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Good TG books to get off of Amazon
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From: guest (Enteka) , 28 months, post #21
Any TG set in the Middle Ages or a Medieval type setting?

From: LJ524 , 28 months, post #22
Brother Bewildered

From: LJ524 , 28 months, post #23

"Brother Bewitched" - Taylor Galen Kadee

From: guest (W) , 27 months, post #24
Terms and Conditions by M Wills is a recent good one by him. It's where two guys use a website to make their own dream girls. Then suddenly they slowly start turning into the dream girls that they made on the site.

Two of my old favorites by Gregor Daniels is Lake Alter and Stuck With My Sister's Body. Lake Alter is where a couple goes up to a cabin at a lake that has something magical about it. A lot of TG things happen, and a good chunk of it involves partial body transformations.

Stuck With My Sister's Body is where a stepsister gives her stepbrother a magic potion that she meant to give to somebody else. There's a partial body transformation where they have to have their lower bodies for a day just below their necks.

A Perfect Student by Jimmy Zappa is where two female witches decide to possess their female teacher to fix their grades. While they're doing this, one of the witch's grandfathers takes the opportunity to permanently possess the female witch. The possession is like a Naruto/Orochimaru style absorption body theft. There are scenes where he enjoys his new female body sexually.

From: guest (Roger) , 27 months, post #25

IMO, Moonsword by Diana Hignutt is one of the best of the fantasy novels with a Medieval type setting.

From: guest (Roger) , 27 months, post #26
The other Roger--

I got the new edition of A WOMAN'S PASSION for free as part of my Kindle Unlimited subscription. I couldn't notice anything different from my old paperback edition. (Still, I agree, one of the best of all time.)

From: guest (Lorinell) , 27 months, post #27
Yes - Moonsword is very good book. I have it in paper version, same as Empress of Clouds (second part), what was quite expensive in central Europe :D
Sad, that writer didn't finished last part.

From: guest (W) , 27 months, post #28
Agent Secret by Alyson Belle is another good one that I got off Kindle Unlimited. It's where a guy gets asked to become a female in order to infiltrate an evil mastermind's lair. The guy has some weird technology that is able to influence and manipulate women. Since the agent is now a woman, it starts effecting him too.

Becoming a Real Girl by Jimmy Zappa is another Kindle Unlimited free book where a transwoman has an operation and turns her into a biological female using nanobots. The nanobots brainwash her and completely turn her into a new person through erotic sex scenes happening in her mind.

The nice thing abiout kindle unlimited is you still support the authors through page views. I think it's a win win

From: guest (DC) , 27 months, post #29
Any more like Agent Secret. I like those type where they go undercover and then get trapped by technology/magic/hypno to feel and act, but are still fighting, ‘Too many are “zap your a girl - ok, I’m a girl guess I give up”

From: guest (W) , 26 months, post #30
Any antkew, I don't know if you saw the other thread but I'll put it here just in case you didn't see it but on Jimmy's Amazon page there's a survey link. I've been putting requests through there and I've noticed some stories getting written with some of my requests and stuff. So I know he reads the surveys, so maybe mention that you want Smashwords and he might do it.

From: guest (antkew) , 26 months, post #31
W, thanks for the head up. Will do. Hopefully Jimmy will read it

From: guest (ClQ) , 26 months, post #32
I remember I read about a book in Amazon in which the story took place in medieval-style settings where a womanizing prince was transformed to a woman. Anyone knows the name?

From: guest (Kane) , 25 months, post #33
CIQ, maybe you're thinking of Conquered: Prince to Princess by Keary Hayes? I don't know about womanizing, but there's mention of a prince turning into a princess here. I admittedly haven't bought it so I'm not 100% sure if it's what you're looking for.

If you guys like midieval stuff, M Wills has Long Live the Queen on Amazon, though it's a F2F body swap where a queen transfers her soul into her daughter. It's not M2F but it definitely has midieval elements. It takes place hundreds of years ago where the daughter doesn't want to get married. So the queen takes matters into her own hands using magic.

DC, if you're looking into struggle in a new gender, there's Tenant's Cute Daughter by Jimmy Zappa where an old man accidently possesses the body of a young woman with magic. He meant to possess the woman's mom's boyfriend and got the wrong hair. He struggles to move around in his new body and desperately thinks about how to reverse everything. But when his female hormones kick in, he has a second thought about leaving.

From: guest (Trent) , 24 months, post #34
Anything by Melanie Brown or Alan Barrie.

From: guest (Prox) , 24 months, post #35
If you like gender swap romance erotica, Paula Spicer have many books. Girl Husband is favourite where a loving husband somehow gets turned into a woman. If you like happy endings there are lots of good review on this book. Its very good in terms of plot and story.

Nikki Crescent has many book bundles containing TG and is renowned as writer in the TG field. Shes been in the game for years and has big following. Lots of good reviews that are cosnsitent.

Can say good things about Jimmy Zappa. Hes newer and popped up 2021 but has good TG books that goes free in amazon. So far I think his ftf books are better than the mtf books but time will tell.

Timothy Luce has lots of TG transformation on Amazon. His covers kind look sucky but dont judge books by their covers. Lots of good gender swap and his books are widely acclaim.

From: guest (DBFinale) , 23 months, post #36
Nikki Crescent and Paris Skye on Amazon are good TG authors. I have read Moonsword and can vouch for it. Very good midieval setting TG if that's what you're into.

From: guest (JTC) , 22 months, post #37
Just to clarify, is TG Transforming Gender? Or is TG just Transgender?

From: guest (Kelin) , 22 months, post #38
Wanted to share Sophie Pert. She's another TG writer on Amazon. Lots of gender swapping. I've found a lot of good gems popping up. The state of TG is starting to get a revival I think.

From: guest (Roger) , 17 months, post #39
A new transgender book for YA's is better written than most.

Sasha Masha by Anges Borninsky

From: guest (not an expert) , 17 months, post #40
'Student Exchange' on amazon, kindle only.
"After two of their students find a ritual on the dark web, housemates Andy and Rob, an English lecturer and sports tutor in an English university, wake to discover they're now fifteen years younger - and female, with the students, Francesca and Banshari now in their bodies. Promised the experience will only last one week, Andy at first decides to try and keep his head down, until he realises this might be the excuse he needs to confront his ex-girlfriend and find out what went wrong with their relationship. But with Rob adjusting to his new body quicker than even of them expected and nothing quite going to plan, the two of them start to realise things might be getting a lot more complicated than they expected."

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