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Super Model Body Swap (QL11)
From: RdDrfJames , 10 months, post #1
Hi All,

Just posted a new episode of Quarantine Leap!

Super Model Body Swap (QL11)

Hope you enjoy and thanks!


From: guest (Miss Pinky) , 10 months, post #2
Alright, I'll just say it; Johanna can ACT. She did some great emotional beats, and idk how much of it was your writing or she improvised it but she somehow turned a guy falling in love with his female body (which could have been cringey and weird) into something very sweet.

From: Nptox18 , 9 months, post #3
For me was the best video so far...

Good acting, emotions felt and stirre, and a different plot, and a little bit of twists at the end...

Thanks so much and best regards...

From: guest (Guest) , 9 months, post #4
Almost 6,000 views already today. The last currently has 14,000 in 2 weeks. I think I’ll be able to cash in on my bet, haha.

From: guest (Guest) , 9 months, post #5
But in all serious. Did enjoy the newest video. Obviously a very attractive woman, but a well rounded performance and a little deeper than some videos in the series.

From: guest (BoB) , 9 months, post #6
Honestly, I think this was THE best one yet of the entire series, LOVED IT!
Can't wait for the deleted scenes

From: guest , 9 months, post #7
This will probably be the highest in views. A long those same lines, looking like the next one might fall again...

From: guest (Maura) , 9 months, post #8

I have been a long time follower of your work and I must say this is the beat! Great job!!

From: RdDrfJames , 9 months, post #9
Hi All,

Miss Pinky: Believe it or not, this was Johanna's first acting job, and I'm sure it won't be her last. For the script we had a number of long conversations about the character and the progression of the story. Structurally I set up the story, but it was very collaborative. And then Johanna ad-libbed much of the dialog. There were a few scene that needed to be re-filmed, but it was very minor. Glad you enjoyed it.

Nptox18: Thanks so much! Johanna actually auditioned for a different role, but I saw something in her performance, contacted and pitched her this idea instead, which she was really excited about. And I honestly wouldn't have thought to do something like this with seeing what she did in her audition. So I couldn't have made this without her. Glad you enjoyed it!

Guest #4 & 5: Almost up to 10,000 views right now, which is nice. I think changing the title and focusing the thumbnail solely on Johanna helped too. Obviously... She's attractive and that brings in views for just about anything. Hopefully people enjoy the story, too. For the series, it is unique.

BoB: Thanks so much! I have them nearly ready, should be up next week.

Guest #7: Hopefully it'll get a lot of views! For the series I do try to mix things up, to keep them interesting. You never know where things are going to go...hopefully. I knew the older lady wouldn't be a huge hit, same with any of the ones with guys, but it keeps up the verity and keeps it interesting. Don't want it to get boring.

Maura: Thank you so very much! Glad you enjoyed it!


From: guest (matt) , 9 months, post #10
Great episode, my favourite one yet!

From: RdDrfJames , 9 months, post #11
Thanks so much Matt!!

Just posted the deleted scenes!

Deleted Scenes - Super Model Body Swap (QL11)

Thanks for watching and commenting,


From: guest (leon) , 9 months, post #12
Great work! I agree with the others about the quality of acting, but the other videos in your series also deserve similar praise in my opinion.

I've found that the more deep and engaging the story is (e.g. how we unravel the mystery of the person swapped into), the more it's able to shine into other aspects such as acting, lighting, location, costumes, etc. that otherwise could've been considered weaker.

I'm glad to see these unusual circumstances of the quarantine period forcing you and these wonderful people you work with to become better artists (as storytellers). I guess it's the ol' golden rule: the more limited you are, the more creative you can get.

Please keep exploring this wonderful route you've started and don't be afraid to delve deeper. People might be clicking based on thumbnails or the title, but that's how you're able to surprise them with the quality of your content when they actually get into it. At the end of the day, I say algorithms be damned; I'm just here for the story.

From: RdDrfJames , 9 months, post #13
Thanks Leon! The series is definitely evolving with time. When I first started, it kind of was a travel log of swapping into a body and 'show us around your place', so the early actors weren't as challenged, but they were creating the foundation for the series to be built on. Then when my Patrons asked for more story, it was 'easier' to pivot and do that, now that the we something to work off of, but all of those early actors totally could have rocked a complex storyline, if I'd started with doing that.

My whole 'career' in making videos/movies has been an exercise in "doing more with less", working within strict limitations. Creativity and storytelling, is what have to work with, and the rest is there to make it happen.

What are you suggesting by 'delving deeper'? Coming up with the stories and the problems to solve in the episode, is interesting. A lot of it does hing on the actors, since I am writing these in conjunction with them. I am trying to keep them interesting, so feel free to suggestion a storyline. May not be able to do it...and probably won't be able, but who knows.

Thanks for the comment!


From: guest (leon) , 9 months, post #14
Your experience certainly shows with the improvement of the quality of your content, and I love the direction you're taking with this series already.

And yes, I'd be happy to suggest ideas:

A general mystery of why this phenomenon occurs can be explored deeper. Although the process is initiated by the protagonist, we might be able to discover that there is more than meets the eye. (An example would be the Quantum Leap TV series itself: The leaper's actions in the bodies he inhabits can influence a greater upcoming event, and all his experiences beforehand, whether he was aware of them or not, can have a big impact on something we discover later on.) This can easily prove to be a more complicated story and may cause a loss of interest if it becomes too cliché, but it could be fun nevertheless. I'm not aware of the YouTube policy regarding darker themes, but you can also include some from the mystery genre. Maybe even a whodunit.

Another idea could be the throwing time travel into the mix. An example could be a black-and-white film noir style where our protagonist discovers himself to be in a deep plot (perhaps he can find himself in the body of a classic femme fatale). You can take this in a very emotional route as well; although he is currently aware of the pandemic and its effects on the society, he can find himself in a body who is present sometime like a week before the effects of the outbreak (perhaps a doctor or a nurse?) and may attempt to raise awareness for the people around his new identity (his family, etc.), and maybe even save the life of someone who was in a vulnerable state against the virus. Or just a contemporary scenario including a hospital personnel could be very interesting on its own. We all know the hardships they have to deal with in this pandemic, and they need all the support they can get.

These are just some ideas at the top of my head, although I can think up more such as delving deeper into race, ethnicity, and language barriers. However, as you've expertly said, throwing out ideas and panning them out are entirely different things, and most of the time they simply cannot be executed at all. "Delving deeper" can be whatever you yourself, with your experience in storytelling so far, can come up with to expand upon this route and keep things interesting. I just want to add that I'm content with what you're already putting out, and I sincerely hope you continue with what you're already doing :)

From: guest (Roseleaf) , 9 months, post #15
I feel like the trickntk these stories is keeping the novelty. Making it so the protagonist is still off their toes and new situations.

Personally in TF stories I like when they are unaccustomed to their body. Or they have have features that are new. Features hey don't like. Or features or situations for them to overcome. But I also realize in a situation like this and working with others that they have to be in the same page and feel the same way.

From: guest (One Curious Kid) , 9 months, post #16
You Are One Great Man James! I Am A Big Fan Of Your Work! How Can I Contact You?

From: RdDrfJames , 9 months, post #17
Roseleaf: Definitely want to keep exploring new situations, that keep things interesting and is fun for both me and the actors. As for being unaccustomed to new bodies, that is in the hands of the actors. It's a difficult thing to 'direct remotely', especially body features, but situations is a lot easier. Although situations is it's own challenge to film in a quarantine. Everything is very limited...locations, people the actors can interact with, so each episode is it's own unique challenge.

One Curious Kid: Thank you very much, that's very kind of you to say. You can either send me an email at or Three degrees off center production on Facebook.


James :)

From: guest (Jo) , 5 months, post #18
Wow, this one is my favourite one so far!

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