMR) and Pirate Chain (ARRR) for financial freedom. In the coming years they will become the new Bitcoins.

From: vup , 9 months, post #30
I think the point of the "balls" vs the "stupid people here" is that, fantasy fiction or no, you still want a convincing and engaging story. Fantasy/Sci-Fi allow an author to beg a certain suspension of disbelief out front, but if the author keeps pulling affectations rabbits out of hats tricks, a good idea become eye-rolling.

For me, Star Wars was an example of watching something you like jump the shark when, in the second trilogy the plot has a scene where it revolves around a 5 yr old having to win a race in a car he's never used so they can get prize money to go do something or else the heroes chances are ruined but they automatically win 'cuz his magic powers so it's okay was like a "C'mon, man!" moment. I've willingly suspended my disbelief, now make it convincing.

But, yeah, it's fiction and as post #30 points out, speculation between what it will be and what you wish it were is premature as it doesn't even exist yet in any detail we know.

From: vup , 9 months, post #31
Sorry, I usually proof read my posts but it's hard to see the screen from where I'm sitting. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.


From: Artspeoplechanel , 9 months, post #32
Tamales Lleve sus Tamales.

From: guest (Michelle Obama has massive testicles) , 9 months, post #33
All of my posts were deleted. :(

From: vup , 9 months, post #34
Yeah, I thought only paul could do that. I think a few others, but I don't recall seeing them recently.

So my reference to post #30 is now to post #26, just so it still makes sense.

From: guest (Michelle Obama has massive testicles) , 8 months, post #35
Even though there is a 0% chance of this happening, I think Tulsi Gabbard would be great for this role. At least in how she looks.

I wonder when they are going to start casting.

From: guest (Omicron is an anagram for Moronic) , 6 months, post #36
I wish there was more information about this to come out but still nothing. I think this series has much more potential than Eva Adams. This body swapping idea solves the Lalola problem of the new woman being able to get their job when they were a man. In real life that wouldn't happen. To have a woman's life already established is more plausible.

From: guest (Omicron is an anagram for Moronic) , 6 months, post #37
They probably will make Rita a MILF because the plus-sized lawyer has already been done in Drop Dead Diva. And they probably would want the guy to experience sexual harrassment which he wouldn't get as much of being fat.

From: guest (Dave) , 1 months, post #38
Does anybody have any update on this or is it dead?

From: guest (Saint) , 1 months, post #39
I’ve been following the showrunner law twitter feed, the IMDb page and have a Google alert. No news. I was hoping that at least there’d be some casting news or a pilot. Nothing yet. But the first show was a big hit so I’d like to think they’re writing scripts and going into production soon.

From: guest (Guest) , 1 months, post #40
@ Saint: have you tried to ask the showrunner?

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