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Which feminine thing do you most wish was acceptable for men?
From: DB Cooper , 13 days, post #1
Someone posted this here years ago and I'm posting it again. Which traditionally feminine affectation do you wish was not only widely acceptable for men, but expected? You can only pick one, and feel free to add your own.

  • Dresses/skirts
  • Bras/bikini tops
  • Makeup
  • Shaving of the legs and armpits
  • Earrings and other jewelry
  • High heels
  • Purses and handbags
  • Polished/painted nails

From: guest (MyInput) , 13 days, post #2
None of the above. I like men to be men and women to be women

From: guest (MyInput) , 13 days, post #3
Let me add, I am a man who would like to be one of those women.

From: Nptox18 , 12 days, post #4
To me the answer is that men and women should be able to wear what they feel like, what makes them feel comfortable without existing men exclusive or women exclusive things...

Obviously it should be adapted to their size or features...

From: guest , 12 days, post #5
None of the above. I like men to be men and women to be women

From: guest (Zach) , 12 days, post #6
I'm with you on skirts, dresses, and bras/bikinis, and add as well panties and lingerie, also nighties as well as nylons/stockings as an option aside from socks. Other than that, I suppose would be the "traditionally feminine/non-masculine" entertainment/lifestyles/interests and hobbies.

From: LJ524 , 12 days, post #7
I'm with MyInput

I like "women's things" to remain with women....And I wanted to be one of those women..

From: guest (Gal) , 12 days, post #8
I agree with MyInput as well, really while those items for women are great, it just seems more natural to be on the body of a woman, and that is why I would want to be one of those women. A bra with real breasts. Dresses and Skirts hugging the womanly shape of hips and bum. Makeup, nails and hair to look your best.
Heels are made for a woman's foot, so they fit more naturally on a woman's foot.

Oh well. One can dream.

From: hskfmn , 12 days, post #9
I guess, if I had to pick one, I'd say "dresses/skirts" — but more in the vein that both men and women should really be allowed to wear whatever they want without being stigmatized one way or the other.

Having said that, I've always been slightly jealous that some women wear such cool-looking boots, and not even high heel boots — boots like look like what a superhero might wear.

From: guest (JJ) , 11 days, post #10
Heels probably because I’m a guy and I think they are the most amazing thing a woman can adorn her body with. When I see women wearing them I just think wow I wish I could be one just to wear them too. Of course men can wear them but a man will never be able to look anywhere as good as a woman or girl wearing them. I still have like 150 pairs but I’d never wear them out in public

From: Shard , 11 days, post #11
Looking at history a lot of stuff was the social norm. Men in dresses, those were kilts me lads! Men in heels and stockings, it was the style when the constitution was being written when everyone had powdered wigs. Earrings, I see guys all the time with them (granted not hoop or dangly earrings, typically gauged or a little diamond). I even knew guys that wore nail polish (they were black to complete their goth look), and lots of guys wear eye makeup (as for regular makeup most actors do that already, and lots of online/TV/Movie personalities). Purses are just satchels, which is why guys wearing them are often given a hard time (just like people wearing the ever oh-so-trendy fanny pack). And removal of body hair was done back in ancient Egypt by royalty (not by shaving but rubbing a pumice stone on those areas).

So really the only oddball one up there is bras......because we, well most of us men, don't have breasts. They're to lift and support and give a youthful perky cleavage look, and well, unless you're REALLY big (I mean, I'm 280 lbs and don't have much more than a slight jiggle but I have seen some dudes at the beach that had close to D cups) we generally wouldn't have any need for something like that. Not that I haven't seen guys wearing them, there are traps/crossdressers/those in transition....even thongs were shared among the sexes. But who knows what future trends could change to!

Now, yeah, women are much more shapely than guys, since they have the longer legs that made heels and stockings more desirable on them (but they were mens fashion first, with more of a flat toe and not really tall like modern heels), the dark eye shadow, blush, and red lipstick were to simulate when women feel aroused, the lack of body hair faded out but once porn magazines had women starting to trim they kept cutting away at pubic hair.....but I am a little jealous that women have so many options compared to guys. We have it so much easier in many aspects of our lives but we aren't stalked and in fear of being raped every time we're alone, or having our cloths cost so much more (and having such a varied wardrobe), as well as the societal pressures of body image and trendy cloths amongst the less pay earned at jobs and pressures of having traditional relationships where they just clean and are baby-making machines....

Guess what I'm saying (other than the rambling and going off topic on a tangent) is things tend to cycle around. There's also Mark Bryan, an American robotics engineer living in Germany, wears towering high heels and skirts every day to prove “clothes have no gender,” and his legs look amazing.

So while we all might fantasize about being the other gender, don't put things into definitive categories. Women wearing pants was unheard of in my father's time, just like bellbottoms stopped being for everyone and are now for women only. I have hair down to the small of my back (granted I am a bit sparse up top, but even then I'll rock a full-on skullet if it gets that bad enough) and I still blend right in the Medieval faire, but people often complain about how long hair is for women only (even though I think everyone looks great with long hair). New trends gotta have someone start them, THAT is what makes it more socially acceptable, but really most new trends were just the norms of the past.

From: guest (Dean) , 11 days, post #12
It's None! has nothing to see

From: guest (MyInput) , 11 days, post #13
"There's also Mark Bryan, an American robotics engineer living in Germany, wears towering high heels and skirts every day to prove “clothes have no gender,”

But it is the gender in the clothes that makes them nice. So to me, a waste of heels and skirt if they are not on a woman.

From: Weirdoid , 10 days, post #14
For me?

All female clothing.
Acting feminine.
Attraction to men.

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