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Body Swap Anthology Series - Patreon Help
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From: RdDrfJames , 4 months, post #1
Hi All,

James here from Three Degrees Off Center Productions. So I've been working on a new body swap video project that I am planning on expanding into a full length anthology series. This would be set in a Black Mirror-esque world almost exactly like our own, however a new technology has just been released that allows willing participants to swap bodies with one another. The technology takes off and soon everyone has access to it. Basic it's like having an app on your phone.

What I want to explore in the various segments would be: what would be benefits of this technology, how could things go right, and of course, how could things go wrong?

In the first segment, which I am filming shortly (and hoping for some new Patreon supports to help ease some of the finical burden), it'll deal with the CEO of the company who created the technology needing to swap with his new secretary, so that "he" can go into the office to do some spying.

I did an open casting for the role and had over 900 actresses submit for the secretary and over 500 actors for the CEO. It was an amazing turnout and spoken to the top 5 actresses about being in the other segments and they are excited to be apart of this project.

So just to be clear why I'm asking for Patreon help, this is me really stepping up my game. These are no longer friends doing me a favor, but these are SAG actors which means I'm paying them, plus hiring some crew members. I really want to make something special, so I'm putting a lot more 'skin in the game'.

My a patreon is set on a per video bases, so you'll get bill when I'm done with the video. I haven't put anything out since January, so no one's been billed for the last 7 months, so there's no monthly costs, just when I complete a project.

My goal is to get my Patreon up to a minumin of $1500 (currently at $488), to cover basic expenses that I am foreseeing. But the bigger it gets, the bigger the episodes will be. I have one in mind that would require 8 actors or more, plus a number of locations, but can only do that one if my Patreon goes even higher, $4,000 or ideally even higher.

It'll be a lot of work, but with your help, we can make some very cool videos.

So please check out my Patreon page and consider becoming a Patron support.

James' Patreon Page link



From: guest (Switcherfan) , 4 months, post #2
I’d love to support and will check out your patron. Are there plans for female to female switching?

From: JetAbyss , 4 months, post #3
Hello James, I'd love to support this but I wonder. Will you consider any 'multiple switchings' as in, example: Bob switches with Amanda, then with Joel, then with Mimi, etc.


From: RdDrfJames , 4 months, post #4

Switcherfan: yes, one of the segments will be female to female, and I'm actually really excited to film that one. For those who don't like F2F, this one will be a little more interesting than your typical one, so I think it will still be interesting even if you only like M2F.

JetAbyss: I do have an episode planed that will have a 'Daisy-chain' swap, with someone going from body to body. That's actually the one I mentioned that I'd like to have at least 8 people in it, but not all of them would be swapping. Currently I'm looking at moving from 1 to 2 to 3, but if I could get the budget, it's possible to add moving from 4 to 5, but we'll see. And I have another one where a couple will swap with different people for fun.

I'm definitely trying some new things with this and have a number of stories that you haven't seen from me before. I make something a little different from what I've done before, but still with the same sensibilities that I always bring to a project.

Thanks for asking and considering being a part of the adventure.


From: guest (kwfan) , 4 months, post #5
I'll definitely sign up, been meaning to do so. James---you did a lot of videos with cosplayers etc before---do you still have "links to that community" and maybe some scenarios planned around them? "The superhero genre" is as big as it's ever been right now. And body-swapping is VERY prevalent in comics!

From: RdDrfJames , 4 months, post #6
kwfan: Yeah, I defiantly still have ties in the cosplay community. And while I haven't thought about doing a cosplay video for the anthology (the main reason is getting the rights to the characters), but I have thought about doing one that was strictly for YouTube. The world for this project wouldn't have 'super heroes", but it could have cosplayers, so I could do one set in the world and only post it on YouTube. I wouldn't be able to be part of the anthology, but it could be a bonus feature of sorts. So that way out there at this point. And maybe someday I'll do an actually super hero one for a different project. :)

From: guest (Bart) , 4 months, post #7
"What would be benefits of this technology, how could things go right, and of course, how could things go wrong?"

1. To work out for someone (exercise)
2. To make extra money
3. To serve prison terms for others
4. To carry a child to term
5. To have surgery for someone
6. To experience sex as opposite sex
7. To help with gender correction (I wanna be a man/woman)
8. To spy on someone
9. To go by a car from a car dealer
10. F2F wanna have sex with friends husband
11. Swap orgy (random swap with strangers)

This is a few positive reasons I feel there might be benefits to your technology.

Will definitely contribute to your patreon page as well.

From: guest (Eric) , 4 months, post #8
exciting news. I till remember when your Magic Wand set our little world on fire.

Some benifts
1)Beautiful woman making boat loads of cash renting our her body so other could see what it felt like being beautiful.
2) police investigations
3) Dance contests
4) To visit other coiuntiries in the body of a native
5) Marriage counciling, where couples experience life as each other.
6( Kids& parents to undertsand each other
7) criminals putin bodies of those they injured

From: guest , 4 months, post #9
What would be the rate that these episodes cone out? I assume that if we join as a $20 member that would mean $20 per episode? Just want to see what this would amount to budget wise.

Alternatively, if this “season” of episodes would count as one project (i.e., $20 for the season), then I could see myself donating more, for example.

From: guest , 4 months, post #10
If you want to go full Black Mirror, it would be interesting to explore what kind of society would have allowed this kind of technology to go widespread in the first place. I imagine there would quite some resistance to it in the "real world".

From: guest (Bart) , 4 months, post #11
I think the story was Arizona Secret Society over at where rich neighbors would swap with each other. I thought that was really cool. I often thought it would be cool to switch with my neighbors wife and go to football games with him that his company provides to him since she doesn't like football at all. He has to go as a couple, I get to watch a free game, and she stays and hangs out with my wife. Win / Win

From: guest (Fanjustthe) , 4 months, post #12
Hello sir James it's good to finally here from you again. It's been a while its nice to see that your OK I thought something bad had happened to you because of not being active. By the way how your health?

From: RdDrfJames , 4 months, post #13
1. To work out for someone (exercise) - For sure! We mention this in the first episode as a call back to The Body Swap Workout.
2. To make extra money - Absolutely, which goes back to number 1.
3. To serve prison terms for others - I don't that would be allowed, but serving a prison term in a different body would be possible.
4. To carry a child to term - We've talked about this. Or having a guy swap with a girlfriend/wife to have to deal with her period.
5. To have surgery for someone - Also talked about this one.
6. To experience sex as opposite sex - Yeah, there'd be a whole culture set up for this. I have a couple of ideas how to show it.
7. To help with gender correction (I wanna be a man/woman) - Have talked about this one, for sure!
8. To spy on someone - That's what the first episode will be about.
9. To go by a car from a car dealer - I can see that.
10. F2F wanna have sex with friends husband - I'm sure it would happen.
11. Swap orgy (random swap with strangers) - We talked about something like this. Obviously wouldn't show an orgy, I'm not Stanly Kucbrick, and couldn't make that happen, but we have talked about a group swap at a party and what might happen. That would be a very difficult one to film due to the cast size and the complicated script, but it's a possibility.

1)Beautiful woman making boat loads of cash renting our her body so other could see what it felt like being beautiful. - Absolutely. Talked a 'week in the life' episode of a beautiful woman who swaps her body with different people. she'd be a like a "TaskRabbit" who'd hire herself out to do jobs. Or it could be a man, and we see all the different bodies he ends up with during a week of doing his job.
2) police investigations - We have one planned, who investigation are more difficult because of people doing this.
3) Dance contests - That'd be a harder one to show, as you'd need a bunch of dancers.
4) To visit other coiuntiries in the body of a native - We talk about that in the first episode.
5) Marriage counciling, where couples experience life as each other. - That has a lot of possibilities.
6( Kids& parents to undertsand each other - I don't if I want to involve kids in these. They're just hard to work with and getting them to act like adults is harder than you might think. Teenagers is a possibility, but I don't have a story in mind at the moment.
7) criminals putin bodies of those they injured - We talked about this one, but in many ways that a punishment for the victims, as they are now the person who injured them.

Guest #9: So my plan is to use the Patreon per episode. So if you were pledge $20, it would be $20 everytime I finished an episode. I'm planning to spend 3 to 4 months per episode, so it might $60 to $80 a year. But there'd be NO MONTHLY charge, just when I finished each episode.

Guest #10: I have been thinking about an episode that deals with people or a person who are against body swapping. It would be more of an observational episode of a person seeing everyone else doing what they think is 'wrong'. Haven't put a lot of thought into it, but it's worth exploring.

Bart: That's definitely a possibility, where someone needs to go to an event, but there partner/spouse either doesn't want to go or wouldn't fit in, so the man hires or gets a friend to swap with her to go in her place. That's totally what the world would be like! Not sure if there's a twist in there that gives it more of the Black Mirror feel, but it's worth thinking about. I'm sure something could happen, either with him or her that makes it awkward after they switch back.

Fanjustthe: Thanks for asking. Yeah, I did have some health issues that have kept me sidelined for most of this year. My blood pressure has been out of control, so I got put on a medication that basically made me a zombie. Had no creativity, was sleepy all the time and could barely function. I was like this for about 6 months until I got a new doctor who switched me to a better medication, that didn't have those side effects and now I'm feeling super creative and just want to make something. My transplant functionality has been declining slowly, so I know I things are going to get worse over time. I desperately want to make some amazing videos while I'm still able to, so that's my goal and what I'm going to do! Eventually I will need another transplant and that's going to take time to recover, so I'll be out year once that happens. Hopefully it's still years away, I don't want to waste the time I have now. So any help anyone can give would be greatly appreciated.


From: guest (kwfan) , 4 months, post #14
Going along with #10----maybe something like someone who is against swapping, is swapped against their will, either purely accidentally, or intentionally? So they'd REALLY hate being stuck in another body until it's fixed, and like rants/raves to anyone around how "they're not who they appear to be, this isn't the body they want". Extra points if they end up in an attractive woman's body, that draws unwanted attention... :)

From: guest (Bird) , 4 months, post #15
Hi James, I follow your work for quite some years now, ever since when I discovered I was into body swaps! I'm excited to hear you are planning to make this series. With me being a poor student, I think I won't be able to support it though but I wish you good luck with it and that you all are happy with the result (I'm sure it will be amazing). Hope I can see them too someday.

Keep on the good work and greetings from germany

From: rugal , 4 months, post #16
Hey James, good to see you around again and this new thing does sound interesting. A few questions I suppose. Do you have an idea of the tone of this? Your stuff generally tends to be lighter but would this be darker, vary by episode and such?

One idea that I'd like to see (if you don't already have all of them planned out) is the idea of someone hacking another person's device to force a swap. Say a guy gets fired by his boss or passed over for a promotion or some other bad thing happens to him. He decides to get revenge by hacking the boss' device and with control using it to open the app and perform a swap, or doing it to the boss' daughter to torment them.

Actually will there be any age body swaps at all i.e. adult and teenager, elderly and adult or teenager, etc.?

Anyway good luck with this. I can't really pledge anything at the moment but perhaps when or if I have the extra money I'd be willing to do it.

From: guest (124235a) , 4 months, post #17
Would be cool with some impersonations. Like someone pretending that they never swapped, are someone else other than who they were before the swap, or had already swapped back. Playing around with identity is fun.

From: guest (QAZ) , 4 months, post #18
Hey James! Big fan of your work! Would love to see another F2F swap! Maybe one between sisters or friends turned enemies?

From: guest (Guy) , 4 months, post #19
Hey James so if all goes as planned, when do you estimate the first episode will be out?

From: guest (Pappelmousse) , 4 months, post #20
Ever since the film Xchange came out but only just touched on the premise I’ve have loved to see the idea explored in more detail. Will happily do patron once I’m back home in a week. Great stuff James. Ps take a look at xchange if anyone has t seen it.

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