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What is your sexual orientation
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From: guest (guy) , 5 months, post #1
I am pure heterosexual

From: guest (random) , 5 months, post #2
I consider mine to be both MIA and DOA at the moment.

From: guest (TLo) , 5 months, post #3
After my gender fetish developed into some pretty strong ideology stuff, I identify myself as Queer. Not wanting to transition or do hormones or anything external, so I'm confident I'm not trans.
As for Sexual Orientation, I consider myself Bi-Curious. Only recently came to terms with that. Have told a few pals and it's been super great.

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From: guest (lezgirl) , 5 months, post #4
I'm physically male but I've always felt female. I believe I have a female brain or soul trapped in a man's body. I'm repulsed by male bodies, even my own. I love the female form. I love everything about it. So I believe I'm a lesbian in a male body. I like to think maybe I was a female in my last life and asked to be brought back as a man so I could have relationships with women without judgment. I like to think also that maybe I asked to come back as a man so I could have my own biological children with the woman I love. I've become comfortable with my body, from that perspective. But I'm a woman. I've always been a woman and I'll always be a woman. I just look like a man. And at least I get to live in peace with the woman I love.

From: hskfmn , 5 months, post #5
I've always been a heterosexual male...but my particular fetish lies more in the "fantasy" aspect of temporary transformations/possessions/shapeshifting/etc. where a male is able to experience what it's like to be female (albeit temporarily) — I find that thought incredibly tantalizing and very arousing. However, I don't think I would ever want to be female full-time. I'm actually quite comfortable being male and honestly would not want to be anything else for too long...I just find the thought of being able to become female for a time to be very compelling.

From: guest , 5 months, post #6
this isn't orientation related but TLo made me want to share. i think this fetish has transferred over to my mental state in the way that i am trans in a way. i would really like to be a woman but i don't like the way transitioning is in its current form, leaving it as more a fantasy.

with my male body i would never have sex with a dude. but i would definitely fuck guys if i had a vagina. i crave sex as a female much more than i do with a female and with my dick

From: guest (Mrk) , 5 months, post #7
I’m in the same camp as you hskfm. Nice to know I ain’t alone in this curiosity

From: LJ524 , 5 months, post #8
Heterosexual male, but desire to be a heterosexual female.

From: guest (Dude) , 5 months, post #9
Heterosexual male in reality, but internally Bi-Curious female, leaning more towards heterosexual female.
Ideal state is to be a mother one day, and give birth to my daughter and son with my husband at my side.
I always feel as a male I have failed in life. Technology and medicine has done miracles, but politics and society make it not yet worth it.

From: Random , 5 months, post #10
Like hskfmn, I am also a heterosexual male, but like the fantasy aspect of being able to transform or bodyswap with a female, as long as I would be able to return to myself afterwards.

From: guest (Dcao) , 4 months, post #11
Heterosexual male. But I've had a thing got the gender swap / body swap /magical sex change thing for quote a while and I've learned I don't really love women as much as I fantasize about being one. And that opened me up to realizing I really really want to be a heterosexual female. Not really physically change or do surgery, etc. But if I could I would magically switch to a female body and be happy as can be.

From: guest (guky) , 4 months, post #12
really happy to see your response TLo, having this fetish has also lead to me having pretty strong ideology around the fluidity of gender and sexuality. I'm a cismale and I identify as bi/pansexual. I feel pretty comfortable being male and I feel similar about the "fantasy" aspect discussed above. To anyone in here that is questioning your gender identity or sexuality I support you!

From: Weirdoid , 4 months, post #13
I am bi/pan leaning towards the gay end.

From: guest , 4 months, post #14
Assexual male. Don't have sexual attraction to others... maybe some deeply curiosity about the other sex, since I was born in this one, which might be confused with autoginofilia.

I think that I just have the kinks for human transformation ("who I'll be today?") and the heavy dominant shit of possessions, hopping and etcetera. Taking over and playing with another's will turns me on, even if it's just fantasy... losing my will to some hopper also oil my gears. Pretending to be another and taking advantage to close ones too.

In the end, I feel like a manipulative bitch who doesn't give a shit about humanity, as long as I can play with it. Sadly, I just have one body and it's not easy to corrupt someone, so I can't fulfill myself outside fantasy... because if I could date a X-Men, Mystique would be my first choice. Rogue my second (after stealing Mystique powers permanently).

From: Bodyswap1 , 4 months, post #15
I’m transgender. I want to become a woman one day.

From: guest (James) , 4 months, post #16
I'm 100% aligned with hskfm words

From: guest (Choa Park) , 4 months, post #17
If I had a body like hers, I'd be willing to experiment with my sexuality.

From: guest (Luv_To_Switch_Bods) , 4 months, post #18
Heterosexual male who has desires and thoughts of a heterosexual female. If I could swap bodies with an average or attractive married female, I would be very happy.

From: guest , 4 months, post #19
Gay, I've never been sexually or romantically attracted to women but there are some m/f body swap stories that I love.

From: guest (Jc) , 4 months, post #20
Heterosexual. I’ve never found the male form or anything masculine attractive in any way. I’m only drawn to feminine features and bodies. The more feminine the more alluring to me. I’m so drawn to it that just being with a girl isn’t enough. I want to literally be inside her. Feel her body the way she does. Just like the how the guy in Friday the 13th wanted to be vanity and stole her life/body.
If I was a woman I’d definitely be lesbian unless my mind was
Altered in the process. I like the idea of being submissive or subservient but only in regards to women. Out of curiosity if I did become a woman I’d probably try meeting a shemale lol. Sex as a woman does look amazing from the penetration perspective so I’d definitely have to experiment with that. The perfect relationship to me is 2 beautiful women but one having a dick and being able to swap it back and forth lol. Of course this isn’t possible in real
Life to swap genitals back and forth so it’s just a fantasy (for now)
I like being a man though. Actually love it and believe it’s what I’m meant to be. I just wish I had the power to shapeshift so I could be more versatile and do things I otherwise can’t. Like if I want to hang out a group of girls, poof! I’m now Jessica Alba lol. I also love seducing women though as a man. So not being a man ever again wouldn’t be an option for me

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