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Transgender people deserve love and respect
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From: MissMako , 7 months, post #21
Like hskmn... I have also reached out to the site owner several times now. Just waiting to hopefully hear back.

Please try and be patient and bump this thread to stay with a positive narrative. Unfortunately, hskfmn nor I currently have the ability to delete or lock a thread at the moment. Just delete "inappropriate" posts within a thread. I normally am not on that often myself - but this drew my attention and I feel needs some resolution.

- Miss Mako -

From: guest (gu3w5) , 7 months, post #22

From: cj , 7 months, post #23
I'll try to pop on for the next while and help.

From: JetAbyss , 7 months, post #24

Seriously, mods should have a way to delete threads. Or at the very least edit the title of an offending one. But I'll play my part.

From: Hobbitking , 7 months, post #25
Seems that 2 of them did get deleted, still got one to be deleted though.

From: cj , 7 months, post #26
We try to leave them up for the site owner to deal with in a more "permanent" way and/or to pursue whatever other steps need to be taken.

I did remove two of them, as there was no discussion with them - just the naked troll by itself.

From: Ijustcheckthisthread , 7 months, post #27

From: Ipkiss , 7 months, post #28
I haven't used my mod powers for a long, long while but I'll help out the cause any way I can.

From: guest (shutupcjandmods) , 7 months, post #29
Message deleted by hskfmn. Trolling.
From: DivineBandit , 7 months, post #30
Appreciate this thread. : )

I don't always feel super welcome when I peek at the board, so I really appreciate this one and the commitment to clamping down on the bad one.

From: guest (hskfmnisabitchassho) , 7 months, post #31
Message deleted by MissMako. Trolling
From: guest , 7 months, post #32
OP here.

Don't let the trolls make you feel bad or uncomfortable about yourselves. I am a cishetero and just wish people could live in peace without all this hate.

Trans PEOPLE don't deserve this hate.

I wish you all the best and hope you don't feel unwelcome in this board. This is a great community and the trolls are just a small fraction that don't represent our views.

As I stated previously, transgender people deserve love and respect.

Best wishes to you all!

From: guest (guest again) , 7 months, post #33
Bump again. Stay strong. Hold the line. Don't feed the trolls. Drink some water. Eat something good. Love yourself. Take care of yourself.

From: guest (ndc) , 7 months, post #34
Yeah, don't feed the trolls. Just like guest again said, while continuing a week long, five page reaction to a few comments. Love yourself.

From: guest (guest again) , 7 months, post #35

From: guest (bumpity bump bump) , 7 months, post #36

From: MissMako , 7 months, post #37
Love and hugs to all the wonderful Trans people out there including those who support Trans people 🏳️‍⚧️💕🏳️‍⚧️💕

From: guest (Dud) , 7 months, post #38
Transgender pepole are beautiful. If you are out, still in the closet, passing or bot passing, believe me - you deserve life and you deserve love. I know things might be hard, but i promise you: it WILL get better. Take carenof yourself and keep begin awesome.

From: guest , 7 months, post #39
Bump bump

From: guest (bumpity) , 7 months, post #40

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