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What kind of transformations do you enjoy the most? And what kinds do you dislik
From: guest (Olly) , 4 months, post #1
I am trying to get a better picture of what kind of transforamtions people who visit this page enjoy the most. My very favourites are unattractive men (old/fat/simply ugly) forcefully stealing and keeping attractive women's bodies. The one type of FTM transformation I enjoy are stories involving old women (especially ugly old witches) stealing attractive young women's bodies.

Don't like happy endings where women get their bodies back. And don't like it when the possessor absorbes the possessed person's memories. I have zero interest in transformations involving animals or an adult turning into a child.

From: guest (Tim) , 4 months, post #2
Female to Female transformation shapeshifter and Identity Theft

From: guest (dan) , 4 months, post #3
Personally, I enjoy animal, shrinking, and inanimate transformations the best.

From: Golvanious , 4 months, post #4
Gender transformations caused by magic or some sci-fi funkery. Generally nothing overboard, though; no bimbo transformations, exaggerated body proportions, etc. :P

From: guest (Ironbread) , 4 months, post #5
Olly, identity/body theft is one of my favorite type of stories as well, especially ones where the protagonist becomes jealous of the antagonist in their beautiful body/life.

I would love to read one where a beautiful goody two shoes has her body stolen by a plain middle-aged witch days before her wedding. So many fun plot possibilities.

Can you list some of your favorite stories or captions?

From: guest , 4 months, post #6
Animal and anthropomorphic animals. Growth and TG sometimes are cool, too. Zero interest in anything else. I just find Inanimate TFs pretty awkward but everything is subjective I guess. Everyone has its cross to carry

From: treecatt , 4 months, post #7
Gender change with identity theft. Preferably somewhat slow transformations or transformations described in detail. I get tired of the "must punish the misogynist male" stories. I like stories where the man/boy wanted to become the woman/girl best.

From: guest , 4 months, post #8
"Accidental" or forced gender change, shrinking, petrification, age, doll tf and werewolf transformations. And if a story mixed some of this its better

From: guest (Tt) , 4 months, post #9
>likes: body swap, role swap, life swap and mind manipulation
>dislikes: body modification as a whole, but especially people becoming giants/shrinking and anything involving breasts enlargements, definitely not my couple of tea.

From: Shard , 4 months, post #10
I love bodyswaps, possessions, shapeshifters, clones, doppelgangers, and gender transformations, moreso if they have access to the hosts (or bodies) memories. But for all those types I typically don't like when they always wanted to be that gender, or accept it right away, or situations that "everything just simply falls into place easily." If the story is good enough, doesn't matter if it's M2F, F2M, F2F, or M2M, like with any good story, there needs to be some conflict and not just wish fulfillment. Kripto on literotica is 100% my jam, but "Want to Try Something Really Different?" is maybe my favorite medallion of Zulo story, and "Me" by Morpheus is great!

But when I first found this site I was more interested in animal transformations and mythical stories. Werewolves, vampirism, petrification, anything with super powers....but TG stuff has really taken over big time, which I'm not complaining since I do frequent certain sites of debauchery, it's just harder to find other stuff nowadays.

From: guest (Axl) , 4 months, post #11
For me it’s MTF Shapeshift / Disguise, more so if the shapeshifter can access her memories and pretending to be her. It’s more like an impersonation kind of thing. Please suggest me stories / anything that involves a MTF impersonation.

From: guest (Tony lanza) , 3 months, post #12
The rest not so much I dont mind if it's shapeshift or sci fi magic biological change for TG since it's fantasy but I don't like crossdresser/surgery ones since I don't like those things irl

From: guest , 3 months, post #13
F2F age swap probably my favorite
AP, Trait swap, and Role exchanger are all up there

From: DB Cooper , 3 months, post #14
I think I'm unusual in that I prefer realistic TG transformation: hormones and surgery, rather than body swaps or magic. I also don't like forced transformation; rather, scenarios where a man has to take on a female persona as a favor or to get out of a jam, and ends up more or less stuck in the role forever.

As for other transformations, I like all kinds of NBM: flattening, division, shrinking, and rearranged parts.

From: Bodyswap1 , 3 months, post #15
I like physical transformations of M2F & F2F. I hate off screen transformations and the poof of smoke when they don’t show anything.

From: Sola , 3 months, post #16
I like MTF transformations and body-swaps, transformations where a person of a biological sex gets transformed into someone of the opposite biological sex; I don't like realistic transformations or transformations that lead to incest.

i dislike memory erasure, that completely defeats the excitement of the transformation for me.

I like situations where the transformed person has to pretend to be the person they are now, get fully immersed in the expected roles of their new persona and explore and understand the different way society treats each sex.

From: guest (Mike) , 3 months, post #17
I mostly prefer Male AR to boyhood (like Bewitched ep: just a kid again) and male animal tfs.

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