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Best possession stories in your opinion?
From: guest (possession fan) , 23 months, post #1
Possession stories are my favorite personally. Bodyswap and plain old transformation are good but there's just this stealing and domination aspect to possession that I prefer. Also stories where the possessed somewhat remembers what happens while possessed or even believes it to have been their own actions. Ones where the person is aware or infers that they are being possessed are also pretty good. Here's a couple favorites in no particular order.

Aunties Come to Stay - by MrSuits
MrSuits is one of my favorite possession authors who really understands possession as a form of complete control over someone, of using someone. I also don't think he's too well known here. He sadly no longer contributes I think, that's usually how it goes tho. This story is about a guy who gets a gun that freezes people and allows him to phase into them. He uses it on his aunt multiple times at night to the point where she's exhausted.The small details in this story also make it next level. All his stories are top notch but I think this ones my favorite of his.

Loss of Control - by TobyRedone
TobyRedone is another one of the best TG authors out there who's kind of come back, I hope he's back for a while. This ones about a guys best friend making a bet that he can make his girlfriend do whatever he wants with a spell that only works if she gives consent. She does and is possessed by him but uniquely is completely aware of everything that the friend is doing while her. The boyfriend and friend at some point realize that she is aware of what is happening but the friend does not care at all. This one's a must read if you've read too many stories that just seem so samey.

Tales of Arkham: An Innocent Little Possession - by Morpheus
Morpheus is pretty prolific writer who everyone probably knows by now. This ones about two teens finding a book that allows them to possess the main one's aunt. One thing that makes this one stand out is that the aunt believes the possession incident was a dream of hers and acts on the feelings it gave her, interesting concept. Not sure how many other possession stories Morpheus has done off the top of my head as he writes about tons of genres but this one came to mind first.

Ding! by MaddBlackCat
Really awesome story where a bully possesses the MC's mom and torments him. Less erotic than the others stories but I think it fully utilizes possession in an interesting way. Author sadly has only made this story as far as I'm aware.

Doll Case 1&2 - by TobryRedone and Toxic Allie
Probably the best possession story out there thats sadly never been finished. Written by Toby again and Toxic Allie as a collaboration. This story has a really interesting premise where the MC has a doll case and can possess people based on proximity but also has to retrieve the case again. The possessed in this story remember everything as if they had done it and theres a scene where hes able to interview his mom who he had possessed earlier and asks her to go into detail which embarrasses her. Really would've liked to know where they would've gone to end the story but oh well.

Bottle of Dreams - by Conrad Lee
Technically not a possession story. But I would argue it's very much a cross between possession and transformation and has qualities that are in a good possession story. The titular bottle of dreams functions by putting someones hair into the bottle which creates a magical liquid that when drunk does not simply turn u into them but also makes the original disappear. The son eventually blackmails his mom into letting him turn into her and have fun as her whenever he wants which I think almost makes it qualify. Short but has really awesome scenes like where the son tells his mom what he'll do with her body and she is just frustrated and wants him to get it over with. Weird twist at the end though.

I don't know if these are necessarily the best out there, they're just some favorites I could think of off the top of my head. Sadly it seems like possession as a genre has been relegated to short captions which I really don't like because they're too brief and honestly all seem the same to me. There used to also be some new-ish stuff on writing. com but I don't think I can ever bring myself to pay for that garbage site. Also I can't say I really enjoyed having to navigate through all the branches to find a really enjoyable storyline hidden within the sea of mediocre storylines. Anyway in your guys opinion what are some of the other best possession stories out there?

From: guest (Sam) , 23 months, post #2
Those are indeed great stories. I would add Captured Reflections and Mind Hack from Kripto to this list (

From: guest (razor) , 23 months, post #3
Don't forget shudder by kripto

From: guest (Shapeshifter) , 23 months, post #4
Doll Case is one of the best indeed. Unfortunatelly Toxic Allie disappeared without a trace.

From: guest , 23 months, post #5
These are some great stories.

There are some good ones on writing.con if you can stand the annoying restriction. My favorite is “The Book of the Warlock” about a guy who acquires a magic book that grants him magic and a succubus. It might sound a bit plain but the protag and the succumbed get into a lot of kinky stuff, a lot of it connected to possessions or at least body swap. The author does a great job with quality control which isn’t something a lot of writing.con stories have

From: guest (Guest) , 23 months, post #6
One of my favorite stories is Finding His Way Back Home by Brad Miller. A young boy wants to go back home so he possesses one of his neghbors to do so.

From: guest (leon) , 23 months, post #7
All of these stories you guys posted are my favorites as well. I would include more of Brad Miller's stories on fm, and Kripto provides the highest quality work in my honest opinion. I am itching to read more of his/her stuff in the future.

The aspect of identity play is very enjoyable to read when it comes to possession stories. Some of these do well in exploring the new identity and to act out as someone other than themselves as it becomes a tool of unrestricted access to what was previously forbidden before.

Thank you for posting this thread, and to everyone who contributed so far. Truly great suggestions :)

From: guest , 23 months, post #8

From: guest , 18 days, post #9
Anything new in this

From: guest (VexenFox) , 17 days, post #10
Kripto has a few new good ones that were commissioned on Outfox. I've linked the original posts, but I think Possession Party & Stream of Consciousness are also available on Literotica without the paywall.

Possession Party - Several people are invited to a party and given a chance to possess one another via stickers imbued with a possession spell. Chaos ensues.

It also has a sequel here!

Stream of Consciousness - In a futuristic society, streamers can upload their five senses on a website for others to experience in real time. Many use it to connect, several use it for fame, and others use it for pleasure.

Trying Something New - A bodyhopper husband and wife decide to spice up their sex life by possessing a mother and son.

From: guest (H) , 16 days, post #11
The storys sucks and are behind a pay wall plus this site don't have their own writers

From: guest , 16 days, post #12
Kripto puts them on literotica after 90 days so you can wait. Two of them are already there.
I am waiting for the next shudder universe story.

From: guest (Guest) , 12 days, post #13
Anymore MTF possession stories?

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