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Deathstalker scenes re-editted
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From: guest (Evil Wizard Munkar) , 8 months, post #1
As a child I loved Conan type fantasy movies, still do. A neighbor once left a pirated DVD of Deathstalker at my house right as I hit puberty and Im pretty sure it was the catalyst for my transformation fetish as the Barbie Benton scene became my first go to sex fantasy for a considerable amount of time. I always thought the interaction between the guard and Deathstalker should have ended a little differently.

In an attempt to teach myself the video editing program "Shotcut" for some non porn/fetish stuff I edited some of the transformation scenes from Deathstalker and set it to a Softcore techno music beat to surprising effect.

I assumed other people would enjoy it so wanted to share. Where is the best place to put the video files? Is creating a free pornhub account and uploading there the easiest to access for the majority of people? What if anything can I post here? Maybe a search for "------" on "------"?

The first one is only about 65MB and because of the scene i used I cropped out the sides and its vertical, good for phone viewing. Because in the original scene you see it so fast I never realized just how nice her butt is as she walks.

The evil wizards personal chambers would have been far away from where the participants in the Arena fought so after transforming the princess would have needed to walk for some time before arriving at Deathstalkers room and probably passed a few other guards on the way.

From: guest (Miss Pinky) , 8 months, post #2
You can upload that to Pornhub or a similar site.

From: guest (treecatt) , 8 months, post #3
Please do. I'd love to see what you've come up with.

From: guest (Morph) , 8 months, post #4
I'd sub to your pornhub acct ♡

From: guest , 8 months, post #5
Mega might work too

From: guest (Princess Codille) , 8 months, post #6
Uploaded the first Deathstalker "deleted" scene to Porn Hub
I marked it as scene 4. Dont look for 1, 2 or 3 as they are not done.

Here is the link to the pornhub post.

In case the file gets weird through whatever streaming compression they do here is the source walk file on Mega. I think I did it right.!sVgEAYgI


I processed it at 60 fps to see if it would smooth some things out and I really cant tell if it makes too much difference. Its a 3 and a half minute mp4 that is vertical I think 720 X 420 or something. If only a bluray or highdef source existed. It looks surprisingly good for the very low def small source file and amount of zooming I sometimes had to do. That editing program is capable of quite a bit. This was a fun learning experience and will probably finish the other ones when I find the time.

From: guest (oleollie69) , 8 months, post #7
Evil Wizard Munkar and Princess Codille thanks for love to one of my favorite and first movies that contained TG transformation! I have always loved the period of time with Knights, Warriors, Kings, Queens, and Wizards. Especially ones that have TG Transformation in them! I remember the first time I seen Deathstalker. It was 1984 on showtime at my house when I was as a 15 year teenager. From that point on I was hooked on TG Transformation! Occasionally I still watch this movie clip (at least the best one I could find) of the transformation! By the way I wrote a TG story a couple of years ago that expounded on the story and gave it my own twist for the ending. The story includes screen captures from the movie to give it the visual feel to it. If anybody is interested in me sending it to them let me know. Thanks.

From: guest (Miss inky) , 8 months, post #8
Oleollie, I'd love to see that file. Please send it to

From: guest (ckkew) , 8 months, post #9
Oleollie69, I'm interested too in your story. I'm at

From: guest , 8 months, post #10
Any idea when the transformation parts will be finished

From: guest (scubasteve) , 8 months, post #11
After doing the walk loop I learned so much with that editor I wanted to redo the transformation part and the fuck scene after. It can be so much better with a small amount of time. Who knows when. Sometime in the future. I feel if I release what I have it will only cheapen the better one coming.

In the meantime the very first thing I did on the video editor was attempting to line up an audio transformation thing from i think r/gonewildaudio/ with a super hot suicide girl solo video. There is quite a bit of "fuck me daddy" audio stuff towards the end that I dont care for but didnt remove as this was just another attempt, my first to learn the software.

I put it on the pornhub account but its private, becuase it helped me find a few videos on others private stash I had never seen.

Here it is on mega its 133mb mp4 about 10 minutes long I think!EUZQxKbC


I have another one about turning into Hayden Winters, the body I would adore if I ever find a genie. And some other ones I will slowly put out to fill the time between the Deathstalker redos.

From: guest (Miss Pinky) , 8 months, post #12
Steve, that Mega isn't returning as a valid download.

From: guest (scubasteve) , 8 months, post #13
Not sure whats what, it works for me.

I just cut and pasted link into chrome to make sure it wasnt part of the account i uploaded it with, which is on firefox and it seemed to open.

Anyone else having trouble?

From: guest (the searcher) , 8 months, post #14
a few thoughts.

Can you re-edit the movie scenes so the guard changes into Barbi at the start and when found out by the prince? is sent to the area where she was chained so in effect the guard is chained up as her

Putting his thoughts as subtiltes might be very interesting if you can manage it.

From: guest (oleollie69) , 8 months, post #15
the searcher that is great idea. The old TG Creation website had videos modified like this. Hopefully somebody with better editing skills than some of us can do this.

From: guest (scubasteve) , 8 months, post #16
Sure Searcher, that would be easy but would do it after the other stuff so a while still. Would probably just need to move a scene or two and edit the guard out of the rest of movie and that would seem time consuming but easy.

From: guest , 8 months, post #17
Any more updates

From: guest (Guest) , 8 months, post #18
Wow she really does have a great butt. Makes me wish they had a scene where we saw it grow.

From: guest (oleollie69) , 7 months, post #19
Just think in that scene it was Muskind that now had that beautiful brown butt. Boy it didn't take him long how to use it either! Munkar really got an eye full.

From: Hulio , 7 months, post #20
Hello. You can drop this video in my mail.

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