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Transgender people deserve love and respect
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From: guest , 7 months, post #1
Since that fucking thread is gonna be bumped, why not this one? It's obvious the trolls won't let that thread die.

From: guest (fefo) , 7 months, post #2

From: guest (fefo) , 7 months, post #3
Everytime that other thred gets to the top this one should be bumped as well to counter it.

From: guest (hey_simone) , 7 months, post #4
PogU TransgenderPride

From: Hobbitking , 7 months, post #5
I do wish they could just delete things off the message board so we didn't even need to see the other thread.

They can delete the messages in the thread but the thing those trolls are trying to say is still visible.

From: Moose , 7 months, post #6
I hope paul or cj come back, theyre the only ones with that power currently, sadly i don't think thats happening anytime soon

From: ZeroSuitLink , 7 months, post #7

From: guest , 7 months, post #8

From: MissMako , 7 months, post #9
I wish I could do that gang... unfortunately all I can do is delete the messages. I lost Paul's email. If someone has it - could you sent it to me? Thanx.

From: guest (guu) , 7 months, post #10
bumping in support

From: Zooey , 7 months, post #11
Much better. Thank you.

From: guest , 7 months, post #12
Bumpy bumpy!

From: guest (Sora K) , 7 months, post #13

From: guest (Dean) , 7 months, post #14
I respect the Trans! more I totally disagree with ideology and biology! I'm not attacked for free because it's wrong! I always do Healthy and Quiet Debate!
I wish Peace for All!

From: MissMako , 7 months, post #15
I got Paul's email.

From: D.A.W. , 7 months, post #16
As a trans person I just like to thank thOP for posting this thread amidst all this transphobia. It's really appreciated.

And MissMako thank you too for staying on top of them.

Daniela A. Wolfe

From: guest (bart) , 7 months, post #17

From: Hobbitking , 7 months, post #18
Don't say things on those other threads, it keeps bumping them up. Instead just speak here.

Also there's still a message that needs to be deleted, targeting someone directly.

From: guest (phenessy) , 7 months, post #19
Let's keep this at the top.

From: hskfmn , 7 months, post #20
I have reached out to the site owner multiple times. I am admittedly unsure as to why he he does not seem to be acknowledging my messages, He seems to have long stints where he does not actively monitor the site...but every now again he comes back to lock or delete a thread. I will continue to try and get his attention. For now, that is all I can do.

Thank you in advance for your continued patience and understanding while the existing mods here deal with this as much as we are able to.

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