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Looking for drizzlepopbot archive or collection
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From: guest , 44 months, post #21
If you search Drizzlepopbot deviantart on bing, you should be able to access some of their pages via clicking on the green arrow next to the green text in the search result and clicking cached. You can't access anything behind a Mature Content blocker (so none of the pics) but they frequently included the text in the description which you can access.

Unfortunately you can't find every piece this way, I'm still looking for Welcome to Italy and a couple of other similarly themed captions.

From: guest , 44 months, post #22
I also get the impression that not all of these are accessible anymore themselves, so I'll try to dump the ones I did back up on here.

Unfortunately when I did save these, I wasn't particularly smart about it, so I didn't get down any of their titles, placed them on a single word document and didn't place dividers between each story.

From: guest (SizeFan) , 43 months, post #23
Hey guys! Back again to ask more about the caption. Do we have any more info on the other list captions? I’m sure there’s a way to find it out there.

From: guest (Unknown peter) , 42 months, post #24
@guest , post #22
unfortunatley it's not on pastebin anymore ... but thx for your effort

From: guest (Jeckyl) , 40 months, post #25
Is there any other way to reupload to pastebin again ? Thanks

From: guest , 40 months, post #26
"Hey, think I can have some of those cookies?" Gene spoke looking up at a box of them on Hashem's shelf, strangely drawn to them.

"Be my guest." Hashem replied, grabbing the box and tossing it to his American friend. "Lots of sugar though, so try not to overdo it."

Gene nodded, "That's fine, they look great though." He popped open the box and got a whiff of the aroma, loving it, he grabbed one and quickly brought it to his mouth, chomping it down hungrily. "Mmmm...this is great!" He swallowed and smiled, his stomach starting to growl softly, as he picked up another one, adding, "So, hey, tell me about Iran man." Gene plopped himself onto a couch and continued devouring the cookies as Hashem sat parallel from him and spoke:

"Well, what do you want to know?"

Gene chomped on another cookie, his stomach *brrrrr* growling in response, Gene was none-the-wiser however, he bite through another one before responding, "Well...just talk tell me anything I should know." He ate the rest of the cookie and picked up another one, his stomach's growls only getting louder and longer, *grrrrrrlllllll*, visibly bubbling, as he shuffled in his seat, his hair starting to darken and his lips getting plump and womanly as he listened to Hashem. His hands slimmed out and his forearms thinned, turning feminine.

Hashem started to talk, laying out blurbs about the history of the nature, the cutlure, politics, geography, all the while Gene kept eating away at the seemingly bottomless box of cookies, his body reacting violently with his stomach loud gurgles and growled, his shoulders snapping and cracking into a softer build, his neck slimming, his face slowly morphing into something new, starting with his eyes deepening into a dark hue of brown, his skin rippling as it shifted into a browner and more golden complexion, Iranian genetics now pulsing through his body causing a bit of hair to grow from his slim feminine arms and now slimming feminine legs, his ass bubbling behind his back as it started to swell up and stretch, his softening rump starting to round out into a cute Iranian bubble.

Gene's cheeks were now stuffed as he shoved a few down his mouth as he stuffed himself, Hashem continuing to ramble on about Iran, Gene noticing a bit as his thighs were starting to get a little thicker, swelling up. And through his stuffed mouth he spoke in a voice that was pitched much higher than his own, "Shit...why are my pants so tight?" A bit of an accent shone through his speech, but regardless he continued to stuff his mouth, his stomach growled further, *rrrllllbbbllll* his ass started to swell and bloat even further, getting heavy, thick and chunky, his hips cracked and expanded wider, motherly, his thighs starting to get so fat that they rubbed up against each other, Gene pausing Hashem and commented, "Hey, does my ass look bigger to you?" *chomp* Shoving another cookie down his mouth, his face crunching and cracking, morphing into a completely feminine shape, his hair noisily growing from his head to his chest, which gurgled loudly, Gene hawking down another cookie as his nipples hardened and suddenly bulged out with thick, chunky titty fat, sloshing and jiggling on his chest with subtle movements.

He paused eating for a second and pressed his hand into his ass, slapping and jiggling it, "God, I need to go the gym, it's been getting so fat..." His voice now fully that of a woman. His eyes drifted towards another cookie and he devoured it, his hands cycling in and out of the box, stuffing his cheeks endlessly, swallowing down large gulp and his fat greasy chunky Persian ass bloating up with sugar and butter, pressing deep into the couch and creating crater-like imprints, his butt cheeks shifting his gravity entirely, his fat voluptous thighs spreading before him, his black pants covered in cookie crumbles, his hips getting wider and wider, his titties getter milkier and heavier, his face getting more and more feminine, his waistline crunching harder and harder, giving him an insane hourglass that even Hashem had to gawk at, "I feel so heavy ugh, I wish I can just stop *chomp* eating these cookies." His spoke with a thick accent that sounded like he'd just learned English a few months ago, *CRUNCH* his innards squished and churned, his stomach bubbling as it bloated slightly, his figure getting more and more fertile, Gene's body becoming breedable, curvaceous and hungry, *brrrrrrlllll* his stomach just got louder and louder, Gene having no choice but to shove the cookies down in single gulps to saisiate his seemingless bottomless hunger, his ass just getting fatter and fatter, the seams of his pants softly snapping as they couldn't support the weight of the thick Eastern rump, his thighs were squishing hard against each other, the fat churning loudly from his underside, a giant erection formed in the middle of the his pants with his penis loving the new female thickness that Gene wore, his face forming a soft coat of makeup, his nails growing outward and longer, more and more cookies stuffed his overly fertile legs with milk and sugar, his greasy underside soon converging on his crotch, which started to bubble.

His penis slowly retreating back into his body as he swallowed down more cookies, crotch bulging outward once it got slurped back into his crotch as he formed a thick, fertile Persian pussy, pulsing with small spurts of nut, ovaries forming within his body and a rush of female hormones now coursing through his veins, his thoughts making a hard shift, memories of growing up in Iran, making Hashem's sparse comments on the country between oogling at his swelling breasts a little pointless, as he leaned his head back and closed his eyes, moaning softly in his female voice, his mind flooded with a language he never knew his entire life, knowledge of life as a woman, how he's always dealt with her fat breasts, her wide-hips, her thick ass, god she hated it, why'd just have to inherit this thing from her mother, it was so big and fat and everyone just keeps staring at it. Gene looked back and grabbed and gripped her own ass, feeling it growing between her fingers as her stomach growled, why was she so hungry right now? These cookies are making her so fucking thick, she needs to go on a diet, get rid of all of this, staring with her thighs, ugh, look how they're spread on the couch I look like a whale! His waistline crunched even harder, her breasts bubbling with milk churning inside, her hair grew thicker and fuller, her face moaned out, "من نمی توانم این را بخورم ، الاغ من خیلی بزرگ شده است! جای تعجب نیست که همه دختران در سالن به من لب به لب خنده دار می گویند." ("I can't keep eating this, my ass is getting too big! No wonder all the girls at the salon call me chunky butt.") She slapped it hard, watching it jiggle in his hands, a small blush washing over her face, but that washed away when her saw another cookie in her hand and she nibbled on it, giggling, "این طعم ها دقیقاً مثل مادرم است." ("These taste just like my mother's.")

Hashem looked on the beautiful, cookie-eating woman on his couch, his jaw-dropping up and down, watching her stand up, stumbling, truly feeling the weight of her bloated Persian bum for the first time, leaving two big craters on his couch, her chunky Eastern rump sloshing with fat inside of her tight pants, his thighs gloriously rubbing and slapping against each other, her figure was incredible, her breasts were nice and plump. She placed the box down on a table, and bashfully smiled, speaking to Hashem in her nature language, "خوب ، من باید بروم ، شام آشپزی مادرم و او می خواست من به او دست بدهم ، شما باید بعدا بیایید!" ("Well, I've got to go, my mother's cooking dinner and she wanted me to give her a hand, you should come by later!") Hashem watched as her fat hips swacked left and right, the woman walking with a clear shyness of her overly ample body, as she walked out of his home, perversing through the neighborhood like she's lived there her entire life. Hashem's eyes then shot the box of cookies, as he jumped up and grabbed it, eagerly picking one out and shoving it into his mouth.


Aaron loved visiting his friend Louis' house. Louis and his family lived in an upper-class neighborhood in the city, their home sitting on a tall ledge that overlooked the city fully equipped with a huge pool, a 60" minimum TV screen mandate, and a wall of luxury cars forming a wall of opulence in front of their home nestled nicely in a cudelsac. Aaron came in one day with Louis to hang out, walking in and getting a blast of refreshing AC and getting a view of their living room. Wedged in the middle of the couch was a girl, Louis' sister, Danielle, her legs were spread wide, eyes glued to the massive TV screen in front of her, the young beautiful girl surrounded by bowls of junk food, tubs of ice cream, in front of her a few barren boxes of pizza. Aaron heard a loud crunch as she brought handfuls of chips to her mouth at a time, her face covered a small layer of oil and grease. She was like a black hole, food seemed to go inside of her in boundless amounts, her stomach's growls filled the entire room, sometimes even louder than the TV, the bunches of junk food getting evisorated in her stomach and shoveling it for storage in those chunky curvy thighs she wore attached to the fat heavy ass pressing hard into the cushions beneathe her. Aaron wasn't a fan of her or her overly ample and curvy body, finding her a bit annoying, especially when she's on her daily eating binges, especially her disgusting-

"*uuuRRRRPPPPPPP* Woo, fuck me..." Dani patting her slightly bloated belly and rubbed it, getting to let loose another booming growl before shoving her hand back into the bowl of chips and shoving it down her trash-compactor of a mouth. Aaron could only help but stare at this sight, how the hell was she able to fit that much food in her body, her ass must be stuffed to the brim with grease and corn syrup, he could practically hear it from where he was standing sloshing under her form. Aaron then watched as she grabbed an entire carton of milk from the coffee table and popped it open, bringing it to her lips and chugging it dry "*gulp* *gulp* *gulp* *gulp* *mmmmrrrrUUUUURRRRRaaaappppp* Ahhh..." She washed down the hundreds of calories currently swirling around in her belly with the white nectar as she turned around and saw Aaron staring, "Hey Aaron." She said unenthused and a little annoyed as she turned around and continued to watch TV.

"Aaron!" Aaron turned his head to the hallway where he saw Louis with his arms stretched out and a smile on his face. Louis walked over and gave Aaron a pound before bringing him in for a brotherly embrace. "What's up man? Ready to hit the pool?"

Aaron glanced back to Dani before looking at Louis, "Yeah, what's up, yeah, yeah of course."

"Alright, I had my dad help me clean it up, thank god, today's been so boring." Louis said with a clear longing, which Dani detected easily being his older sister, snickering in her seat and murmuring something in an insult tone under her breath, this in turn fueling Aaron's disdain for her bringing a smirk onto his face. Aaron slyly replied:

"Yeah man, let's get out of here quick." Aaron then gestured to Dani, "We won't want to be here when Dani's shorts burst, given that she keeps shoveling her fat ass with those chips." This immediately striking a wall inside of Dani, out of which ruptured years of insecurity with her body, her mind immediately clouding with routine compulsions:

'God why am I eating so much?' 'Fuck, my ass is so heavy...' 'Am I hungry for more? I'm such a chubby chunky bitch!' The synapses suddenly causing her to rise from the couch, turn her head to her brother and Aaron as she walked to her room in a quickened pace, a few sniffles echoing through the hallway before the sound of a garment of cotton falling on the ground and a door slamming shut resonated in the ears of the boys. Both of them chuckled to themselves.

"Thanks bro, god she's been such a bitch lately, but I'd say anything to her then my mom would be on my ass all night." Louis said, guiding Aaron to the pool out in the back.

"No problem, can't let her ruin the mood today." Aaron said, the two walking out into the back porch, a shiny bubbling pool in front of them, Aaron setting his bag against the back door and taking off his shirt, immediately dashing forward and jumping into the air and making a hard splash in the pool as sinking himself into the water. Bathing in the cool water sent waves of relaxation through his body as he floated to the top and spread his limbs out, closing his eyes and soaking it in. Louis hopped with him and the two enjoyed a refreshing soak for about an hour.

After which, Aaron rose out of the pool and hopped onto the blazing hot patio, as it was left baking in the sun, as went to the back door to get his bag to put on his replacement clothes. It was missing. Aaron looked around nervously as Louis rose out of the pool, noticing this he asked, "Aaron? Looking for something bud?"

"My bag, I swore I left it right here fuck." Aaron looked all over the bare patio, "You know where it could be?"

"It couldn't have just vanished, were the only ones here, besides Dani." Louis then pondered. "Then is around three and this is when the maid comes in. She always takes whatever mess I leave around and puts it back into my room, let's go check."

The two soaking boys went to his room and searched all over, it wasn't there. "Fuck." Aaron said, facepalming, "Well I can't just wear these soaked trunks all day and I doubt any of your skinny ass shorts will fit me. Guess I got to go home early."

"Hmm, hold that thought..." Louis said, disappearing into the hallway before reappearing with the pair of Dani's shorts she'd thrown on the ground earlier.

"No, no, no..." Louis handed them to Aaron. "These are WAY too big!" Aaron said, stretching out the waist of the shorts.

"Well they're only option. Relax, we're just going to be in my house for the rest of the day, we can put your swim trunks in the dryer and then you can wear them to go home later." Louis bargained, Aaron convinced as he nodded and slid them onto his legs, the waistline snapping his hips surprisingly, as the two headed into the living room to play video games. As Aaron sat on the couch inside of Dani's pink shorts, his stomach let out of a soft *bbbrrrrlllll*, his ass starting to get soft and squishy as the muscles inside of it melted away, leaving only a small layer of fat.

As the two played the game, small subtle changes started to appear all over Aaron's body. His hair got slightly longer and a bit darker in some places. His cheeks raised in his face slightly, his muscles melted away in his arms and legs and softened. Aaron hunched his back forward as he mashed buttons on Louis' controller, his spine poking through the skin of his back and softly snapping as it got shorter and shorter, condensing with an occassional crunching sound the boys mistook from being from the game. As he pressed the buttons on the controller, his fingers started to get slimmer and more petite, as did his hands and palms, his nails growing just a little bit longer and his forearms getting hot as they slimmed out into a more feminine build. Aaron's eyes drifted toward a bowl of chips sitting on the couch as he reached over and took a few and tossed them down his throat. He crunched them away and his stomach started to growl and bubble, his entire body rumbling, especially his ass as it started to slowly fill with hot and chunky ass fat, stretching his cheeks out, his butt getting slightly heavier, rounder and more feminine, his inner-thighs starting to build up with chunky womanly meat as well, rounding them out slightly and spreading them on the couch a little bit. His stomach growled a little louder, as he reached over a got even more chips, remarking before he ate them, "Man, I'm hungry..." Luckily, the boy was surrounded by mountains of snacks.

"Alright, I'm gonna use to the bathroom, be back in a second." Louis said, pausing the game and leaving the room. Aaron's lips drooled as he looked towards a bucket of fried chicken, sizzling and hot right near him. His eyes looked around before he reached over and took out a juicy leg, putting it in his mouth and eating it with a hard crunch, his stomach growling and his chest started to muzzle and gurgle, his nipples getting hard. The meat slipped past his lips as they swelled up and got plump and lovely, his jawline softening a bit, his Adam's apples melting away into his neck. Aaron brought another to his mouth and another, filling his hands as he slipped them past his lips and pulled them back out, devoid of meat. Aaron's body started to sweat slightly, his hair growing longer and longer on his head, reaching his ears, now looking a bit messy, his shoulder's losing their definition and buzzling on his body before *SNAP* and it arched downward, the other doing the same, *SNAP*, his body now in a feminine build. His stomach let out more gurgles and moans as his waist started to pull in hard, causing him to grunt a bit in his increasingly pitched voice, as he formed himself a lovely hourglass shape as more and more greasy chicken filled his body, his chest gurgling even louder, awaiting input.

Aaron looked over at a carton of milk on the table and reached forward, twisting off of the cap and bringing to his lips, which plumped up fully once the milk first slipped past them, Aaron raising it into the air and chugging it empty, his chest gurgling louder and louder, his skin twisting and rippling until it bulged out slightly, stuffing with fat and milk, before *BULGE* and they got bigger and jigglier, perking through his shirt, *BULGE* fatter and heavier, *BULGE* rounder and milkier, *BULGE* "Ahhh..." Aaron letting out a little bit of relief as he finished the carton, his chest bouncing around with the slightest movement, shifting his center of gravity. Aaron brought a hand to them and groped one of his C-cup titties hard, squishing it between his fingers, fatter bulging past them. "My chest is getting so...big...I need to hit the gym later..." He threw the carton of milk aside and brought a tub of ice cream to his lap, popping it open and grabbing a spoon from the table, scooping a giant heap of ice cream and shoving it hard into his mouth, doing this repeatedly, his cheeks bulging out as his cheekbones raised hard in his face which was becoming more and more womanly, his eyes softening as his jawline did, his voice getting higher and more feminine in tone, as he grunted greedily, devouring the ice cream in a monstrous way, much like Dani did, his hair now growing to his shoulders. His ass started to gurgle and bulge under his seat, getting chunkier, thicker and heavier, his thighs getting fatter and more voluptuous, his stomach growling wildly as his innards pulled themselves in harder, his hourglass getting more defined, *urrrrlllll* *BULGE* his ass was now pressing against the shorts, filling them out. Aaron's hips were getting wider as he finished the tub and found a box filled with pizza under the discard ones, bringing a greasy slice to his lips and eating it voraciously in a few bites, his hips *CRACK* getting wider as his pelvis spread wider and more motherly, his pants were now as tight as they could be as he noticed, gasping out in between slices, "My ass feels so heavy, fuck, it's getting so big, these pants are so tight..." His butt pressed harder and harder as he devoured more slices, the skin bubbling and waving as it filled with fatty mass, Aaron's chunky rump gurgling as now piled on more and more grease, now filled with saturated fats and oil, cheese swirling around inside. His thighs and groin getting very sweaty as Aaron thickened, the seams of the shorts starting to snap softly as it got bigger and bigger. His stomach growled loudly as his innards caved in with a loud nasty crunch, his hips spreading another crunch, his ass and titties bulging out even fatter with a mighty THUD that filled with the room. "Fuck, I'm turning into such a thick chunky bitch...but I can't stop eating..." His voice now completely that of a woman, as was his face that spoke it, his hair now reaching the middle of his back. Aaron raised a can of cheese whizz to his mouth and held down the nozzle, sending a load of it down his mouth and filling it, eating it all up. Aaron's stomach bubbled and gurgled as it bulged just a little bit, his ass now swirling and churning fat louder as it bulged once more, Aaron now wearing the derierre that would fit better on a mother in a remote African village. *urrrrllll* *BULGE* His tits and ass shot up another size as Louis then walked into the room.

"Bro..." Louis looked at the thick beautiful girl sitting on his couch, her body more voluptuous than any woman he's seen with his own eyes and he noticed in particular a bulge sitting between her legs, Aaron's erection slowly getting pulled into his body as he rose a bowl of chips to his mouth and chomped them all up, stuffing his face, his penis gurgling and sputtering as it got pulled back hard between thick sweaty thighs, his ass leaving a monstrous imprint in the couch as he stood up, his legs and hips jiggling and sloshing with fat as he finished the bowl and dropped it to the ground, his penis getting pulled into his body with a nice hard *SLUURRRRPPPP* and a *POP*, as his innards shifted and a pair of ovaries formed within his body, as well as a thick meaty vagina:

"UGH! Louis I'm turning into your sister!" He pressed his hands into his thick butt, "Look at this thing! How the fuck does she even walk! It's so heavy!" She moaned in her new feminine voice, each step causing the fat in her thighs jiggling, soft thuds filling the room, "Oh my gosh..." She reached up and groped her fat heavy breasts in hands, the D-cups sensitive, causing to release a groan in her feminine voice, her new vagina getting wet between her legs, "I hate this body, she's too curvy for me...Louis help me!"

"I-I-I don't know what to do bro I...." He oogled at the thickness before him. The two then heard a snicker and looked into the hallway as they saw a mischievous looking Dani dash towards the back door.

"Hey! Get back here!" Aaron's breasts bounced up and down, his ass and thighs sloshing and jiggled, as her thick body came running through the hallway, chasing Dani out into the back porch. His thoughts of anger suddenly shifted towards herself, 'I need to get changed back! My butt is too big!' 'God I need to go shopping, why does my body have be so curvy ugh!' 'I can't even run, I just want to eat, I want my ass to get bigger...' 'No! *urrrrlll* My stomach is acting up again, I wonder if there's any marshmellows around here?' 'I wish this thing wasn't so heavy, I'd be able to run a little faster...' Aaron dashed out to the pool, Dani nowhere in sight. "God damn it!" She said with a stomp. "Well..." Amanda patted her stomach as she walked to the ledge, looking over at the city. "I always loved this view...the city looks so great from here!" She the wind blowing through her hair. "Maybe I should take a dip in the pool later, hopefully I fit into that new bikini I just bought. God that makes my butt look huge!"

Just then Louis came dashing out, "Aaron? Aaron! What are you doing ou-?"

"Aaron?" The girl said, wiggling her fat white rump. "Mind grabbing me some brownies from the fridge Louis? I'm starving!" A loud growl came from the girl's slightly chubby stomach and Louis then looked on, nodded and backed away, shaking his head as he walked into his own living room, looking at the pile of snacks that Aaron was devouring as he transformed into the girl by his pool. He then noticed another pair of Dani's shorts tossed about on the couch right above one of their game controllers, Louis then reaching forward and picking up before his eyes drifted towards the piles of gender shifting food around him. Louis quickly depanst and shoved the shorts on, grabbing the final slice of greasy pizza and chomping down on it hard.

A few minutes later, an identical girl walked out by the pool and grabbed the butt of Amanda, Lila teasing her about her weight despite having an identical body shape. Dani then reappeared and looked at the two beautiful thick girls before her and smiled, speaking to herself, "Next time watch yourself you brats..." Running over as the three thick girls all began to plan a little buffet for the evening.


"So you're a princess or something?" Blake said, scratching his head at the beauty before him.

"Ahh, yes." She spoke in a thick Dutch accent. "I just ran away from home."

"Why?" Blake said questioningly. "I think being a fucking princess is something I wouldn't give up."

"It's all the pampering and the proctectiveness, it just gets to be too much, I have a life I'd like to live but I can't even see those dreams through. I can't even get a waffle for breakfast being my mother says it's improper for a princess to eat that way." She said, a bit down.

"You've never had a waffle?" Blake said, a bit surprised, he was in Belgium after all, but his American ignorance gleamed brightly to the princess, who rolled her eyes and nodded yes. "Hm, well there goes asking you where I can find the best wafflehouse."

"Well, I can't offer you that, but I can offer you another thing." She said with a sly smirk. Blake then immediately noticed the fat juicy thighs attached to her bulging Belgium booty bump. She saw this and rolled her eyes again, "I can show you the real Belgium, give you a real Belgian experience Blake." She grabbed his hand and tugged at him, "C'mon! We've got a lot to see." Before Blake could object, he saw her fat ass bouncing around behind her, he was hypnotized by it, and decided to just go along for the ride, maybe he'll get a feel of that later...

The two headed into the heart of Brussels, looking around the bustling city sights. She dragged him along giving him a tour of libraries, museums, schools, all the while complaining about her life, and all the while, Blake's eyes were glued to that chunky butt of hers. "The worst of it all is...ugh, look at this." She said, pointing at her hips. "I've been on a carefully picked diet since I was a little girl from my mother. All the years of pampering and grooming, all of it was just to make me a perfect little princess to be sent off to some prince. Look how fat and wide my hips have grown, all those dinners I was forced to go to so that I could meet Dutchesses and Kings, and it's all just so much sometimes. I was supposed to get married today actually, some prince from...I don't even know where, but the reasons behind the diet became very clear once I saw how he looked at my ass. Ridic-Are you even paying attention?" She said, waving her hand in front of Blake's face, who was currently being drawn immediately to her butt.

"Oh-yeah, a prince huh? That sounds cool."

"Sounds cool until you're the one marrying him..." She then spoke under her breath. "Which might not be too far off for you..."

"Huh?" He said, a loud growling coming from his stomach all of a sudden. "Whoa, I'm super hungry...any place good around here."

"I'll take you straight there, but let's finish up this tour first." She said, grabbing his hand. As she did, his hand started to creak and crunch within hers, morphing into a slim, petite woman's, an exact copy of her own. She took him to a large Gothic building in the middle of the city. "...And this is were I was schooled as a little girl. I remember these days very fondly." Blake suddenly felt a hard thump shudder throughout his body, he closed his eyes and leaned his head back as his head strangely became to fill with memories of going to school there as a little Belgian girl. His hair started to grow out slightly. He grunted, until she spoke and brought him out of it. "Oh, and I've got to show you this place too." She grabbed his other hand, transforming it to be nice and petite as well. They then walked to a tall Gothic church. "They seem to like this look a lot. I've been coming here all of my life. Brings back a lot of memories doesn't it?" Blake then grabbed his head again, his hair shifting colors and growing out once again, his face crunching and morphing into a brand new physique, higher cheeks, plump lips, rounder face, softer eyes.

"What the..." He said, his voice now slightly feminine. "Why do I...?" A loud growling interrupted his flow of thought. "Christ I'm hungry." A big of Dutch began to show up in his voice.

"Well, I know a good place not too far from here, just follow me." She said smiling, guiding him with her. As he walked through the streets of Brussels, they suddenly felt strangely familiar to him, like he's been here before, his whole life actually, the smells, the sounds, the people, despite him barely having stepped out of the US before his impromptu trip across Europe. His stomach growled louder and louder, he grabbed his with his hand, the belly feeling quite soft, more than normal, his waist also looked a bit trimmed under his shirt. As they walked they continued to talk, the princess mostly complaining about her life. "...Like I just hate how big and round my hips are, I wish I could've been a slimmer girl but I just have to carry around this fat caboose like my mother did, just so I can marry, do you know what I mean?"

Out of Blake's mouth came a feminine, "Oh yeah absolutely." Before *BULGE* his ass quickly got soft and round and started to grow within his pants, the growling correlating as it now had a nice round and small womanly rear, his hips starting to protrude slightly. "Why did I just say that?" He said, grabbing his head, memories of all of the dishes he's been fed as the princess of Belgium. "Hey where's this-"

"Well at least my breasts haven't gotten too big, can deal without the back pain." She said cheekily, Blake nodding and getting the urge to respond:

"Oh believe me I know." *BULGE* His nipples suddenly got stiff as *BULGE* his chest started to get soft and *BULGE* a nasty gurgling came with the sight of two soft jiggly breasts bouncing around on his chest. "And my waist hasn't plumped up with my rear thank god." A female's voice said escaping his mouth, Blake immediately covering it, nervous, as he suddenly felt a tension within his body, and a loud *CRUNCH* from his waist, as it condensed into a shapely feminine form. "I don't feel so g-" *SNAP* *CRACK* His back suddenly shrunk a few inches, *CRACK* his shoulders bent into a less broad form, his feminine figure coming into fruition, *SNAP* his pelvis expanded wide, making him a pair of fertile, child-rearing hips. "I need a..." And his stomach began to growl while his face completely morphed into a copy of the princess's, "I need something eat."

"Wow, hey look at that up there!" She said, pointing at the top of a cathedral. As Blake then to look as she stuck out her big fat bum into crotch with a hard *THUD*, this causing his ass to bulge out even thicker, his pants starting to restrict, his thighs getting fatter and more volutpous as well, his hips wider, and as the princess pulled her massive butt away, his penis was completely gone from between his legs, replaced with a fertile, functional vagina, which groaned and ached on its own, but not as much as his stomach as it released another growl. "Ah, looks like we've made it." The princess said, pointing at a bakery. She grabbed his hand and yanked him in.

The two sat down and the head chef was in awe at the view of the princess. He sent a waiter over with haste. "What would your majes-..." The waiter paused as he saw an identical girl sitting across from her. He was briefly confused, but responsed anyway, "-majesties like?"

"A fat stack of waffles, drizzled in syrup, sugar and cream!" The princess exclaimed. Minutes later the waiters arrived holding a shiny platter stacks all the way to the top with the desert. The waiters backed away and the princess immediately grabbed a fork and stabbed one slowly sliding it into Blake's confused mouth as he chomped it down, it was incredible, melting his mouth, he needed more. Blake grabbed a fork and started to shuffle clumps of waffles down his throat, syrup dripping from his lips. He was like a trash compactor, hundreds of calories sliding down his throat, Blake stuffing his body, all of it missing his stomach however and going straight to his fat Belgian ass, making it plumper and thicker, heavier and chunkier, he ate voraciously, filling his rump fill of cream and sugar, his pants started to rip and burst with the voluptous womanly fat, his thighs were getting so chunky and thick, he ate more and more, *BULGE*, he swallowed down a chunk of it *BULGE*, he picked up a glass of milk and started to chug it down *gsh* *GSH* *GSH* *BULGE* his ass kept getting fatter and greasy, sloshing around with waffles and syrup, it churned fat loudly for the entire bakery to hear. The princess smiled, she got up from her seat and then sat right next to Blake. She then rubbed her hand on his ass while he ate:

"Wouldn't a nice Belgian ass feel so good?" *BULGE* It got even thicker as she spoke, filling her fingers. "A big fat Belgian ass, mmph~..."

Blake felt his mind getting altered with her words, "Y-yeah, I guess it would, a big Belgian ass would be a nice big cushion to sit on wouldn't it?"

"And a nice round little belly and nice perky little boobies..." His stomach growled as it bulged out slightly thicker and her breasts got a little tubbier as well.

"That would make my figure so full and lovely..."

The princess gripped his ass hard. "A big fat butt, a woman's ass, thighs and hips...all for you to shake and jiggle around..."

"Yes those would be good, very good, for continuing the royal bloodline wouldn't they?" *BULGE* and all those areas got thicker, his accent was getting thicker and thicker as he spoke. "Nice and plump for a nice prince, that's what my mother always told me..."

"So why don't you go out there and find that prince...princess." She said, placing a kiss on Blake's cheek as she left the bakery discreetly. Blake shook her head and continued to eat the food until she heard syncronized marching from outside. The door suddenly flew open and in walked the queen with a couple of suited royal guards. The queen walked over to the table where the perfect copy of the princess was eating.

"You think you can get away from the palace? Young lady you know we have eyes all over the city. Come, come, we need to get you in your gown. The prince is waiting..."

"Wait wh-..." Her 'mother' grabbed her arm and dragged her out of the bakery.


A few weeks later, the Princess found herself standing in front of Duomo di Milano, dressed in casual wear, the type that her husband loved seeing her in, nice and tight, and clearly showing off those curves of hers. She turned around with a grin and spoke to him, "Oh, this place looks so lovely, thanks for bringing me here...I've always wanted to come."

"Of course, anything for my princess." The prince said, eyes squarely looking at her ass, the princess noticing and poking it out slightly.

"When I wear these you just can't control yourself can you?" She said with a laugh. The prince smirked:

"Just thinking about continuing the bloodline that's all."

And they did.

"Fuck, I need a drink." Tyler said, rubbing his head exiting his job after a long day. It was late at night, Tyler loosened his tie, took off his jacket and took off of his belt, leaving them in his care and heading to the pub. He opened the door, immediately hearing the drunken cries and laughs of the men that filled the bar. It was a real sausage party. Tyler ignored all of the loud, raging bravado around him and found a stool at the bar. He took a seat and gave a signal to the bartender, who knew him, the bartendering nodding and pulled out a pair of ice cold beers from the fridge, popping the caps and sliding them towards him. Tyler brought one of them to his lip and slowly drank it down, staring off into the nothing and calming his mind, until he heard:

"Ay....Ay! I'm talking to you lad." Tyler turned his head and saw where the voice came from. Two stools away from him was a very short man, dressed in all green, bearded with reddish hair. "How's about to sponsor your elda eh? Buy a cold one for ol' O' Connor." Tyler shrugged, signaled the bartender who slid down another beer for the short man. "Aye." He raised it to him to suggest a toast. Tyler reluctantly clanked the bottle against his and went back into his own little world. "You buy a fella a drink you don't bother to learn his name? Thought they were stiff back in Ireland."

"Sorry, sorry." Tyler said, "What's your name?"

"Name's Liam." Liam then eyed Tyler up and down. "So where's this lad from?"

"My grandmother was from England, my father's side is just American, Boston."

"I can see, looks like you couldn't a handle a third one of those." Liam teased as he chugged down his entire beer and smacked it down against the table. "Ahh! Eighth one tonight."

"Whatever." Tyler then shrugged him off completely.

"Ignoring me'h? Wouldn't figure you much of a drinking man anyway."

"Hey, just leave me alone-"

"-Just trapped up in the offices all day, working like a dog." Liam started laughing.

"Hey I said leave me alon-"

"A fine lass you would make."

"Huh?" A sofr gurgle came from Tyler's stomach, he grunted as it slowly went away.

"Why don't you order yourself another beer?" Liam said, crossing his arms.

Tyler opened his mouth to rebuttal, but no words came out, instead he made his usual signal to the bartender, and another two bottles of Guinness were in front of them, he had the strange urge to just chug them down, which he did, bringing one to his lips and swallowing it in fat gulps, the growling returning. As the cool liquid rushed through his innards, his skin started to get paler, his lips getting lip around the neck of the bottle, his face rounding out giving him nice round cheeks, his brunette hair started to take on a reddish color. "Ahh!" He said, before turning his attention back to Liam. "I don't need you in here treating me like a...a-"

"Woman?" Tyler then grabbed the other bottle and chugged it down, his hair getting more red and growing slightly longer, his eyelashes lengthening, his stomach growling even louder as his nipples became stiff under his buttoned shirt. "How do ya' expect me to talk to you? All's I'm doing is making a li'l jest with ya' and you're acting like yau've got a thong up your ass." Tyler clenched the rims of the table and made a tense face as his underwear morphed into a pair of panties and his ass started to feel warm, as the skin got smooth and soft, his stomach continuing to growl as Tyler signaled once more and got another two beers. He was acting as if he hadn't drank a thing in week as he brought it to his lips and lifted the bottle in the air, tilting his head back and downing the entire thing within seconds, his chest swelling from under his shirt, two soft, squishy A-cups sloshed around on his chest, his hair had grown past his ear, his eyes had softened and his adam's apples melted away.

"I-I-" Tyler felt strange as if his bravado was slipping away. "I don't need to be talked to like that!" He spoke meek, feminine. "M-more, more beer." He asked, the bartending slamming a large foaming mug in front of him. Tyler cupped it in both of his hands and brought it to his lips, his stomach growled loudly as he did so, *chug* *BULGE* *chug* *BULGE* *chug* *BULGE*, his breasts started to bloat up, chunky and soft, forming a bit of milk, new hormones pulsing through his veins, the same going for his thighs, hips and ass, which were beginning to constrict his pants, *chug* *BULGE* his hips and ass started to cause seams to rip inside of his pants, his breasts were now perky and visibly jiggling under his shirt. "It's gotten pretty hot in here." Tyler said, a slight Irish accent coming out of his speech, as he unbuttoned his shirt, revealing his tubby B-Cups bouncing around in a tight, sleeveless top that clung to his increasingly hourglass frame and promptly showed his small cleavage. Tyler bent forward over the counter, grabbing his growling stomach, which was getting louder and louder, as he struggled to muster out the words, "More, more beer!" Two mugs found their way in front of him as he started to swallow it all down.

Liam snickered. "You should've be drinking all-at beer luv, you'll find it goin' straight to ya' arse." But Tyler didn't listen as he began to chug, kicking the stool away and displaying his bloated Irish bum promptly in his pants, he chugged away at it, some of the beer dripping from the side of his lips, which were getting plumper, his face getting rounder, his skin rippling around his body and became more pale, his face now more womanly than ever as his cheeks raised from his skull. Muscles slowly melted away in his arms and legs, making them slim and petite, hair got slurped back into his body from all over, his hair was now growing past his shoulders which became less and less broad, revealing more of his slim feminine neck. His stomach was growling louder than most of the patrons at the bar at his point, his side crunching in hard as he intook more and more beer, giving him an incredible female frame, an hourglass figure, his hips crunching out wider, his ass was getting thicker and thicker, the beer sloshing around inside of it, giving him a tubby, Irish rump. The chunky sacks of womanly meat started to break more and more of his pants, his buttons flying off until *RRRIPPPP* and his pants were demolished, revealing a tight set of yoga shorts that stretched with the size of his thickening rear. Tyler picked up the other mug and continued chugging, panting as he barely came up for breath, his ass bulging out, going up sizes within minutes, he fell backwards a bit with the weight of his chunky Irish flesh sacks, his cheeks bouncing around in the increasingly tight shorts, which started to reveal the fat pair of panties he wore, sandwiched up that big thick ass of his.

"More more I want more!" Tyler cried out, his voice fully that of a woman at this point. Liam got off of his stool and got to the one right next to Tyler's, smiling as he patted and rubbed his belly to slow, circular motion, causing the growling to get even louder, Tyler grunting as he clenched his fists, his ass bulging even fatter as he awaited his drink, the bartending sliding four mugs his way.

"That's right..." Liam said as Tyler began to pick up the mug. "Get nice and thick for daddy." Out of Tyler's mouth then came a monstrous burp, *UUUUuuuUUURRRRpPPPPPppPP* which echoed through the bar.

Tyler replied, submissively. "B-but I don't wan-want to be Irish. I don't want a fat Irish ass...."

"Up, up, up...." Liam said softly. A bulge of air shot out of Tyler's stomach and came out of his mouth, *bbBBRRRRRRRrrrUUUAAAAAPPPPPppPPPPPPPPP*, "Drink, drink, I want this thicker luv." He smacked Tyler's ass hard, causing the fat inside of it to loudly slosh around like waterbed, another growl coming from his stomach as Tyler lifted the mug to his lips and dunked it all into his mouth within thirty seconds, his bulged out fatter and fatter, so heavy that he clung to the counter for support, his thighs were getting hefty and voluptous as well, squishing and jiggling around with the slightly movements from Tyler, "I don't want to be Irish..." He said in a heavy Irish accent, his voice sweet and soft. Liam smiled, pleased. His ass bulged even fatter in the middle of the second mug, "My butt is getting so big, it's getting too fat." He said as his body continued to drink more beer. "It's so heavy and greasy..." Tyler pressed his hand into his own bum, "It's so big, so big..." He sloshed it around and hear the beer inside of it. Tyler's stomach growled once more and he started to down the third mug, *gulp* *BULGE* *gulp* *BULGE* *gulp* *urrrrrlllllllllll* *BUUUULLLGE* his ass grew with a loud *THUD* and he fell backwards onto the ground, panting, an erection printing through his yoga shorts, squished between his big fat Irish thighs. "I cannot drink anymore..." He said groaning.

"Well it's one more beer." Liam said, picking up the mug and getting on his knees. "Mm, nice and full..." He said as he tipped it over into Tyler's mouth, the thick Irish woman swallowing it all up eagerly. His dick then slowly got pulled back between his legs as the beer went empty, until all that was left was a meaty, pulsing pussy between his legs. Liam helped Tyler up as he struggled to stand with the weight of his big fat butt, his thighs rubbing against each other as Liam guided him back to the stool. As he took a seat the stool creaked loudly, sounding as if it were about to crash under the weight of Tyler's chunky Irish rump. "You like it don't you? You like being a reddish whore with a bloated bum." He said, Tyler grabbing his head, starting to believe everything she was being told. "I like full women like yur'self, with nice chunky rears." *BULGE* *cccRRREEaaaKKK* His ass got even fatter and the stool got even weaker. "I've been looking for some lass to marry..." *SNAP* *CRACK* When Tyler's back, her frame getting shorter and tighter, causing her ass and thighs look even bigger in proportion with the rest of her. "A short women like me-self." *CRACK* *POP* Her stomach growled as she began to reform to his wishes. "You know there's a name for men like me, surprise y'never pointed it out, I'm a-"

"Leprauchan." *SNAP* And now Tyler was a full thick women just a tiny bit taller than the midget that sat next to her.

"And you will be my bride." Tyler grabbed his head and grunted out in his feminine voice before letting it go, untensing his body, a golden ring forming magically around his finger. She looked at Liam, her eyes flashing green, as she smiled and ran to him, causing the stool to fall over, the two short Irish people on the ground next to each other laughing. Liam got up off of the ground and grabbed an empty mug from the counter. "Barkeep! Another round'! He then hopped onto a stool and announced to the room, and another round for all of these fine gentlemen!" The entire pub cheered in an uproar. "I am here cel'brating my engagement to my beautiful bride-to-be!" Liam said, the gentlemen starting to clap, Tyler blushing. Liam then hopped down and gave her ass a fat smack. "A fine arse she has doesn't she?" The men all laughed and cheered as they were all served another drink.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"What do you mean?" Bridget, a young brunette girl said to Victor, a tall, muscular brunette guy, leaning against his white Jeep.

"You know just a little more...'meat' on the bones you could say. Bigger..." Victor made circular shapes with his fingers, insinuating a big butt and large breasts, "You're just a little too thin-for me! I'm sure there is some other guy that'll-"

"Ugh, Victor you are such an unbelievable fucking asshole. You ranted on and on about how all these girls are just mindless airheads and just drone around with nothing interesting to say, and you'd like a girl whose like me, whose smart and funny, and now you're back peddling because I even SUGGEST that we go out for a coffee, get over yourself." Bridget turned her back to him, annoyed.

"Well what do you want me to say Bridget? We've been neighbors since we were kids, it'd be weird, and I just-"

"Want to stuff your dick between one of those bloated bimbo 'airheads', I understand completely." Bridget said, turning around and smirking at him deviously. "You know what, forget what I said Victor...maybe I was a bit out of line." Her eyes traveled to his hips.

"Well, thanks Bridge, sorry if that was a little hurtful." Victor said bashfully.

"No, no, it's perfectly fine Vic. Perfectly fine." Bridget suppressed a giggle, a soft growl coming from Victor's toned butt *gggrrrllllllll* as it softened from within his pants, getting jigglier, Victor completely oblivious to it. "So, where are you headed?"

"Well, I was headed out to mall, but you know with all that's going on..." *rrrrgggggg* *blllllshhhh* Victor's ass gurgled louder and louder as he spoke, his butt waving and rippling, getting softer and jigglier. "...god, Jess is really going to lay into me later, since we were supposed to do this for a while." *snap* *CRACK* His spine shot down a few inches, the two becoming slightly more eye-evel.

Bridget blushed. "Oh! Jess...why were you going to mall with Jess?"

Victor's hair started to get lighter in a few places, growing softly from his head as he answered Bridget, "It isn't anything like that, you know we've been friends for a while too, we used to go the mall all the time..." His chest squished loudly *rrrrlllllssssss*, his nipples perking from under his camoflague shirt, "And she hit me a few days ago, 'Oh my god we haven't done this is a while so why don't we-'" *gsh* *Gsh* *GSH* *RRRLLLLLgggSSSS* *BULGE* A pair of small A-cups jiggled and sloshed under his shirt, his nipples perky as ever as small pockets of milk and fat formed on his chest. "And you know how Jess gets when you turn her down." *brrrrlllllll* *rrrrlll* *BOOMPF* Victor's ass started to pile on warm womanly meat, filling his bloating butt with voluptuous chunky fat.

Bridget hid a giggle, as she saw his round bubble poking from his pants. "Y-yeah..."

"What's so funny?" Victor said, waving his arms, *CRUNCH* *CRACK*, his shoulders loudly forced themselves inward towards his neck, *snap* *CRACK* and they forced themselves downward in a softer, less broad form. His skin started to ripple all across his body, visible from his hands and face, as all of the little stuble and man hair all over him all get slurped back into the pores of his now baby soft skin, his complexion getting slightly lighter as the flesh swirled around on top of his body.

"Oh, you know, just Jess, you know last week she'd ask me to go, uh, to the movies! Yeah, and I was all, 'don't you know about the virus', and she got like, so mad at me, like, ugh, typical Jess right?" Bridget played around, watching as Victor's head twitched, his hair now growing faster and faster out of his head, a much lighter shade, now nearly covering eyes and ears, Victor flipping it back the way a girl would before speaking:

"Ugh, tell me about it!" Victor said, now in a much more feminine pitch and tone, "She could just be so inconsiderate sometims can you believe it? And it's just-" Victor's eyes suddenly darted left as a man, around his late twenties, was jogging along the sidewalk, wearing nothing but a large tank-top and a pair of tight gym-shorts, clearly showing a printing bulge from the front, the man-girl's eyes glued to it as he walked by, causing him to think, "Why am I staring at this guy...huge di-" He stopped himself, his body felt hot and aroused, *rrrllgggsssss* *BULGE* his breasts grew a cup size larger, printing harder through his shirt, much fatter and jigglier, bouncing around, the arousal pushing the energy throughout as his body, *CRUNCH* his waistline started to pull itself inward forcefully *crack* *CRUNCH* as it got thinner and thinner *ccRRRAAACCCccKK*, until he had a vague hourglass shape attached to his increasingly feminine body. He turned back to Bridget to speak, "Yeah, so anyways..." His voice even lighter and more feminine, Bridget seeing his eyelashes have grown longer and his cheekbones were raised within his face. "What was I talking about?"

"Jess. Did you see what she was wearing the other day?" Bridget said in a gossipy tone, watching as Victor's eyes bounced around and his head twitched even harder, his jaw dropping slightly, his lips puckered out as they swelled up plump on his face, his mind shifting, new thoughts popping in to align more with his body, Victor's Adam's apples melted away into his slimming neck, *CRUNCH* *CRACK* his waistline getting thinner and thinner, Victor, in his current daze, arching his chest forward, his chest spurting and squishing, *rrrllll* *gssh* *GSH* *GSH* *GSH* his breasts getting larger and fatter and milkier, his ass loudly gargling *rrrrggggsssss* *GRRRRLLLLLL* *BOOOMPF* *BOOOMPF* his thickening rump getting fatter and thicker in his pants, his thighs rippling and getting sweaty as they thickened as well, Victor snapping out of it and replying to Bridget while his underside started to shift and morph:

"Yes, oh my god I couldn't even believe it! She wasn't always wearing pants like that!" Victor said, his black pants shifting in texture as they suddenly remolded over his thickening underside, *urrrgggglllll* *BULGE* *BOOOMPF* *WHOOOMPF* his thighs thickening into juicy womanly drumsticks, *rrrllll* *BULGE* *DONK* *DONK* each one of his jiggly womanly ass cheeks bloated thicker and thicker, giving him a motherly lower-half, his heavy ass pulling him back a bit as he adjusted to it unknowingly, *BULGE* the flesh on his ass cheeks rippling and bubbling as more and more greasy body fat multiplied inside of his back carriage. "And remember when she--!"

"--HEY! Uh, Victor, why don't we go over to Starbucks and talk this out?" Bridget said, watching as Victor's manly-womanly face gave a skeptical look.

"Okay, uh, sure, but I mean, I never really liked Starbucks, but, whatever." Victor clicked on the car and the two were soon on their way to a Starbucks nearby. Bridget ordered to pair two Pumpkin spice lattes and a couple of muffins, the two seating in front of a large wide window in the front of the cafe. Victor raised it to his lips and took a sip, the liquid passing through them, making them plumper and more womanly, a small coat of lipstick appearing when Victor lowered the cup from his mouth, "Wow, this is actually really good!" He raised it to his lips and slurped a good bit more down, each gulp flowing through his neck and into his stomach, his gurged loudly *ggrrrrlllll* *CRUNCH* his waistline getting even thinner and the skin on his softening stomach rippling and waved, a very small bit of fat appearing on his stomach. *burrrrllllll* *BULGE* *BULGE* his two breasts now sitting at comfortable perky C-cups, bouncing and sloshing around under his shirt. As he drank more and more, his ass bubbled from under his sit, *WHOOMPF* the butt piling on more fat, causing the chair to creak slightly as it got heavier, *WHOOMPF* and heavier, his thighs starting to spread even more across the seat of the chair, his underside even plumper as he brought the now half-empty cup from his lips and let out a soft and but long, *brrrraapppp* the burp getting lighter and lighter as the pitch of his voice raised with the blast of gas, his jawline now curving inward into a more feminine shape, his nose softer, between Victor's thick womanly drumstick thighs came a bulge, getting longer and longer, Victor getting hard as the liquid rushed through his form. "God why don't we come here more often?"

"Oh, if you liked that, then you'll really need to try these muffins." Bridget said, handing Victor the pastry, as he raised it to his lips greedily and took a monstrous bite without even taking off the wrapping, chewing it down hungrily, swallowing it down, *urrrrrlllll* *BULGE* his stomach piled on a little bit more fat, overlapping over the waistline of his yoga pants slightly, giving the beautiful man-woman a bit of a muffintop him-herself. Victor looked at it greedily as he chomped the rest of it down, his muffintop getting slightly fuller, his body's skin rippling, soft cracking begin hard, sloshing coming loudly from his torso as his organs twisted around from within his body. "Oh, that was good..." His voice now eighty percent female. "Wow, that tasted like it had so much sugar in it..."

"Want another one?" Bridget said, holding up another one right in front of Victor's face.

Victor looked down at his thick, heavy thighs spread around the seat, becoming conscious of his body weight, "You know, I really shouldn-" Victor's mouth became stuffed with the muffin as Bridget shoved it right down his maw, forcing him to chew and swallow it down as she pushed it deeper and deeper between his plumpening lips, the muffin rushing through his system, his ass bubbling and bouncing around before *BULGE* *WHOOOMPF*, thicker and fatter, creaking against the chair, the fat pushing and bulging past the back of the seat, Bridget picking up another one and shoving it into his mouth, stuffing his cheeks, Victor chewing it down, *rrrrllll* *DONK* his ass was getting even rounder, heavier and fatter, his penis was fully erect was now getting pulled slowly into his crotch, which sputtered and squished as a uterus and a pair of ovaries came from his crotch, Victor's eyes traveling to a young man, on a date with another woman, his eyes drifting toward his crotch, noticing a bulge in his jeans, arousal rushing through his body again, his mind flooding with sultry and slutty thoughts, "Fuck, it'd love to suck his...wait..." *STUFF* Another muffin came down his throat, *BULGE* *GRRRRLLLLL* *DONK* his ass now stuffed, bloated and heavy, stretching out his black yoga pants. Victor swallowed the rest of it and took a heavy breath.

"Good right?" Bridget said, watching as Victor's face was now fully that of a woman, coated in a soft layer of makeup with the exception of his cherry red lips.

The two headed back to Victor's home, parking the white Jeep as Bridget looked at Victor with loving eyes her eyes drifting towards his pants, a slight bulge pushing out from his crotch, Bridget smiling as she spun around and smacked it hard and pushing it upward into his crotch, Bridget feeling the flesh hum and buzz under his fingertips, Victor letting out a womanly groan, as a fat, wet, fertile and hungry vagina formed between his legs, a small spurt of nut coming out, as she removed her hand playfully. "Girl don't play like that!" Victor said, playfully smacking her away. "We're right in front of my house Bridgey come on haha."

"Woah." Bridget said, looking past his shoulder, another bulge of a man dashing by, Victor's and her eyes glued to the dick printing his pants, Victor's breathing getting deep and heavy, Bridget looking right at Vicky's thick ass and reaching forward and grabbing her by her fat hips, smashing them hard into her crotch repeatedly, her ass growling and getting thicker with each *thud* *BULGE* *thud* *BOOMPF* *thud* *DONK*, the now heavy ass causing her to stagger a little bit, laughing as her best friend played with her thick butt like she always used to, causing the guy to look at them, smirk, and dash away.

"Stop it, stop it!" Vicky said, laughing loudly, as Bridget dry-humped her, her butt was jiggling all over the place, her breasts bouncing in her shirt. Vicky stumbling a bit at her bottom-heavy stature. "God, I wish I could get rid of this thing!" She said, giving it a hard smack, sinking her fingers into her voluptous womanly chunk. "I feel like a whale sometimes."

"Oh please Vicky." Bridget said, reaching forward, groping and molesting it, "I'm sure there's some guy that'll love your body just the way it is."

Dean wasn't adjusting well. A job oppurtunity came up in Vietnam and he'd decided since he's young he might as well take this time to start travelling around the world, searching for new experiences. He has been living in an apartment complex in Hoi Chi Minh, spending most of his days either at world at his desk job or at home watching TV, not the exact cultural experience he'd hoped for. A few weeks of this and Dean was already considering reversing his big decision, but then one day, he'd gotten a knock at his door, which was pretty unexpected since he never talked to his neighbors.

Dean got up and opened the door, behind it, was a pretty Vietnamese girl, barefoot and wearing casual clothing. She looked at him with her cute face, catching Dean a little off-guard, and then the girl spoke, "Này, phiền nếu tôi mượn một ít đường?"

Dean looked at her blanked out, he'd only been able to learn a couple basic words in Vietnamese, mostly due to the fact that most of his coworkers spoke passable English. But then the girl giggled then asked, "You are American right?" Dean nodded nervously. "Hi I'm Yen, I live a few doors down." Dean looked at her, passively nodding. She then gave him an interested look. "Maybe you should hang out with me and my friends sometime, we can introduce you to the city!"

Dean mustered out, "Y-yeah, sounds great..."

"Also, do you have any sugar?" Dean did, going back to grab a cup and handing it to her. "Thanks..."


"I'll see you around Dean..." Before leaving she paused. " you have a girlfriend Dean?"

Dean blushed, and flustered he spoke, "N-n-no..."

"Hm, okay!" Yen said, leaving, Dean slowly closing the door behind her.


Dean found himself sitting in a room full of beautiful Vietnamese girls. All of them were talking to him eagerly, asking him questions about his life, letting him go into details about his favorite video games, movies, sports, the food, strangely all being very intrigued by it. They all left the apartment complex and went out for a day out on the town. Dean remained relatively lowkey in the group, just drifting around with them in and out of women's clothing stores, all giggling picking up bras and underwear and glancing back at Dean, speaking Vietnamese (which he found a bit rude) about him and gigging. After a few hours of that, the girls took him a restaurant deep within the city.

"Don't worry, we got the bill, just enjoy yourself and eat!" Yen said, nudging him in the shoulder, Dean watching as the table piled up with dishes of exotic food he'd never seen in his life. The girl egged him on to eat, eating way less in comparison, but Dean didn't mean because this food was delicious, it was some of the best he's ever eaten in his life! He barely took a stop to breath while he munched on the assortment in front of him, the girls giggling and chuckling around in Vietnamese. Despite not knowing the language at all practically, he found himself picking up words, "Eat", "Girl", "Breasts?", but ignored it.

The next morning he woke up, feeling more energized than he's ever felt since he came to Vietnam, and with his new set of beautiful friends, he seriously reconsidered his reconsideration, and just then he got a text from one of them, asking if he wanted to go out with them later.

Later that day, the group prowled the streets once more, Dean much more active and engaged and energetic within the group, much more enthusiatically moving through the women's clothing stores. Dean stared at the male section but strangely lost all interest and continued clinging to his group. When holding up a bra, one of them spoke in Vietnamese and the rest of the girls laughed, Dean was now able to pick up even more of the conversation, "What" "Dean" "in" "bra", but continued to brush this off. Dean and the girls went into a beauty shop next, all playing around and testing makeup on each other, some of them looking at Dean and holding up various beauty products. One of them snuck up behind up with a brush in this hands, quickly running it through his hair. Strangely, as the brissles ran through, his hair started to grow and stretch with the stroke, making his hair slightly longer. "Hey what the..." Dean turned around and saw Yen, innocently holding the brush behind her back, Dean smirking and turning back around.

They went out to each again that night, Dean stuffing himself silly with his prepaid soups, slurping in tons of noodles and filling himself out with delicious beefs and various meats, slobbering and getting food all over his body, eating tons of plates, surprised that he wasn't gaining a single pound. But what Dean didn't notice was his nipples, which were swelling up under his shirt, getting very perky, as well as his butt which was started to get kinda soft. They al

From: guest (SizeFan) , 39 months, post #27
Those are 100% the captions! Though I guess it had a character limit. Is there another way to share the rest of these stories?

From: guest , 37 months, post #28
Oh hell, didn't notice.

They went out to each again that night, Dean stuffing himself silly with his prepaid soups, slurping in tons of noodles and filling himself out with delicious beefs and various meats, slobbering and getting food all over his body, eating tons of plates, surprised that he wasn't gaining a single pound. But what Dean didn't notice was his nipples, which were swelling up under his shirt, getting very perky, as well as his butt which was started to get kinda soft. They all dispersed that night and Dean drifted off into sleep, unconsciously humming an old Vietnamese children's hymm.

He woke up the next morning and felt strange, he felt shorter, and thinner, he looked at his skin and it looked a little darker, but he brushed it off, after all he has been in this country for a while. No alarm came when Yen called him the next morning and answered the phone, speaking completely in Vietnamese, "Này Dean, muốn đi xem phim sau không?" ("Hey Dean, want to go to a movie later?"), and then he answered it, knowing fully-well what she had said to him. And he nervously replied...

"Yes sure..."

While in the theater, despite the movie being in English, Dean's eyes drifted towards the subtitles, being able to read them perfectly. In the middle of it, Yen slipped a hand over to Dean's crotch, Dean nervously kept looking forward, as she glided her hand inside of his pants, giving him a classic mid-movie handjob. Dean leaned his eye back and closed his eyes as she smiled, looking forward, and got to work. A few minutes later she pulled her hand out of his pants and reached back to the popcorn again, popping a few kernels into her mouth. Dean didn't know why, but his crotch felt unusually good, strange, but good, and he didn't realize that his penis was currently folding in on itself between his legs and pushing itself back into his crotch.

The two went out for ice cream a little later, Yen giggling as she saw Dean greedily lick the scoop of ice cream, as he did so, his facial features got softer, his eyelashes grew slightly, his tongue got thinner but longer, his lips plumped up slightly, all of this accompanied with a soft crumbling from within his face and gave him a thinner face by the time he finished the cone, remarking only, "That was tuyệt quá!" ("great!")

A few days later he was out to eat again, shoveling it down his throat in a way that could attracted attention from all over the restaurant. His figure was damn near androgynous at this point, his chest now holding onto a pair of A-cups, which he saw as himself as gaining weight, his waistline got much thinner however and his hips were starting to bulge, but more impressively, was his butt, which was gurgling softly during his eating session as everything he sat seemingly broke down into fat and flowed all the way to his ass, causing his booty to become more womanly and cushioning as he sat, Yen reaching behind his back and pinching his ass fat, causing him to jolt mid-meal. He looked at her and swallowed his food with a shocked face, as she leaned forward and kissed him on the lips, Dean quickly joining with her, not noticing as his face slowly became to shapeshift, his hair getting darker and darker, more than it was before, his skin becoming tan. He pulled away, now with a borderline female face and continued his meal.

He awoke the next morning, something was wrong. He looked in the mirror and saw himself, his hair now drapping to his shoulders, long black and sleek. His T-shirts, that fit him perfectly when he first got there, were now baggy, and from his chest poked out his swollen perky nipples, Dean pulling the shirt forward and showing his two new jiggly tits bouncing off of his chest, "Cái quái gì thế này?!" ("What the fuck is this?!") He then covered his mouth, it was his voice yeah, but much more higher pitched. "Did I just speak Vietnamese...." Dean looked at the logo on his shirt, He-Man, a show he'd grown up with, but now he didn't even recognize it, and when he tried to think about it, all he could remember were completely different foreign cartoons, as if he's had an entirely different childhood. He then heard a knock on the door, but as he walked to go open it, he noticed that there was nothing dangling between his legs, and his butt felt, heavy...and soft...Dean reached back and cupped it with his new slim feminine hands. "Oh fuck...." He then crawled to the door slowly, the knocking not disappearing, as he looked into the viewing hole and saw Yen with a smile on her face. He angrily opened the door, "Yến những gì đang xảy ra với tôi!" ("Yen what is happening to me!")

"Oh thư giãn đi, em sắp xong rồi." ("Oh relax baby, you're almost finished.") She then walked in and closed the door behind her. She had a bag in her hand, as she reached in and pulled out a brush, brushing his hair out longer and longer pass his shoulders before Dean swatted her away.

"Bạn đang làm điều này với tôi?!" ("You're doing this to me?!")

"Tất nhiên, đây là cách tôi tìm thấy tất cả bạn bè của mình." ("Of course, this is how I find all of my friends." Yen then reached back and grabbed handfuls of his jiggling female butt, shaking it between her fingers, causing Dean to moan hard as his ass gurgled and expanded in his hands, his thighs sweating as they swelled up as well, giving him a beautiful thick lower-half. Dean pushed her away.

"Không không không bạn không thể làm điều này!" ("No no no you can't do this!") Dean now spoke in a fully feminine voice, but Yen just smiled as she crawled over to him on her knees and slowly rose up against his body, leaning in one more time for one more kiss. Dean tried to fight back, but he felt himself getting hypnotized by this. As he did, his body filled with a strange sort of energy, as his breasts grew pressing up against Yen, his waistline crunched inward, his face became fully feminine as did the rest of his body, now filled with female hormones. Dean then felt his conscious shift entirely, memories of a whole new life just flooding his mind, attachments to her past as an American faded away, Linh now fully born a new woman. As Yen moved her face away, she looked at the beautiful women she's created as she patted her on the side of her face.

"Bạn đã sẵn sàng để đi ra ngoài sau Yinh? Tôi không thể chờ đợi chúng tôi đã đến câu lạc bộ quá lâu!" ("You ready to go out later Yinh? I can't wait we haven't been to the club in so long!")

Linh smiled, "Tất nhiên, và tôi cũng có chiếc váy hoàn hảo!" ("Of course, and I have the perfect dress too!")

A few hours later, Linh was getting ready, wearing a tight green dress that accentuated the curves on her lovely figure, a soft coat of makeup was printed onto her face, a knock came from the door, behind it was all of her friends all dressed similarly with curvy bodies and pretty faces much like her. They all giggled, joking around in their native language, and as they left the building, they saw a white boy hauling a suitcase inside, and they all looked to each other before all looking at Linh, who smiled, "Thời gian để làm cho một người bạn khác!" ("Time to make a new friend!")

James stepped into the backyard of his friend Yussef, a beautiful array of flowers that arched above them. "Holy shit man, this shit is beautiful."

Yussef smiled, "Been working on it since last spring, the flowers have really grown nice."

"I've never seen these flowers in America..." James said, gleefully cupping one in his hands. "Sorry if I sound like the tourist but shit, Saudi is really beautiful."

"Ah, but the best part is the food." Yussef said, scurring back into his home and bringing out a hot plate with steaming fried rice, speckled with small bits of greens and carrots, on top of which sat a warm, seasoned chicken. "Kapsa eh? Looks pretty good?"

James grinned. "Finally, was wondering when you were going to bring out the food." He snatched the plate and took a seat in a chair, Yussef handed him a fork and James started to dig in, scooping up a bit of the rice and shoveling it down his throat. "Mmm, fuck, this shit's great!"

Yussef nodded with a sly grin.

James hunched over his plate and shoveled scoops of the rice down his throat, chewing greedily, not noticing that his skin was started to take on a tannish tone, his brown hair slowly getting darker and darker. "What's in this?"

"Just the array of spices you're not finding anywhere in America."

As James devoured his dish, a loud growling came from his stomach that he hadn't seemed to notice, when he picked up his head from his dish, a soft gurgling came from his chest, Yussef seeing that he slowly sputtered out a pair of breasts under his shirt, B-Cups, C-Cups, until two perky Ds bounced up and down with him, sloshing around with milk on the inside. "You know you might have to fix me another plate." James smiled with a mouthful of food, his nose and eyes looking a bit softer than usual.

As he scoffed it all down, a loud *CRACK* came from his midsection, one he was incredibly oblivious too, as he didn't notice his body forming an hourglass figure. He spoke again, but this time, it was a woman's voice. "You know I love this foreign shit you know..." But as he talked, his feminine voice started to gain a thick, heavy Arabic accent behind it. "'s like getting in touch with a whole new culture. I mean, you know me, burgers, pizza, hot dogs you name it, I was practically raised on McDonald's." His jawline cracked into a softer form, the bones were shuffling under the skin of his face. "But its good to shake that up for a change, don't you know?" His typical grammatically correct English started to slip, his body starting to smell of an exotic perfume, makeup bleeding onto his skin.

"You know there is a falafel place up the street."

"Ooo! I love falafel!" James spoke, not out of his fully womanly face, and strange thing, he's never had falafel in his life. "I'm bit of a fiend for it." He then picked up a piece of chicken, now with his soft feminine fingers, opening up his swelling and plumping lips and took a massive bite. As he then *BOOMPF* and *CRACK* his hips bursting out, welling with fat as he greedily ate the chicken, snorting, as his booty started to gurgle, filling with hot and fresh womanly ass meat, causing his chair to creak slightly with the new shift in weight, his breasts sloshing still with his rapid movements, his ass just swelling larger and larger.

His hair had grown to his shoulders and drapping along his arms, his clothes hugged tightly against his new fertile form, his thighs filling up with the same curvaceous fat as he sucked the meat off of the bone, his small and cute tongue licking off the bottom of the plate, James burping loudly as he finished his meal. "Yussef that was fantastic! I just love your cooking! Reminds me of my mothers." He said with puppy eyes at his friend. His stomach growled loudly. "Oh! But I am still so hungry! Let us go see that falafel place Yussef!" James stood up, staggering a bit, his top-heavy body a bit disorienting, the feeling of his thick Arabic ass bouncing behind him being a new feeling as well, his penis then slurped up into his body with a loud *POP*. "Huh? هل سمعت هذا؟? (Did you hear that?)" James now speaking full on Arabic, not knowing a single word of English.

Yussef averted his eyes. "ليس شيئًا جميلًا ولكن ننسى الأمر ، هيا ، هيا نملأ هذا البطن! (Not a thing Jamila but forget it, come on, let's go fill that belly!)" He smirked, staring at her bulbous bottom as the two walked out. "كما تعلمون ، يجب أن نناقش رحلة إلى أمريكا قريبًا." (You know, we should discuss a trip to America soon.)

James/Jamila responded, "أمريكا؟ لن أكون مسكت هناك. (America? I wouldn't be caught dead over there.)" He/she laughed. "يمكن أن تحصل تلك الخنازير على دهون على ما يريده ماكدونالدز إن أرادوا (Those pigs can get fat on all that McDonald's shit if they want.)"

Unfortunately those are all the ones I got, the rest never showed up on cashes, and even the ones I did get seem to be gone permanently now.

From: guest (Gabe) , 18 months, post #29
Does anyone have any captions from drizzlepopbot? Truly miss seeing there work.

From: guest (Guest) , 18 months, post #30
Does anyone have any of the photo captions? That’s willing to share?

From: guest (Guest) , 17 months, post #31
Does anyone have the follow up story to drizzlepopbot cabin in the wood story?

From: guest (Tgshapeshifter) , 9 months, post #32
There's a story I loved about a homeless man who could shapeshift and he became a sexy thick Latina in a sundress but can't remember caption name

From: guest (Tgshapeshifter) , 9 months, post #33
There's a story I loved about a homeless man who could shapeshift and he became a sexy thick Latina in a sundress but can't remember caption name

From: guest , 8 months, post #34
fuck man I guess more people miss Drizzle than I expected, I thought I'd be the first to bump it in a few years, not a few days.
I checked the wayback machine and there's a couple there, however the images don't work and some of them are in the drive folder posted earlier in the thread*/*
Does anyone have a story that was called Colossal Fusion? About a boy fusing with his sister, getting giant tits and eating pizza.
On top of that does anyone have one that was called "Weird Family" or something like that? I remember it was a series and each one was focused on a different family that was "weird" in it's own way. There was one where the brother hops his sister but he still has his body, it's just inside his sister, meaning he's able to poke his dick out and stuff. I remember it being really good and it's a shame if it's lost to time

From: guest , 8 months, post #35
Also growaspine if you're still here (which I doubt you are) please tell me where tf are you finding an archive of this cause I've been looking for two years and ain't found shit

From: guest , 8 months, post #36
Does anyone have any captions even without pictures?

From: guest , 7 months, post #37
Any more possible stories or caps?

From: guest , 6 months, post #38
Does anyone have any picture captions?

From: guest , 3 months, post #39
Anything new hopefully??

From: guest (Gabe) , 3 months, post #40
Found some captions in my files. Hoping more people share what they have since I’ve shared.


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