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cj et al.: Please ban all Indian IP addresses effective immediately
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From: Moose , 29 days, post #21
Exactly the problem lmao, people are just angry (rightfully so) but the actions they're trying to take won't lead them to their desired path

From: guest (BanAllAmericans) , 27 days, post #22
Message deleted by hskfmn. Be polite, courteous, and respectful. Please keep the conversations civil.
From: guest (barackobrahma) , 24 days, post #23
I think this is just a failed prank-attempt to lure CJ out of the shadows.

I can't see why Indians are a problem here. In the long years I've been here, I've seen people of a lot of countries being a**holes. I remember a guy who spammed the board with they favorite candidate a few years ago. Should we ban all USians because there were those who brought internal politics here?

I think that's not the direction we should take. Maybe setup a netiquette/guidelines

From: guest (barackobrahma) , 24 days, post #24
(trigger happy me...)
Maybe setup a netiquette manual or guidelines, that all new members could be enforced to read.

I remember that also had been discussed ask Paul to allows only registered users with an account old enough to create new posts. IMHO, was a good idea that no one puts forward.

From: Moose , 24 days, post #25
Off topic but, its good to see you back obrahma, i haven't seen from you in like 3 years

From: guest (barackobrahma) , 23 days, post #26
One never really leaves! =P

I'm just kinda overwhelmed with RL stuff, then I'm cant really contribute in a positive way, so I prefer not contribute at all... but I also cant keep silent when I see blatant racism and prejudice like the OP here did.

I'm not Indian, black, LGBT... it can be argued that I'm from latin minority due to my ancestry, but I'm your typical Caucasian, straight, middle aged male PhD, well succeed in life. However, it doesn't make me immune to stuff like that, as society expects of me. I'm just giving my 2 cents before I go back to my corner again.

From: guest (surendra) , 18 days, post #27
Message deleted by hskfmn. Racial slurs will not be tolerated.
From: Moose , 18 days, post #28
One surenda, the only people being banned are the ones who are spamming, just because one person says something doesn't mean it reflects all of us. 2, you cannot be upset about racism when you yourself are racist. 3, the content isnt being uploaded due to the fact that content already is scarce as is, learn to keep it in your pants for 5 fucking seconds without having to ask for something new, and maybe people won't want to leave. If yall can't do that, then yall may have an addiction and you may wanna see a doctor

From: guest (mtf lover) , 18 days, post #29
people blaming indians are more justified than indians blaming others. many trouble makers, whiners, beggars, trolls, tiktok, bad content & mimicry uploaders, and spammers in this site are coincidentally indians. not all indians are bad, i know. but banning a state-wide IP is not a good way to eradicate them. some indians here may have good content and coherent with the wishes of this site. yet, some indians who are annoyed because of this post should be also ashamed of these beggars and spammers who made quality uploaders gone. the worst of them even pull racist comments to americans and others and that also needs to be banned. all of us needs to pull through and understand each other and introspect ourselves. this thread is a reminder for many, indians or not. racism is not justified, but spamming, begging and uploading bad quality contents are also not justified. admins should remind all of it at first sight. if they continue, ban em. do we have an indian moderator here? they may be helpful on communicating to indian users due to similar cultural outlook on how some of them should behave and be coherent. i'm tired on looking at the new indian contents, its like someone is scraping the barrel for contents that is not coherent for this site. even though everyone had their own tastes, but i think a soft education must be done to keep up with the previous qualities on this site.

From: guest (fanjustthe) , 18 days, post #30
Wow I guess racism and bigotry will be tolerated on this forum as long as it's against Americans. It's become obvious that most of the hate here has overwhelmingly come from some (not all) of these Indians and it's becoming unbearable. Good luck to everyone who's willing to stay but I'm out.

From: Moose , 18 days, post #31
Its been a pleasure fanjustthe, i hope you come back eventually

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