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Body Swap movies and series list 2021
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From: guest (Curious) , 3 months, post #121
Fantasy island 2021
Episode 2

From: Tuggy24g , 3 months, post #122
Morning after is on Tubi for free. Part two has not been released yet and it's been a few years. So don't know if part two will or not be released

From: guest (bart) , 3 months, post #123
Damn i thought we were getting that body swap episode of fantasy island tonight but unfortunately its episode one more week

From: guest (Doggy) , 3 months, post #124
This is a darker tv show so hopefully some real punishment like being stuck as a woman for the man if he's nasty made to wear s xy clothes and and have s x with men

From: guest (bla) , 3 months, post #125
here is the promo for fantasy island episode 2, but not much new scenes...

From: MorphingSkye , 3 months, post #126
Anyone have English or French subtitles for Le sens de la Famille? (I'll run them through an auto translator if need be.)

From: vup , 3 months, post #127
tv show...[has to have sex with men.

Not on American broadcast TV.

From: guest , 3 months, post #128
what do you mean? There is a tv show called "has to have sex with men"?

From: guest (Bobbycat47) , 3 months, post #129
That would be the ultimate tv episode a male scumbag turned into a woman and sent to be a sex slave for his crimes

From: vup , 3 months, post #130
Doggy wrote basically, this is a TV show. So, let's make it about making a man endure sex slavery, the 'being a woman is punishment' trope (and the show is not hiding behind the guise of comedy like all the other one-off Goodbye Charlie/Lalola failures here), let's explore this in dark and kinky detail.

That's a porn fantasy and it is not going to happen on broadcast television in the U.S.
That was the point I was making. They make porn like that, but it's not mainstream fare, so...not gonna happen.

From: guest (Curious) , 3 months, post #131
Forgive me for my mistake. Next time I have to be more aware when the information and you will see that I hope it is true and this is my gift so that I can see it

From: guest (De) , 3 months, post #132
any new updates?

From: guest , 3 months, post #133
Spoiler for Fantasy Island (2021 version) s1e2:

Click to show spoiler
Uhfonaq naq jvsr tb gb gur vfynaq orpnhfr gur fcnex unf yrsg gurve zneevntr. Gurl'er nqeranyvar whaxvrf naq gurl jnag fbzrguvat rkpvgvat. Gurl'er nyfb nethvat orpnhfr gur uhfonaq guvaxf gur jvsr vfa'g orvat sbeprshy rabhtu ng jbex gb trg n cebzbgvba.Gurl tb gb n fnhan naq haqre fbzr fgrnz, gurl xvff naq svaq gurzfryirf va rnpu bgure'f obqvrf. Glcvpny obql-fjnccvat fghss unccraf (uhfonaq va jvsr'f obql pevrf ng fznyyrfg guvatf, jvsr va uhfonaq'f obql jnagf gb xvpx gur penc bhg bs nalbar ybbxvat ng "uvf tvey," rgp.).Erny fcbvyre: Uhfonaq svaqf bhg ur'f certanag, punatvat rirelguvat. Jvsr trgf orngra hc nsgre cvpxvat n qehaxra svtug naq raqf hc qhzcrq va gur whatyr.Nsgre uhfonaq gryyf jvsr gur arjf, jvsr tbrf onyyvfgvp orpnhfr fur qrpvqrf fur'f tbvat sbe gur cebzbgvba ng jbex naq n onol qbrfa'g svg gubfr cynaf. Gurl gnyx naq svaq bhg ubj yvsr ernyyl vf ba "gur bgure fvqr bs gur srapr," gurl xvff naq fjvgpu onpx.Nf gurl yrnir gur vfynaq, gurl fnl nsgre gur jvsr tvirf ovegu, gur uhfonaq jvyy or n fgnl ng ubzr qnq, nyybjvat gur jvsr gb tb nsgre ure pnerre.

It's an okay body swap story. Strictly PG, since it's on network TV.

From: guest (Pappelmousse) , 3 months, post #134
The new season of Locke and Key is out in - Oct '21 I think. Given the 'swapping' key is out there, we may get a bit more changes in the series.

From: guest (Sera) , 2 months, post #135
any new updates?

From: Tuggy24g , 2 months, post #136
Any new updates is Зірки за обміном comes out new year

From: guest (KJ) , 2 months, post #137
I believe that the movie has been moved to January 2022

From: guest (Gnosis) , 30 days, post #138
Last Night in Soho has been released in certain regions. Anyone seen it yet? How's the possession aspect?

From: guest (bart) , 30 days, post #139
yeah i saw it. nothing.

From: guest (Switcher) , 26 days, post #140
I’m trying to find Le Sens De La Famille online and don’t have a VPN. Any ideas?

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