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Transgender people deserve love and respect
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From: guest , 7 months, post #41
Bumping again. Don't post anything in that other post. Just don't feed the trolls

From: guest (guu) , 7 months, post #42
bumping again

From: guest , 7 months, post #43

From: guest , 7 months, post #44
I'm really tired of this debate, it is contributing to the slow decadence in this site. I hope this message contributes to end this argument. I am not transexual, I have a MtF fetish like many of you because curiosity.

The statistics are really sad, not all people will be considerate and that is just the reality and you have to be mature enough to accept it. It is not an easy path. Gender dysphoria is a phenomenon that afects about a 1% of the population, it is a real thing. Does this mean that a medical intervention is always the answer? For some it may be, after a long and meditated reflexion. It is a procedure that strains your body, it is not reversible and has deep consequences on your health and social life. I don't always endorse going through all this but I respect everyone who does. From a liberal perspective it is a matter of personal choice but the ones who go through it have to be mature enough to deal with the negative consequences and should have balanced them beforehand. I recommend those who might be considering it to consult an specialist, if you are not confortable with yourself there might be other less invasive things to check before taking a radical step. To those who have done it, you have the best of my wishes and I hope you are more confortable now.

From: MissMako , 7 months, post #45
I'm not sure what the "debate" is even about in the first place?

What we are currently dealing with in the past few days here is a Transphobic Troll. That's it. Someone who clearly needs some help - but chooses to spend their sad existence attacking innocent people.

I myself transitioned 7 years ago and was diagnosed multiple times with Gender Dysphoria. I've never been happier. Who gets to choose what I can and can't do with my body? I am physically healthier than I was 10 years ago. Chances are - I will probably live longer now than I would have if I didn't transition. I care about myself way more and take care of myself more cause I feel good about who and what I am.

My life has drastically improved by transitioning (better social life/closer friends and family). It was right for me. Not saying it's right for everyone. But there is still discrimination, judgement, misinformation and bigotry that still exists in the world not only for Trans people like me - but even just Women in general. I live every day where the world around me just treats me like a Cis Woman in public and it's mostly awesome!.

But I'm not going to stop being outspoken about being Trans ever. I'll continue to speak at colleges. Film panels. LGBTQ events. To thousands and thousands of people - so they can see more and more Trans Positive Narratives. And each year I can tell more and more people are accepting and being supporting because of it. And the Anti-Trans peeps keep shrinking in numbers.

And I haven't even gotten to part where love making for me is way more enjoyable as.a Woman than it was for me as a Man :)

- Miss Mako -

From: guest , 7 months, post #46
This thread needs to stay on top because a lot of people feel shame and the troll is preying on this.

We need to show support to those in the community that are vulnerable to the message the troll is trying to present.

Eventually he will get tired and it'll be buried or deleted.

It's a pity because this forum is focused on sharing info about TF content.

But until the troll gets tired, we need to make sure this message is on top so people won't feel so hurt by the troll.

From: cj , 7 months, post #47
This thread is now locked to all non-registered users - it is being abused with unnecessary "bumps".

From: Hobbitking , 6 months, post #48
I am going to post a necessary bump because the trolls are back.

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