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Mother Son BodySwaps
From: guest (99dog) , 12 days, post #1

Was wondering if anyone knew of any good mother son body swaps? I feel like i've gone through most of them. I really enjoy it when they adopt eachothers roles in secret. One great example is this path I found on (I know i know)

They strike a deal to become one another for about a week. Training eachother, etc etc. But then start to become attached to their new forms and roles. Its quite alot of fun reading them slowly discover how much they sort of like being one another. Sadly the story ends after just a few days of the swap. But I'd love to see if theres anything else like this out there. Mother Son swaps are so funny and interesting to me. A Young guy becoming a pear shaped middle aged woman.

Let me know what you guys think too!

From: guest (Karas) , 11 days, post #2
There was one interactive on I liked that worked similar to this. I remember it being about a family of a mother, her daughter and her son after they moved. At least the branch I liked anyway. I recall the son finding a body swapping machine and swaps with his mom who then goes off and swaps with his sister/her daughter. They all end up agreeing to keep their new bodies with the son having the mom's body, the mom having the daughter's body and the daughter having her brother's body.

I haven't been able to find it for a while actually. Would love to be able to go back and re-read it a bit.

From: guest (88 dog) , 11 days, post #3
That sounds really interesting! I'd love to check that out. You wouldn't happen to remember the title or which bodyswapping story it was would you? There are a few and isn't organized well so its difficult to find.

Also I have another story. This one is called "Making Adjustments" and its truly a favorite of mine. A freak accident causes a mom and son to swap bodies. They are understandably quite uncomfortable with this. The mom's boyfriend steps in and helps them both ease into each others lives through the use of an experimental drug and hypnosis.

From: guest (22dog) , 10 days, post #4
Just found another interesting path.
Its kind of perverse but still very good and intriguing.

A Boy discovers the ability to swap body parts by wearing the targets clothes. He chooses his mother, who is at first disgust but then turned on by the idea of swapping with her son. They both become aroused at the shifting of power and destiny.

This path is written by the author "The Barron". Sadly quite short but very very good imo.

He also writes another brief path where a teenage swaps with a chubby latina maid, thats absolutely brilliant. I hope this guy keeps writing

From: guest (Guest) , 7 days, post #5
Altered Fates: The Things We Do For Friends is a great one. A guy needs a friend to become his mom to cover for him at school.

I love the trope/idea of a guy watching himself turn into a mom, with his clothes rapidly becoming uncomfortable and his hips and ass ballooning out.

From: guest (Dud) , 6 days, post #6
Wow guest, that Altered Fates story was amazing, i love that trope too! Do you know any other stories like that? Thanks in advance <3

From: guest (55 dog) , 5 days, post #7
Great story, guest! It seems the medallion helped him adjust to his new body and life. Always a nice twist. I also found some pretty good caption blogs.
A bit darker than what you normally see but still great captions. Hannah explores alot of the internal dialogue of what might be going through a son turned moms mind in a swap. I remember they made a few amazing captions on Open TGC as well.

Dee Cypher with an amazing batch of captions and even some links to their work on fictionmania. Always have been a big fan of their work and their humor when writing mom son swaps.
A fairly new site that does more of swapping with BBWs but there are a good amount of sexy mother son swaps as well.

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