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From: guest , 6 months, post #21
What about Poppy? Shouldn't be too far out of reach like a Brie Larson. Plus it would be something to see her acting normal since someone else is in her body.

From: guest (Miss Pinky) , 6 months, post #22
There's no way you're getting anyone close to the A-list on James' channel anytime soon, as much as we love him.

From: RdDrfJames , 6 months, post #23
guest #21: Hadn't heard of Poppy either, so looked her up. Her channel has half a billion views, she's a recording artist and does a lot stuff on instagram. She's well established and working on a video on my channel wouldn't benefit her. She probably gets tons of requests from people to do stuff already. One things I've learned from going to YouTube events, is that upper tier YouTubers want to collaborate with A) Someone who has more subscribers then they do, so they can get a potential boost with the added visibility, B) Someone who is around the same number as their subscribers, so can synergize each other's channels, C) Someone who is up and coming and they can benefit from. This is one of the reason I always ask people to subscribe, it gives me a little more clot when talking to people. So if I had some introduction to her, a common friend something, maybe we could make it work, but going in cold, probably won't happen as it looks like she's VERY busy with her own stuff. SO, ideally someone with a small channel might be up for collaborating. Someone between 20,000 to 50,000 subscribers would be closer to my level and they might be interested in collaborating. And I'm sure their would someone who has more subscribers, but their channel might be on a downward trend any they are looking for a boost by working with someone else. YouTube is complicated. :D

Miss Pinky: You're absolutely right. A-list celebrities...this is their career and they have to be very protective of what they attach their name too. Maybe 'movie stars' won't do television because it is seen as a 'step down'. Some A-listers do webstuff for fun, but it's obvious that that's what they are doing. And they're usually doing it on big name channels. My channel is a descent size, but it's not anywhere near the top 1000 channels, or even the top 10,000. Unless I'm paying them a lot, I doubt you'll see being in A-listers on my channel. So maybe a C-lister, or a very nice B-lister, but that's about the best I could do at the level I'm at. But I'm up for it.


From: guest (Guest24) , 6 months, post #24
I don't know if you are still taking requests, but here is one I discovered at the beginning of this pandemic that would work well for you in my opinion. Her name is Julie Nolke, here is her channel:
Before she had a video that went viral earlier she was about the same level as you, so you could maybe get ahold of her. Just my 2 cents.

From: RdDrfJames , 6 months, post #25
Guest24: Yeah, her channel has totally taken off! Yeah, she's had several viral videos and is will hitting 500 thousand subscribers soon. I did look at her earlier when you left the suggestion, but to contact you have to go through a management agency. She's clearly stepped up to the next level and would be hard to reach. But 6 months ago, she might have been up for it and would have been Awesome!

From: guest (Chris) , 6 months, post #26
It'd be cool if you could get Naomi Kyle or Alanah Pearce for an episode. They are both models and gamer girls :D

From: guest (Guest) , 6 months, post #27
Hi James, are we lucky enough to get the new episode today?

From: guest (Blue Peter) , 6 months, post #28
Hi James,

Lauryn Speights is the one with the curly hair, do you think you'll be to get in contact with her?

From: RdDrfJames , 6 months, post #29
Chris: They are a little bit more 'reachable', probably Naomi more than Alanah, but what would an episode with one of them entail? They play video games, but that isn't just a moment and doesn't inspire an episode. That's one of things I also look at. The next one episode is about a model, so I already kind of covered that. Also another issue I've learned over the years, is that if you give a person a part, they won't care as much for it, if they had to earn it, which Is why I've been doing auditions now. I am audition for a Cosplay character, so hopefully someone cool with submit for the roll.

Guest #27: Nope, sorry not today. Just got the more of the footage for the following episode last night. So probably next Wednesday will be the day.

Blue Peter: I'm not sure of how to get a hold of her and she appears to be a SAG actor, which means she probably won't able to do a non-union project. If you have a way of contacting her, let me know.


From: guest (Blue Peter) , 6 months, post #30
I'll have a look into trying to contact her

From: guest (matt) , 6 months, post #31
Cool, so have you switched to releasing new episodes on Monday?

From: RdDrfJames , 6 months, post #32
Blue Peter: That's cool!

matt: The views have been going down for the series, so I tried switching to Monday, which is the day I traditional released videos in the past and they did pretty well, but the latest one didn't do well at all, so I think I'll switch back to Wednesday.


From: guest (Miss Pinky) , 6 months, post #33
I think honestly that it skews to the specific person you're leaping into. Some are more 'fun' to watch than others.

From: guest (Guest) , 6 months, post #34
Yeah, I agree with Miss Pinky. I would bet on this next one performing at a higher level. I have given them all a go though.

From: RdDrfJames , 6 months, post #35
Miss Pinky: Very true! Just getting views in general is getting harder and harder as time goes on. Part of it is the YouTube algorithm directs people to where youtube wants them to go, and the other is there channels out there that uploading and re-loading clips from tele shows, movies, anime and then other channels do again a couple days or hours later. And all that does is bury original content and makes it harder to find. Nothing to be done about it, just the way Youtube is now, which just a little bit harder to be an independent producer.

Guest #34: More than likely! I'm curious to see how the next videos does.


From: RdDrfJames , 6 months, post #36
Posting new video tomorrow at 8am (pacific time)!!!


From: guest (Guest) , 6 months, post #37
Thanks for the heads up James. Look forward to it.

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