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(Upcoming Cartoon)‘She-Ra and the Princesses of Power‘ Season 4 [Shapeshifte
From: Tal , 5 months, post #1
Found this article today:

Apparently season 4 of Netflix’s rebooted She-Ra cartoon will feature a shapeshifting mercenary named ‘Double-Take’. In one of the recent promos there is discussion of a spy being present, which I’d assume is the shapeshifter.

Season 4 releases on Netflix this Tuesday (Nov 05).

From: Tal , 5 months, post #2
Correction: the shapeshifters name is ‘Double Trouble’ per the article. I think I got confused with another shapeshifter from an older comic who was named Double-Take.

From: guest (Kara) , 5 months, post #3
Double Trouble is gender-fluid in the new series but was female in the Filmation series.

From: guest , 5 months, post #4

A clip where Double Trouble transforms into Catra

From: guest , 5 months, post #5
Click to show spoiler
Qbhoyr Gebhoyr zbfgyl fgnlf qvfthvfr bs Syhggrevan, ohg gurl nyfb genafsbez vagb znal srznyr punenpgref (rfcrpvnyyl Pngen, Nqben, naq Tyvzzre) guebhtubhg gur frnfba. Zbfg bs gurfr genafsbezngvbaf ner fubeg, gubhtu. Gurer'f n tbbq fprar va gur svany rcvfbqr jurer gurl genafsbez vagb Nqben gb grnfr Pngen

From: rugal , 5 months, post #6
Mind saying who all they turn into and when?

From: guest , 5 months, post #7
Thanks For The Links I Don't Got Netflix

From: guest , 5 months, post #8
Wow Cool I Think This new season Just started!

From: guest , 5 months, post #9
In episode 2,Click to show spoiler
gurl genafsbez vagb Fpbecvn naq Pngen. Gurl svtug Nqben juvyr qvfthvfrq nf Pngen
In episode 3,Click to show spoiler
gurl genafsbez fubegyl vagb Pngen (gur lbhghor pyvc cbfgrq nobir) naq gura fgnl genafsbezrq nf Syhggrevan sbe gur ragvergl bs gur rcvfbqr.
In episode 4,Click to show spoiler
zber Syhggrevan (jr frr gurz genafsbezvat onpx vagb gurve bevtvany sbez sebz Syhggrevan, gubhtu). Gurl nyfb qvfthvfr gurzfryirf nf fbzr haanzrq srznyr trareny. Gurer ner nyfb fubeg genafsbezngvbaf vagb Tyvzzre, Obj naq Fur-eny.
Episode 6,Click to show spoiler
zber Syhggrevan
In epiosde 7,Click to show spoiler
gurl zbfgyl fgnl nf Syhggrevan. Gurer ner favccrgf bs gurz genafsbezvat vagb Creshzn, Sebfgn naq Zrezvfgn. Ohg gubfr ner fubeg, abg irel fhofgnagvngrq naq bayl fubja va synfuonpxf. Jura gurl'er pnhtug, gurl genafsbez vagb nyy gur punenpgref bar-ol-bar gvyy ergheavat gb gurve bevtvany sbez.
Episode 10,Click to show spoiler
fubeg genafsbezngvba vagb Nqben jvgu na rknttrengrq unve cbbs ng gur ortvaavat bs gur rcvfbqr
Episode 12,Click to show spoiler
genafsbezf vagb Fur-en naq cnegvnyyl vagb Ragencgn juvyr gnyxvat gb Ubeqnx
Episode 13,Click to show spoiler
juvyr fperjvat jvgu Pngen, genafsbezf vagb Nqben, Funqbj Jrnire, Ubeqnx, Fpbecvn, naq Pngen urefrys.

From: guest , 5 months, post #10

You can see some of the transformations here. It's the only video I could find on youtube.

From: guest (Curious here) , 5 months, post #11
Why is Double Trouble referred to as "they"? Are the writers trying to imply he/she/it is more than one person by nature of having merged with someone else, or that shapeshifters should be inherently thought of as multiple people?

Does Double Trouble refer to itself/themself as "we"?

From: guest (Kltpzyxm) , 5 months, post #12
I was going to ask the same thing: why are the writers using “they”?

From: guest , 5 months, post #13
They use the pronoun they because they're a shapeshifter and, therefore, have no gender.
'They' has been used as a neutral pronuon for millenia. Any more questions?

From: Moose , 5 months, post #14
Irrelevant to the tf content but has He-Man appeared in the show or at least referenced?

From: jasobres , 5 months, post #15

From: guest (Kara) , 5 months, post #16
Eternia and Grayskull have been referenced and it is very likely that the First Ones were Eternians.

From: guest , 5 months, post #17
I Found A Link If U Do Not Own Netflix:

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