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From: ChoaPark , 39 months, post #321
Watching Lucifer... wow, just want to be any of them...

Lauren German

Aimee Garcia

Lesley-Ann Brandt

From: guest (BlackCherry) , 39 months, post #322

I don't really have a defined fantasy about being Riho because it changes. I've thought about being her and I've thought about being her twin, either would be great. I haven't put much thought into being a younger version and aging into an adult though that idea is very, very intriguing and would let me get used to and learn about being female and grow into a woman instead of just becoming one. If I were to be her I'd want her memories so I could pass as her with little trouble because I don't know anything about her personal life, if she's dating anyone, etc. Japanese wrestlers keep their personal lives pretty private, for good reason. One rumor is she's with Kenny Omega but as a fan of Omega I've learned not to pay attention to Omega rumors, especially when it comes to female Japanese wrestlers, they have teamed together though. As far as length of stay, I think a long stay and willing, though I'm always a fan of unwilling changes.

What about you with the women you post? Is Choa Park your top choice? I'm guessing so by your username. Would you want to be her or just look like her? Same questions you had for me basically. :)

Riho and Omega in matching gear.

From: ChoaPark , 39 months, post #323
@BlackCherry Thank you for asking... it's probably going to take me a while to compose an answer that I am happy with. Partially, I was asking you that question in case I wanted to write a caption for you.

From: guest (blackcherrychoaparksucknuts) , 39 months, post #324
choapark and blackcherry are fucking losers!

Bing bong goofs and manly are mentally fuct

From: ChoaPark , 39 months, post #325
If someone thinks I'm a loser for wanting to be like Jisoo from BlackPink... then that's fine with me. :-P

From: ChoaPark , 39 months, post #326

I think II'd like to relive my life but this time as a cute girl. I'd love to look and sound like someone famous (and I might be the only one who knows) but not actually be them. I'm really jealous of the way many girls can sing and dance, so I'd like their abilites or at least the potential to be like them. And I'd want some kind of coach (like a friend, or a big sister, to help teach me how go be girlish)

...and (perhaps most weirdly) I'd want the new girl me to be able to date the boy me.

From: guest (BlackCherry) , 39 months, post #327

A caption would be awesome, thanks for even considering it. I don't mind the questions, I just hope I did a good enough job answering them. Thanks for answering mine. I'm curious how others envision becoming the women they fantasize about too, like how their thoughts are like or different from mine. I've never been interested in switching with or becoming another guy, just women. Take Omega for example, I'm a fan but have zero interest in being him. Riho though, I'm a fan and have a great deal of interest in being her...or looking like her...or Mina Shirakawa. Riho when I think cute, Mina when I think sexy. ;) There are others of course but it seems like those two are my favorites.

Jisoo is gorgeous, Kpop as a genre has some really beautiful women.

I'm liking your idea of reliving your life as a girl, especially the way you put it about their abilities, etc.. I think if I could I'd like to do like you're talking about but grow up in Japan. What you say about a coach I think about too, there's usually someone who finds out I'm not who I appear but offers to help me adjust and teach me.

Would boy you know girl you's situation or just think you were a cute girl?

From: Ijustcheckthisthread , 39 months, post #328

Just checking in and appreciating you two keeping the thread going. Of course, it's very rare to get this in depth about desires and interests when it comes to TG or Bodyswap content and hopefully it inspires others to do the same.

Even with the person who thinks everyone sucks but then has nothing to contribute themselves, but eh. :P It's always easier to not contribute than to put yourself out there.

As a fellow wrestling fan @BlackCherry, I respect the depth of your interest in Riho, I never really saw her as that enticing, but your enthusiasm is definitely infectious.And @ChoaPark, know next to nothing about K Pop, but same goes for you.

From: ChoaPark , 39 months, post #329
@BlackCherry For this particularly fantasy, I think the girl me (let's call her Choa) would keep the fact that she was previously the boy a secret. It would really just complicate things... and this fantasy is aboute developing a loving relationship. However, in other, um, quicker, fantasies Choa would be explicit about who she was and what she would like to do.

@IJustCheckThisThread thank you for the encouragement. I enjoy hearing about which celebrities people would love to be like.

...and yes, my knowledge of K-Pop is very limited and anything I say about K-Pop should be taken with extreme caution (and while this is a place to discuss transformations and not K-Pop, please point out anything you think I am grossly wrong about)

From: guest (BlackCherry) , 39 months, post #330
I get your meaning. :)

A wrestler I've been crushing on lately is Mei St Michel, she looks exactly like Mei Suruga but they're definitely not the same girl. ;) She's in NEO Biishiki-gun with Sakisama, Mei is 4'10, I'd love to be short, and Sakisama is 5'9. Mei is not so quietly making her way up my list of favorites. I'll probably pick another actress next time but not today, today I wish I could be Mei.

From: guest (Raven) , 39 months, post #331
Atter my time as Daisy I wanted to try a more matured body so I took on Angelina...

From: ChoaPark , 39 months, post #332
@Raven nice choice. I never really thought of Angelie as attractive but you are changing my mind. Enjoy your stay!

From: Ijustcheckthisthread , 39 months, post #333
Hello again,


Thank you for your kind words and finding a space for people to express themselves, that's of the upmost importance.

As for me, I'm in a weird spot in my life where I don't really long to be anyone else, I certainly have a sort of attraction to the thought still, but who knows. It's always been a binge and purge thing for me and right now, there's no real feeling attached to it. Although, perhaps I'm just one good story or thread away from getting that feeling again where I'm totally immersed in an idea. If that all makes sense.

There's no one that really inspires me to get out of that funk, old favorites like Ariana Grande hold momentary interest, but it's nothing like I have to write something and see it through. And I adhere to the idea of don't force yourself to write something not felt.

Although as always I'm happy to have my mind changed lol.

For instance, if I were to write with someone like @BlackCherry it's often the case I find myself drawn in by their attention to detail (which they most certainly have) and their enthusiasm (obviously they have that again).

The thought of trying to write something that gets as close as possible to embodying someone else is daunting, but having someone on the other end with those traits makes it worth it.

From: ChoaPark , 39 months, post #334
@IJustCheckThisThread I'm not sure it is a weird spot for a person to be in where they DON'T desire to be a celeb. I just encourage you to find your happiness.

Right now, I'd be happy if I could do something like this...

From: ChoaPark , 39 months, post #335
...other times... kind of wish my mind didn't work like this.

From: Ijustcheckthisthread , 39 months, post #336

We've all been there. But hey, expressing it here is better than repressing it and making yourself more miserable.

You have impeccable taste as always.

From: guest (BlackCherry) , 39 months, post #337

Thank you for the compliments, I appreciate it.


Who is she?

Also, I used to wonder why I thought so much about being a woman but threads like this and sites like this have shown me I'm not the only one and I don't concern myself with it so much anymore. I think curiousity is human nature and while attracted to women I freely admit I'm curious what it's like for a woman. I'm really enjoying this thread, the beautiful women are one thing but I'm liking the conversations as well so thank you all for that.

From: ChoaPark , 38 months, post #338
@BlackCherry the girl is just someone who appeared on the reddit BodySwap community.

From: Ijustcheckthisthread , 38 months, post #339

Since the Mask is free on Youtube now, a moment of appreciation of how mind bogglingly incredible Cameron Diaz was/is.

Haven't seen her in years, but come on. Probably saved her money and is now in semi retirement she can't be older than 50 at this point, isn't that the life?

From: ChoaPark , 38 months, post #340
@IJustCheckThisThread a classic girl from the 90s. I remember her from The Mask. :)

Another 90's beauth, I might choose Halle Berry, though her beauty seems eternal.

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