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Superhero swaps/possessions/identity thefts
From: guest (leon) , 6 months, post #1
Hello guys!

Would anyone know if there are any good stories/content regarding body swaps, possessions, skinsuits, or any form of identity theft theme for any content in the superhero genre? (Batman is a special interest!)

Let's try to make a list while we wait for all this to blow over!

From: guest (Blackrotor) , 6 months, post #2
It's caption, not a story

From: guest (Eric) , 6 months, post #3
for Batman
two stories by the great Waldo
Steve Zink & I
The Joker's Last Jest ( Joker & batgirl)

BOBH has a terrific Series of WOnden Woman stories
First in the series Whatever Happened to "
WOnder Woman"
I have another WOman Woman series starting with this story
The Long fall of WOnder Woman
2 in The Slayer Universe)
The Trickster Plays Musical Bodies
Who's Who
Morphew has a great story, Batman is one of the man characters
Justice League Jumble

From: guest , 6 months, post #4
For canon ones, She-Hulk 2019 annual hadClick to show spoiler
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From: guest (Blinkers) , 6 months, post #5
Brave and the Bold episode Criss Cross Conspiracy
Batman and Batwoman swap bodies

Justice League Action episode Mxy's Mix Up
Batman swaps and becomes Stargirl
Flash swaps and becomes Zatanna
  • Voices are mental trope*

JLA Foreign Bodies
Aquaman swaps and becomes Wonder Woman

Marvel Team Up #2 2019
Spider-Man and Ms Marvel *Kamala Khan* swap bodies

Captain Marvel #7 2019
Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel *Carol Danvers* swap bodies

From: guest (guest) , 6 months, post #6
for comics, go way back to the first volume of Uncanny X-men... there's Polaris possessed by a necklace called Malice and Rogue sharing her body with Carol Danvers

From: guest (guest) , 6 months, post #7
Btw anyone knew the comic titles and issues where Jericho of DC comic possess a female character? I only knew the Deathtrap arc featuring the Teen Titans and Vigilante comic book.

From: guest (leon) , 6 months, post #8
Thank you all for your input!

Here's a list of links for those discussed for ease's sake, and a couple more I've found:

From FM:
Batgirl and Robin: Greener Grass by Eric and Steve Zink
Wonder Woman - Dr. Psycho's Mind Games by Steve Zink
Wonder Woman - Who's Who in the JLA and the Legion of Doom by Steve Zink
MJ and Spidey - Costume Fun by Steve Zink
JLA: TG - In The End, Justice No More by Steve Zink
Wonder Woman and Catwoman Mix It Up by Eric and Steve Zink
Wonder Who? by Steve Zink
Tales of The Psyche Exchange Device by Steve Zink
Catwoman and Batman-The Wager by Eric and Steve Zink
Lex Luthors Revenge-Psyche Exchange Device by Steve Zink
The Rifleman by Waldo
Release from the Web by Waldo

And caps from the great Swapping Grounds under the tag "superhero"

Also, I think the creators of the Lady Valiant comic have some extra commissions made for Marvel/DC comics which I don't have access to unfortunately. You can find their patreon page if you're interested though.

From: guest (leon) , 6 months, post #9
The Joker's Best Jest by Eric

From: guest (leon) , 6 months, post #10
Wonder Woman Obsession by Eric
The Long Fall of Wonder Woman series 1 2 3 4 by Eric
Whatever Happened to Wonder Woman? by BobH
Whatever Happened to Wonder Woman: The Investigation by BobH
Whatever Happened to Wonder Woman: The Villain by BobH
Justice League Jumble by Morpheus

From: guest (Madaba) , 6 months, post #11

From: guest (LoisAndLex) , 6 months, post #12
Isn't there one where Lex Luthor takes over Lois Lane (or a clone of Lois)?

From: guest (Eric) , 6 months, post #13
Its my story & Its on Fictionmania & called the TRAP . Lois ends up going to jail & Lex married superman & some other things happen I wont spoil the whole story

From: guest (F2FSuperFan) , 6 months, post #14

Found this. Does anyone know the origin or this there is anything similar??

From: guest (Blinkers) , 6 months, post #15
whooops I thought you meant like comics and shows

theres some on Archive Of Our Own

the great super villain switch up has dc villain swapping bodies.. I remember Lex Luthor becomes Cheetah

From: guest (leon) , 6 months, post #16
Great suggestions guys, and comics and shows are welcome! I'm just linking to the unofficial content as the official ones can be found more easily. Please feel free to add more!

And linkables continued:

The Trap by Eric
The Great Supervillain Switch-Up by CinnamonStyx

From: guest (Choa Park) , 6 months, post #17
@F2FSuperFan Depending on how close you want it... you can find Super Serum

Super Serum

From: guest (Jayzie) , 5 months, post #18
Depending on the series I think Spiderman and Ms Marvel would be a great swap.

From: guest (Guest Too) , 5 months, post #19
I miss new states by most of these authors. Seems like BobH is the only one still actively writing.

From: guest , 5 months, post #20
The current Marvel Team up run has a Spidey Ms Marvel swap and it's pretty good. He genuinely seems to enjoy being in her body.

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