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Female Animal TFs?
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From: guest (DashinDarren) , 13 months, post #1
Yo all, was wondering if there’s been any recent female animal
Tfs in live action media? Stuff like commercials. Prefer stuff like Sheena and Animorphs where it shows the whole process if that helps.

From: MorphingSkye , 13 months, post #2
There was a female chicken TF in the 2020 remake of The Witches. You can find the clip on Shadowlord. Other than that nothing immediately comes to mind.

From: guest (DashinDarren) , 12 months, post #3
Interesting tf but that’s a shame to see not much is out atm

From: guest , 12 months, post #4
This site needs more animal tf in general tbh. It's not like tg is bad or anything but it's pretty much just tg on this forum and personally animal tf interests me way more. Is animal tf media just being made less these days?

From: guest (dan) , 12 months, post #5
I agree! Animal tfs are so much better than tg in my opinion

From: guest , 12 months, post #6
Bunny tf from My Parents are Aliens

From: guest , 12 months, post #7
IKEA woman to cat tf

From: guest (Guest 71) , 12 months, post #8
I would love to see new Male animal tfs.

From: guest , 12 months, post #9
I understand that this site is focused around any kind of transformations, but I feel like we really should have a general animal transformation/anthropomorphic animal media thread specifically.
On another note: (Geico Third roomamte cat tf) (The witches movie 2020 chicken tf)

From: guest , 12 months, post #10
Even with all the streaming services there just isn't all that much in a way of new content for either TG or TF. Wondering if content creators are steering away from it because they know it is a known fetish and the negative connotation around related fandoms like furries.

From: guest , 12 months, post #11
Well, considering that Soul had bodyswap and the upcoming Disney movies (Turning Red and Luca) all feature creature transformations it doesn't seem like transformation fetish is a well-known thing. Luckily. Good tf material has always been rare because it's pretty hard to make and also kind of awkward. And I think furries and weirdos aren't a big deal for corporations with some exceptions (MLP)

From: guest , 12 months, post #12
Just to add to this, I would say this website it concrete proof that creators don't steer away from known fetish topics with the seemingly inexhaustible amount of body swap and gender swap content. I think it's probably more due to the fact that doing sfx or even cgi to make anthropomorphic animals is almost always more expensive and time consuming than just getting two different actors for a body swap for say. (And it also seems as if quite a bit more people are interested in tg than animal tf in general)

From: guest (DashinDarren) , 12 months, post #13
That MPAA is pretty good! I haven’t see the entire show yet and So I didn’t know more animal tfs were hiding. Found this one as well while looking through the creator’s gifs

From: guest , 12 months, post #14
Post #9 mentioned this earlier. Does anyone know of any good forums or resources that find/catalogue animal tfs? Or at least more primarily animal tfs?

From: guest (TheActionMan) , 12 months, post #15
The process forum is a great place to look for female animal TFs, and I personally run a discord for the same purpose (although I don't want to post the invite on this public page, I have posted it on the process). CaptianTF101 is a great youtube channel to start with as well.

From: guest , 12 months, post #16
My point is that while transformations are awesome, there is a lot more unbelievably good media with just anthropomorphic animals that gets brushed over because it doesn't feature any transformation. Take Orangina ads for example ( especially Miss O ads -
Is there any forum or discord for just anthropomorphic stuff in general that isn't just centered around tf?

From: guest , 12 months, post #17
Can you post the link for the process forum?

From: guest (Theactionman) , 12 months, post #18

From: guest , 12 months, post #19

From: guest (Rick) , 12 months, post #20
Bikini models turned into chickens at 24min.

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