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Comment: Abstract Gender
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Abstract Gender
Two friends get transformed into girls as part of some type of experiment, when they go poking around a haunted house. ===Current Staff=== Writer: Rayne Artist: TBD Colorist: TBD Site is going to be Revamped, Comic is on temporary Hiatus.
From: KF , 215 months, post #21
I am. I can honestly say that it was not drawn well at all - the only thing in Kiey's favor was punctuality.

From: jimmyinwhite , 215 months, post #22
kiey has a new artist drawing it now & she's pretty good.. besides ther are worse artists drawing comics out on the web.

From: guest (Readist) , 215 months, post #23
And I'll bet the complainers can only draw stick figures...l

From: guest (maine02) , 215 months, post #24
To be fair, it is ABSTRACT gender. The word was probably just describing their artistic style.

From: guest (some guy) , 215 months, post #25
the new style of art is a definant improvement, also the jokes seem to be funnier with this new style of art. This "revival" as i'm calling it has renewed my faith in abstract gender

From: Noid , 215 months, post #26
I agree

the new artist's stlye is a welcome change.

From: Ponjos , 215 months, post #27
I've learned to never complain about something unless you can change it and do better. I really enjoyed the work by Kiey but I think the new artist is a welcome change.

From: cj , 215 months, post #28
I'm just glad that someone was and is drawing it... I'm in it for the story.

From: guest (haloshade) , 215 months, post #29
i hate the artist, i liked the last one the best

From: guest (streeter) , 215 months, post #30
well, if you hate the artist, then don't read it.

didn't your parents ever teach you about what to do if you can't say something nice?

From: guest (Daz) , 215 months, post #31
I love the artist's work.

But I hate that she's AWOL at the moment!!!

From: guest , 215 months, post #32
"didn't your parents ever teach you about what to do if you can't say something nice?"

Bull. I hate it when people spew out that crap.

Discussion boards are for discussion, more than just praise. People are allowed to criticize whatever they want and if artists/writers don't have the skin to take it, they should discover a different talent. If you can't take the heat, get out of the kitchen.

From: Bieeanda , 215 months, post #33
There's more to criticism than saying "u suk lol". That's simple, stupid mudslinging. Explaining in detail why something is below-par and offering suggestions for improvement, that's the kind of criticism that actually suggests that there's thoughts running through your head.

Of course, if someone simply refuses to improve, then they're not even worth telling that their work is shit.

From: guest , 215 months, post #34
stupid mudslining isn't any better than mindless praise. Neither gives the writer/artist anything useful to work with. But people have just as much right to partake in stupid mudslinging as they do in mindless praise or genuine critique.

From: guest , 211 months, post #35
Sigh... remember when this comic used to be FUNNY? I mis those days.

From: Ponjos , 211 months, post #36
It might not be as funny as it used to be but times change. The artist is new and so is the work. I give credit to person (or people) who go out of their way to make comics for us. I know personally, I don't have much drawing talent but I can see when others have it.

From: KF , 211 months, post #37
I actually like the fact that it has more of a plot now and not so much gags-every-other-day. Asuka's stuff really makes it stand out - previously it looked more like something that belonged on Keenspace.

My viewpoint is: if you're going to make a webcomic,^ both the writing and the art should be top-notch.

^Over say, instead, an actual book. (Gasp!)

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