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Quarantine Leap - Episode 12
From: RdDrfJames , 11 days, post #1
Hi All,

Just posted episode 12 of Quarantine Leap. This one contains a body swap and a transformation (off screen). The main story is m2m, but at the end you do see the m2f swap for the next episode.

Werewolf Body Swap - QL12


From: JetAbyss , 11 days, post #2
Great work as usual!

From: guest (Miss Pinky) , 11 days, post #3
That was cool but I feel like writing 'Werewolf Body Swap' kinda spoils the suspense. Next week looks interesting.

From: RdDrfJames , 11 days, post #4
JetAbyss: Thank you so much! Really appreciate that! :D

Miss Pinky: You are absolutely right and I just fixed it on YouTube. Can't change the post here, though. That was my original plan, not have any reveal and let people discover it on there own, but was really tired yesterday and made a mistake. Thanks for feedback, I've fixed it now. :D


From: guest , 10 days, post #5

You could get one of the mods to edit your post. hskmfn is pretty active lately.

From: RdDrfJames , 10 days, post #6
Thanks guest #5. Not sure how to do that.

If one of the mods sees this, can you change the name of the hyperlink in the first post to "Quarantine Leap - Dylan"?


From: guest (Also Interested) , 9 days, post #7
good episode, and it was good to see Dylan - didn't know he lived on a farm. He has been one of my favorites from the Body Swap Workout and Genie CYOA series. Keep up the good work!

From: Shard , 9 days, post #8
We had the "slasher flick" trope, werewolf....At this point I can see James hopping into someone and the family thinking their daughter is possessed and tries to have an exorcism, to conclude just as he leaps again =D

These have all been fantastic James! Thanks for keeping us all entertained! Always anxious to see what you have coming up!

From: RdDrfJames , 9 days, post #9
Also Interested: LOL, yeah he doesn't actually live on a farm, but I guess he grew up on one and was visiting during the quarantine, so he was there for a while. Originally I had something a little different in mind for him, but when he said he was on a farm and we got to talking, the story shift to the werewolf episode. And thanks so much!

Shard: An exorcism would be interesting. Kind of reminds me of Ashley/Margrets episode with them praying for her, but would have to be even more elaborate. That's definitely one that would need a 'cast' of people at the location. Maybe something like that can happen, as it would be neat, but a full exorcism would be hard. I am already working on something along those line, but in a non exorcism kind of way....if it all comes together. I don't count and episode 'done' until I have all of the footage. I've had one person flake out, but this other one is moving forward, just slower than I like, but if it all comes together, it will be really cool!

Thanks for the comments,


From: guest (RedX1095) , 8 days, post #10
Hey James!!

This series has truly been amazing and I have loved every single episode that has come out. Every episode is really fun and interesting to watch, and I wait for each episode with great excitement. I remember asking you to ask The Ab Chick to do an episode with you for the series, and you were kind enough to reach out to her and ask, but we both knew there was no guaranteed, so when she got back to you and said she wanted to do an episode we were both really excited. I remember you saying you had planned to have her shoot something I believe the second week of July. I have been waiting patiently ever since excited to see her episode. I just saw your last comment to Shard about you having somebody flake out on you and I really really hope it’s not The Ab Chick. I would feel so bad especially because I asked you to talk to her but hopefully you just haven’t gotten all her video footage. I know from her latest videos I believe she just loved to Florida and she is still doing stage shows. I know she also talked about a few weeks ago that she wasn’t sure if she would even compete because she didn’t think her physique met the standard of where she wanted it to be but she trained like crazy after that and met her goal of what she wanted her physique to be at and ended up competing and was really happy. So I’m hoping she isn’t the one that flakes on you. If you could let me know what’s going on with her episode and if it’s still happening I would really appreciate it. I’m still loving the series and am eager to see every new episode that you put out. Thanks so much for all you do James!!

From: RdDrfJames , 8 days, post #11
RedX1095: Sorry to say, but the Ab Chick did flake out on me. I thought it was a long shot when i reached out to her, but then she called me back right after I sent the email. She said she was really interested. The idea of an IMDB credit was appealing to her and she thought the concept was really funny. We talked on the phone about a story idea and SHE WANTED to film her episode DURING a competition. I of course thought that would be amazing, but asked if that was ok, if she'd get in trouble, she said no. Then I asked if it would be distracting, and shouldn't she be concentrating on the competition and she said she could do it easy. So I instantly thought this might be the most amazing episode ever. The Leaper being her at a competition, having to learn to pose with the help of her boyfriend, having to get a spray on tan, not getting to eat or only eating certain things, getting the crazy makeup done, then being in a hotel with the boyfriend. So went to work writing a really cool script, spent about 3 or 4 hours on it, then waited for the competition. Then aa week before she said that she probably shouldn't film at the competition as the judges would think she wasn't taking it seriously. So I was like ok, what can we do, and she said she could film her daily workout. After the competition story idea, that was kind of a let down, but I said ok and rewrote the script, another 3 or so hours, sent it off and then never heard from her again. It turned into a big waste of time. I don't ton of free time and it put me behind schedule, but I don't hold any ill will to her. Some people want to act until they find out it's a lot of work. It didn't really benefit her brand, so there was no benefit to her to put the work in. And this is the reason when people suggest that I contact different random people, that I'm hesitant to do it. I don't mind the suggestions, but it's a lot of work to track people down. I could have invested that time in holding auditions and casting an actor, or writing scripts for some of the people who've auditioned for me, but it was a unique opportunity so I had to give it a shot.


From: guest (RedX1095) , 8 days, post #12
Hey James!!

I’m so sorry to hear that. That makes me really sad. I was so excited to see her do an episode and after hearing what the episode was going to be, it sounded like it would have been an amazing episode and would have been really interesting to see just like I thought when I said she would be a good fit. Such a bummer. I do believe that maybe if I had suggested her earlier that she would have come through but I think she is just super focused on her competitions right now and is just bogged down with all the work. I’m so sorry to hear how much work you put into it, only for the whole episode to be scrapped. When I saw your comment I had a really bad feeling in my stomach, and I was hoping I was wrong and that it wasn’t her, but something deep down told me it was especially with the stuff I mentioned about her moving from LA to Florida and her preparing for another competition very soon. Anyways, James I really do appreciate very much you taking the time to reach out to The Ab Chick to do an episode for me, and I’m so sorry that she ended up falling through for you especially after all the work you did. I know if she had come through for you the episode would have been amazing. Hopefully it hasn’t turned you off to the idea of doing this idea. Maybe you can do a similar type of episode and cast another girl with a similar physique to the Ab Chick or like a female bodybuilder because I do believe the idea is very unique and would be fun to do, and I don’t know if you trashed the script entirely or you have it saved somewhere, but if you saved it you now have a script to work off of that idea. Just something to think about. Anyways, James I really do appreciate you doing that for me and for everything you have done. Your videos are very fun and entertaining to watch, and I’m really enjoying this series and I’m looking forward to each and every episode. The next one looks like it’s going to be a very good one.

Thanks James!!

From: RdDrfJames , 7 days, post #13
Hi RedX1096: No worries, it was worth a try. When I thought it WAS going to happen, it would been something kind of unique, but not going to worry about 'what ifs' at this point. Each script is tailored to each actor, and is also co-written (or planned out) by most. Don't know that I'll be able to find another person, let alone actor, who can do this particular script. It was specific to the person and place. I sure I'll pull bits and piece from it, for other projects, but exact script is done. And again no worries, if it had worked out it would have been amazing. Thanks so much and glad you're enjoying the series.


From: RdDrfJames , 4 days, post #14
Hi All,

Just posted the deleted scenes for the episode.

QL12 deleted scenes



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