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Do You Really Want To Change Your Gender?
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From: LJ524 , 16 days, post #1
You say you want to change your gender biologically and live that way for the rest of your life.

Ok let's say I have the power to do that. I can change your gender, biologically to the point of you able to do your part in the creation of children in the role of your new gender.

You - "I am a Christian 20 year old born male in the U.S., living in the U.S. and wish I had been born female instead. I wish for you to change me into a 20 year old female born that way."

Me - "Ok, I will, and you will be very beautiful, but you will be a 20 year old female born in and living in a small very remote village in Afghanistan. You are muslim and all women in your village are forced to wear a burqa when outside, etc.

Do you still want it?

So is there a limit or what limit is there on your new body, life, etc. that would make you say, no I will not change my gender, if that is the only option?

From: Greg , 16 days, post #2
Like I said on a previous thread I'm not trans myself and am fine with my body, but that is a strange scenario you are proposing.

You could as well say ok you are a man but you either become a woman and stay in the US living the same kind of life or you can remain a dude but are now a prisoner in an Isis prison camp.

I'm pretty sure it only demonstrates that people want a certain quality of life.

From: LJ524 , 16 days, post #3
I find it interesting that males in countries with cultures that treat women very 2nd class still transition. Such is their desire, drive or feelings of wrongness they willingly take on the role.

From: Valkan , 16 days, post #4
I agree with post #2

From: LJ524 , 16 days, post #5
""but that is a strange scenario you are proposing""

That is only one, there could have easily been thousands. But who has the time? (-:

It went to the bottom line question.

So is there a limit or what limit is there on your new body, life, etc. that would make you say, no I will not change my gender, even though you think or believe you want to?

From: guest , 15 days, post #6
Opposition to sex reassignment surgery\The man with big breasts died of "disgusting"

From: guest (Chengo) , 15 days, post #7
Agree post 2....
I'm into this for the 'another' life scenario, I'm fine with my body and gender.

I could say that my kinks are to see an opposite gender of mine acted way different than they usually would. Hearing them confess or trying to convince you that they're another person (either male or female) would be cool.

From: guest (Chengo) , 15 days, post #8
  • will be cool

From: guest (Chengo) , 15 days, post #9
I strangely only lusted on those kind of things, other than that nothing.
Like seeing hot females and you like them but that's it, no tingles or lustful daydreams about her.

I really want this to go tho... since its fictional.

Kinks like the 'Princess Leia' on the 3rd Star Wars are nice, since any female can do it. lol.

From: guest (Chengo) , 15 days, post #10
Minus the restraint chains.

Anyways, how does anyone can cope with these kind of kinks? that could only happen in fictional stories?

Writing stories about them just adds them up.

Being attracted to other genders are normal, but transform myself into another gender with my lust intact for the said gender was a no go. Like choosing unnecessary complications for just to fulfil the want 'to play with myself as another gender'.

I also don't want to be a 'mad scientist' just to make my said kinks come true.
Since the other person's life will be at risk and reputations can be tainted.

From: guest (Danny) , 15 days, post #11
I'm a simple pleb i don't really want to change my genders. I just want to possess a women and grab their boobs

From: guest (CC) , 12 days, post #12
I like it but I want to increase my age/reduce my age. It's a better choice.

From: guest , 12 days, post #13
I am proud of my gender and never thought of change, just interested in disguising as a girl, to play some naughty things, to fool the public.

From: Zooey , 12 days, post #14
If I could keep my previous memories of how much I disliked being male, I believe I would do it and then spend a few years trying to figure out how to escape the country and move to a more western society like America, Great Britain, Germany or France. For me it would be worth the trouble. And even if I couldn't escape I'd probably still do it. I'd do almost anything to finally feel like myself.

From: LJ524 , 12 days, post #15
Thank you Zooey, but as the question was asked....what limit is there on your new body, life, etc., if any, that would make you say, no I will not change my gender.

From: Zooey , 12 days, post #16
LJ524, oh I understand. It would be a tough call but I think I'd still have to do it.

From: Zooey , 12 days, post #17
Oh, I messed up again. Blah. I guess I'd have to say there would be no limit except maybe becoming a vegetable. As long as I had the capacity for intelligent thought I'd do it.

From: MissMako , 12 days, post #18
LJ524 -

First off - I understand you are throwing out a fantastical "hypothetical" - based on your initial inquiry.

From my POV as a Transgender Woman - I did not change my gender due to social and/or environmental reasons... but for biological/medical ones that I was diagnosed with.

If - I found myself in the very unique (say fantastical) position of only being able to only change my gender by going from one culture to another (like you've originally mentioned) then yes... I would still do it... regardless of the social constructs of a culture and or environmental challenges... because for me... changing my gender goes much deeper than these concepts.

Now... I could understand that most people who find TG TF source material to be a type of fetish or fictional outlet... probably don't want to change their genders in real life. That changing their biological gender is too much a risk. And to be honest - changing genders is absolutely a massive risk and not to be taken likely.

- Miss Mako -

From: LJ524 , 12 days, post #19
Thank you Miss Mako,

And please understand this is in no way meant to cast anything on anyone like yourself.....With my TG feelings, it is a question I have had to ask myself.

Sometimes I come up, might as well just be who I am now. Other times I come up with, yes I could go that far to be a woman.

From: MissMako , 12 days, post #20
No problem LJ524...

I didn't take any offense to your post. I was trying to dissect your original question and giving my own POV on it. I recognize this site is mainly devoted to fictional transformation material and that probably the majority of people who come here are not Transgender. Which is fine (cause the percentage of Trans People in the world are relatively low).

Sometimes it's also important for people in the Transgender Community to also remember that not everything posted or said is a direct attack on themselves. I think Trans People are so often demonized that it's easy to constantly be on the defense. But we have a spectrum of different people here and on other TF TG fictional related sites - and it's important for all of us to respect one another IMO :)

If I took your question at face value "Do you really want to change your gender?" I would honestly say "I never really wanted to change my gender." I either wish I was born being in sync with the gender in my brain and body or the medical community had a way to biological transition my brain rather than my body so I would be in sync.

The only real option given to me to lose the daily struggles of suffering with gender dysphoria - was to physically change my gender - which for me - ended up working and has 100% relieved my gender dysphoria. All the social and environmental stuff about being a woman now in the world was a bi-product of that physical change to me. It wasn't what drove me to change.


- Miss Mako

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