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Why is the thought of a man turning into an attractive woman hot?
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From: guest , 14 days, post #1
When I was around the second grade, I saw Bud Light commercial with the Rachel Hunter potion. Its a spray that turns anything into Rachel Hunter. This commercial, as well as a scene from "Laugh-In" turned into a fetish.

I'm wondering why the thought of a man turning into a hot woman is a turn on for me? I'm also turned on a hot woman with a mans voice.

From: guest , 14 days, post #2
Not EXACTLY on point with your question but this might give you a little insight:

From: guest , 14 days, post #3
Very interesting video!

I'm not into penises, but I think I could relate to the idea of juxtaposition. I really enjoy looking at a womans body, but am turned on when theres a head thats not a woman. A woman with an animal or mans head is a turn on. I think its weird, but I guess I'm not alone.

A woman with a mans voice or personality is another example of juxtaposition.

From: guest (Choa Park) , 14 days, post #4
I can only speak for myself but my thought is that it's a case of "The grass is always greener".

I am sexually attracted to women and I love how they look whereas with men it's all... m'eh.

My mind identifies sexiess with women and not as much with men, perhaps that is why some of my sexual fantasies are me being a pretty girl. I can project what I want onto something that I know not about.

It'd be nice to look like this for a while...

From: guest (cronkus) , 14 days, post #5
Choa hits it on exactly why I have this fetish. I would much rather be a woman than a man

The working theory among many people is that many fetishes develop at a young age from stuff you watch. You seem to understand that, though

From: guest , 14 days, post #6
with all that said, does anyone remember where that video essay with the text to speech is? you know, the one talking about the body swap/transformation fetish

From: guest (Tights) , 14 days, post #7
I'm the author of that vídeo (sorry for the text speech though, I know it sucks), but yeah... I think it highlights very well what is the deal with such fetish.

From: hskfmn , 14 days, post #8
I'm actually quite happy being male, and would probably not want to be female "full-time" particular "fetish" involves more fascination with the actual transformation/shapeshifting and impersonation than it does with the desire to be the other gender than what I am personally. Don't get me wrong — Along with the fantasy of knowing/feeling what it would be like to be female (temporarily), I find the thought of men who have transformed into women feeling themselves up and testing out their new equipment to be incredibly hot, knowing they're actually men who have merely changed temporarily, but I seem to enjoy the transformation aspect more than anything else.

Although a personal kink that I've been getting into quite a bit lately is the SnapChat gender filter, which I then edit using FaceApp and Photoshop, and then digitally place my "female filter" face onto the body of a beautiful woman...essentially "making 'myself' a woman", if that makes any sense.

Some examples on my DeviantArt page

From: Holly Dunn , 13 days, post #9
The Rachel Hunter commercial was Keystone Light, BTW.

Rachel Hunter Keystone Light

From: guest (Choa Park) , 13 days, post #10
@hskfmn. I love the fun of impersonation as well.

The other reason TG might appeal to me as I have not fully accepted myself and maybe I think I could be worthy of live if I was a girl. (Tiny violin plays... :-P

From: guest (Guest) , 11 days, post #11
I mean imagine turning into a hot woman, growing boobs and your butt inflating must feel pretty good. Plus those are your boobs and your butt now, you can grope and wiggle rhem all you want.

From: guest (Choa Park) , 11 days, post #12
@Guest #11 I bet that's lots of fun the first few days but sadly goes away.

From: guest , 10 days, post #13
I think it's the ultimate intimacy. Can't get closer to a hot chick than being her.

From: guest (jessk) , 10 days, post #14
As a cis woman myself, I struggled (and still do sometimes!) to relate to my own body - watching a man have to struggle with suddenly having a woman's body is a surprisingly relatable and cathartic way to cope with those feelings - also, as a bisexual, getting to experience someone in both genders would be pretty fun!

From: guest (Choa Park) , 10 days, post #15
@jessk Thanks for sharing your perspective. We are here for a variety of reasons.

From: guest (9 7 2 0) , 10 days, post #16
Sorry to rain on everyone's parade here, but I wonder how feminist and the #metoo movement feels about this since it would've been considered problematic to them.

From: guest (Choa Park) , 10 days, post #17
I think a reasonable person would regard the way I interact with TG as they would with porn. (In other words it is harmful but perhaps not pressing)

MeToo... since this all in fantasy, I am not sure this applies.

Open to discussion.

From: guest , 9 days, post #18
I think most feminists — TERFs aside — are pretty accepting of trans women and gender fluidity. Ditto for the MeToo movement. A movement dedicated to exposing sexual harassment and assault certainly is sympathetic with a people who are far too often victims of assault for bigoted reasons.

From: guest (guy 1) , 9 days, post #19
maybe you're curious to try on things that are acceptable for women like make up,dresses, skirts, and some foods that are more suitable for women or maybe encountering a woman with a male personality and supposedly understands men is like a match made in heaven

From: guest (9 5 0 3) , 9 days, post #20
I though I would've gotten a backlash on this topic but again I'm sorry about this since its happening in our social media-induced society today but to be fair nothing in the world is a complete turn on when you see a close up shot on camera of a hot woman's lips putting on lipstick let alone speaking.

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