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Korean FTF/MTF Dramas and Movies
From: Athurnm , 7 months, post #1
I'm trying to list all FTF or MTF that I have seen from korean Dramas or movies.

1. When time stops - eps 2, eps 4.
The drama is about a collection of heavenly being trying to capture lost souls that roaming on earth. One of the lost souls have ability to morph. He change several times on the series but captured on eps 4.

2. Black knight - eps 7, eps 18
It revolves on a story of past lives love couple that are bounded by fate ( since k-drama really like reincarnation stories). One of the antagonist character, Sharon, can assume another person's appearances only by wearing other's belonging. In eps 7, she assume main character appearance to make her male counterparts dislike the mc. In eps 18, she assume a female doctor appearance to kill the male counterparts.

3. A Korean Oddysey - eps 4, eps 10
Korean adaptation of journey to the west that heavy on drama and romance between son o gong (the monkey king) and samjang. In eps 4 son o gong assume the form of the devil's secretary to trick him and steal contract. And in eps 10, An evil bookkeeper witch use a spell to make an illusion that make her looks like samjang. She try to gain monkey king trust and power.

4. Mystic pop up bar - eps 3, eps 12
The series revolve on the story of an intern who tangled up with mystical pop up bar owner and her associate. In eps 3, her associate assume the form of a waitress to install a spy cam and in eps 12, the main villain (a powerful lost souls) takes the form of the pop up bar owner to fool and entrap the intern.

5. Kangchi, the beginning - eps 18
Kangchi the main character is a half breed mystical being. In eps 18, one of the concubine use a strong incense to fool kangchi and make her look like his past love interest and poison him using wine

6. Metamorphosis - a horror movie
There is a demon in this movie who can assume anyone form. The demon infiltrate the family and terror the whole family. In the movie the demon assume The mother form, the daughter form, and most of the time becoming the father. Although all tf are off screen.

I intentionally didn't put up timestamp, so that you will get the context of the tf. Please add to the list of there is anything I miss out or haven't seen yet.

From: guest (Kakashi Hatake) , 7 months, post #2
Whata about possession? All of them are shapeshifting scene right?

From: guest (soami) , 7 months, post #3
Oh My Ghostess and cheo yong has some good possession scene

From: guest (Stag) , 7 months, post #4
Room number 5
Episode 1
Towards the end of episode the young female lawyer swaps with the older female convixt

From: guest (Stag) , 7 months, post #5
Room number 9*

From: Bodyswap1 , 7 months, post #6
Spring turns to spring 2019 series.
The story of two women whose souls switch bodies, giving them chance to live out their dreams and gain new experiences.
All the transformations happen on screen expect for the last episode.

From: guest (Siren Tales Productions fan) , 7 months, post #7
Athurnm, is that a joke? Nothing happens in "Black knight", eps 18 you mentioned.

From: guest (Gnosis) , 7 months, post #8
@Siren Tales Productions Fan
Chill man, it should be a typo. The shapeshift happens 17 minute mark, in episode 17 rather than 18. It was really nothing much. Fairly disappointing.

From: guest (The Searcher) , 7 months, post #9
@Stag Anywhere we can watch this?

From: guest (Stag) , 7 months, post #10
Rakuten Viki

From: guest (Pappelmousse) , 7 months, post #11
The 2013 Comedy Miss Change is a pretty relevant Korean film.

From: guest (mr A) , 7 months, post #12
마법전사미르가온 is a korean show most probably children's show, it features a villain who can impersonate anyone with mirror and special drink also one of the female protagonists can do the same. In Episode 92- The Villain Family Impersonates the protagonist familly M2F. f2f M2m.
Episode 66- ftf young girl takes form of her mother and does a good impersonation
Episode 84 - Villaness takes form of a young girl there are many more these are all i remember

From: guest (Tights) , 7 months, post #13
Maybe this might help you.

From: Bodyswap1 , 7 months, post #14
Where can I watch that show in post#12?

From: guest (Gnosis) , 7 months, post #15
Its on Youtube :D

From: Bodyswap1 , 7 months, post #16
The only show from post#1 that shows an on screen transformation is mystic pop up bar episode 12

From: guest (Three Degrees Off Center Productions Fan) , 15 days, post #17
Korean Girl Body Swap - Quarantine Leap 32 - "Noella" (Gender Bender) Episode

Clickable link: Quarantine Leap Episode 32 - Korean Girl Body Swap
Backup link:

In this episode the Leaper ends up in Seoul, South Korea in the body of Noella, a very talented young woman. As Noella, the Leaper gets to fulfill a life long dream. Also begins to feel a strange desire he's never felt before and stumbles upon Noella's secret.

After unadvisedly using the Transverse device to swap bodies with someone to go on vacation for the day during the quarantine, the Leaper finds that he's now swapping bodies every 24 hours with a random person. In today's episode the Leaper ends up in the body of a woman living in Seoul, South Korea.

Clickable link: Quarantine Leap Episode 32 - Korean Girl Body Swap
Backup link:

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