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female body swap and posession drama or movie
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From: guest (Stag) , 46 months, post #601
I watched The Wretched movie from beginning to end. Turns out there are 3 female possessions by the Witch (mom, coworker/dad's love interest & the boy's best friend). Worth a watch!

From: guest , 46 months, post #602
  1. 601 Do you have the timestamps?

From: guest (Stag) , 46 months, post #603
Only the neighbor's Mom is kind of shown (she gets dragged under the crib and then you hear crunching). That takes place around 33 minute mark and last until she jumps into Sara.

Sara, the coworker/dad's love interest is implied and revealed. Starts around 1:03 (hour and minute). She possesses the girl until around 1:17 minute mark when she crawls out of Sara's skin.

At some point after they "kill" the witch by slamming the car into a tree, she possesses Ben's friend Mallory. It's revealed at the end of the movie (around 1:30)

From: guest (razor) , 46 months, post #604
I always have this thought on the ending of The Wretched, that Mallory herself is actually another ghoul/witch/whatever that creature is. The witch who's dead in the woods is her sibling.

The 'kill' on the original witch is pretty clear, and it's already shown that the possession is pretty graphic & slow, therefore it can't be done in split-second.... But that's just my theory xD

From: guest (stag) , 46 months, post #605

I would agree. After watching the ending a few times I figured it was a 2nd witch...but since they just kind of jump forward I wasn't really sure (and they don't really explain it clearly) so I just figured the witch lived and eventually got Mallory.

From: guest (Stag) , 46 months, post #606
I did appreciate the "dark"/"Twist" ending...I feel like there aren't enough of those in movies.

From: guest (kltpzyxm) , 46 months, post #607
Razor this is my theory too: there are two witches. The one wearing Mallory’s skin wants to get rid of the other.

From: guest (alienster) , 46 months, post #608
female to female possession

From: guest (razor) , 46 months, post #609

But the twisty thing in the movie is kinda forced, don't you think ? I re-watched the movie since my reply in this thread, and there's absolutely nothing that actually sets up the Mallory reveal. I dunno, maybe show some dead flower while she's introduced in the beginning, to prove the shes-another-witch theory, or maybe show that she's attacked by something while rescuing Ben's brother.

Some Blumhouse-like approach like you see in The Nun's or Insidious' ending would be excellent. No need to be cryptic just for the sake of it.... But again, probably my taste is not in sync with anyone else.

From: guest (Stag) , 46 months, post #610

I don't like how ambiguous the ending was. If you read the below article (specifically the last paragraph), he agrees with the multi-witch theory. If they would have added a little "flashback" to those scenes (or showing the capture of Mallory) when they showed Mallory sitting on the boat that would have been nice. I guess they/the director wanted to leave it open ended for the view to come up with their own answer

Really hoping Blumhouse sneaks a twist ending into Freaky (in some capacity, even if it's more like a

From: guest (Theobserver) , 46 months, post #611
Post Mortem Mary

From: guest (Spyeye) , 46 months, post #612

From: guest (Shouren) , 46 months, post #613

From: guest (Siren Tales Productions fan) , 46 months, post #614
@Theobserver (post # 611 author), good around it's horror genre. But didn't find anything related bodyswap. :C

From: guest (Mindmaster) , 46 months, post #615
If there was transference of soul that in conclusion if it has been a switch bodies very different #614

From: guest (Swftfan) , 46 months, post #616
Renascence ep 1 and 2

From: guest (Swftfan) , 46 months, post #617

From: Bodyswap1 , 46 months, post #618
Thanks for the links @swftfan

From: guest (Shouren) , 46 months, post #619

From: guest (alienster) , 46 months, post #620
ugly female to beautiful femlae body swap 人鬼共謀│《經典好戲》第一劇場_完整版

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